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… One way or another …



My personal mail was hacked. Google, as the precaution measure locked my business mails on couple of days. I was very pissed off. I had to use Fran’s business mail to contact our clients and guests. Why I was the target of hack attack and who did it, I have no idea. However, those who did it certainly deserve punishment if they ever get caught. Must confess that Prince’s frustration about FF and Google affected me too. Since they introduced the new security policy worldwide, we have nothing but the problems. It looks like our country belongs to “fuck you” group of countries that has limited access to wider web (such as USA, China, Australia) and some European countries we used to surf without problems. Our possibilities are much more limited now.



All the work in villa and the bungalows are behind us. We are ready to rent them and my Fran is busting his ass to book more guests for Christmas and New Year eves contacting everyone he can over our web page. The villa property looks wonderful and I’m sure we’ll be booked for the next summer season. Boss also gave me a small project for the Hotel. It is a routine job and I will be paid for it. My luvs are little busy in the Hotel, but not over busy. They also prepare stuff and teams for the same holidays and they will be busy as hell in three weeks until January 10 next year. It is always a “hell” in that period since we have many guests. You see, not everyone like “White Christmas” and cold. Many people love Mediterranean warm clime and they want to spend their holidays in warmer environment.



After the flu, we returned to our morning and evening routine and my luvs are in very good shape and physical condition. The last time they practiced martial arts they mostly laugh. Namely, practicing leg techniques, my Ivy slipped and she accidentally kicked him in the balls.  I don’t know the feeling for I have no balls but I can only imagine how painful it must be. However, my Prince used that accident to practice mind control of the pain trying to ignore it. He was less successful as he thought he would be. Therefore, he had to take the painkiller and avoid using legs in kicking because whenever he tried, he ouched and grabbed his tools into his hands. My Ivy laughed hard, but she also showered him with kisses and “sorrys”. Did that accident prevented us to have good sex? Not at all. We fucked as animals.



Ena, the cute little orphan talked to my Prince more and more with every call she made. She didn’t ignore us, but she is in the need for father and she is crazy about my Prince. We discovered she has very cute laughter. My Prince teased her about love asking her if she has a boyfriend. When she determinedly said: “Boyfiend?!?!?!NOoooOOOO!!! Yeeek!!!”, my Prince said that in her age he had two girlfriends. She thought he was lying and she questioned him a lot about “being in love”. Of course, they were talking about emotional love, not sex and erotic for she is a child. It is simply amazing how good he is with kids in all aspect. He just understand them and he can easily “come to their level”. Luka also talked to him, but not so much and not so often like Ena.



My pregnancy goes according “to the schedule” and I have no complications at all except those that are natural. Hormones are to blame the most because they do many changes in and on my body and makes me behave bitchy and very moody. I’m extremely grateful for my luvs who shows extraordinary patience with me. My Prince never stopped paying attention to our baby and me. As disciplined as he is in everything he is “disciplined” is showering our baby with love, prattling, kissing and cuddling. Unlike my dad who is emotionally “handicapped”, rarely shows his emotions and is hard on giving compliments to his wife and anyone and when he give it, it is very rarely, my Prince is the ocean of love, compliments and praises. I’m not exaggerating when saying that he is never tired of pleasing my Ivy and me. He treats us as his queens. We aren’t worthy of him.



We are staying at home for weekend. Fran came to stay overnight yesterday for two reasons: he missed my company and to tease my Prince. You see, there is something about my Prince that makes people who knows him to tease him. Not everyone does that, but almost all close friends. He likes to joke and to laugh and I believe that his joyful nature makes people teasing him. He easily lose his temper on injustice and the things I have been mentioning several times in my diaries, but he never gets angry on being exposed to jokes. He laughs too. So this morning, very early in the morning I couldn’t sleep and I went to the living room to have a menthe tea. He woke up and came right after me and he made it for me. Then I squatted in his lap enjoying in the warmness of his hot body, My Ivy came very soon after him for she missed him in the bed. So we cuddled and exchanged kisses and he soaked the tea from our mouths. He had erection (he always has when we are doing it) and my Ivy gave him blow job. Now, I’m quite sure we weren’t loud but my Fran came out of his room to see who and why makes noise. Seeing Ivy’s head moving up and down Prince’s couches he smiled and asked if he may join to Ivy. Of course, my Prince gave him deep, loud and long “Noooo”. So he sat across us and enjoyed in the “show”. When Ivy made him cum in her mouth, she swallowed most of it but she saved some for my Prince and me because we love to cum kiss. Fran said that he envy us and he misses the time when my Prince let him suck his cock. My Prince said he can dream about it for it’s not gonna happen in close and far future. My Fran tried to “provoke” him saying:

- You are heartless and cruel. Don’t you care for Princess’s needs?!

Prince (confused): What are you talking about, Fran?! Of course I do!

Fran (winking to me): I doubt it, Prince, for if you do you'll know how much she enjoys seeing two man sucking each other’s cock.

My Prince tried to sound very serious and he told him to stop or he will throw him over the balcony (Nah, he would not do it. He always threatens to my Fran just as Fran always tease my Prince). Since, Fran didn’t want to stop with his “provocations” my Prince went to the kitchen to make a breakfast for us. I came after him and while kissing his neck, shoulders and back holding my hands around his hips, I told him:

- Honey, will you do something for me?

Prince: Anything, my luv, except letting Fran to suck me.

Me: No, it’s not that. Listen, he is quite alone since he broke up with Tibor and he loves to be with us fro we are making him happy and easing his pain ….. Honey, let’s make him happy.

Prince made serious face and said to me: No blow job! But if you insist, I will let him do it because you know I love you.

Me: No, honey … I’m not talking about real blowjob, but virtual.

Prince: What do you mean?

Me: Why don’t you ask Ivy if she has idea of making new Skyrim episode in which your wood elf will do a blowjob to someone who will represent Fran?

My Prince sighted, kissed me and he went to Ivy and asked her about idea. When she said she has something on her mind, they went to the children room and made the new episode. When they finished they asked me to correct his English and then we show it to Fran before we post it on LL. We don’t want him to know we are the members of LL. We have a good reason for it. He was very thrilled and he smiled kissing my Prince on the cheek and saying:

- You see my friend; I get my blow job on one way or another.

Ivy and I blasted in laughter while he started to chase him around the living room and while my Fran screamed and laughed like a girl. Aren’t we a crazy family or not?! We certainly are.


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