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Slavering to our need



(Can't sleep, so I wrote my diary)


Before his trip to Zagreb to catch the flight to the States, Mister “XXX” and Fran shortly stopped at our house. He wanted to bless our child once more and give it a gift. Seeing him with how much love he did it, my Ivy told him proudly that the day I give a birth to mine child, she and my Prince will start to work on their baby. He was pleasantly surprised and reaching into inner pocket of his short coat he said:

- In that case, I’m gifting each baby with 500 Euros.

We protested, but he silenced us saying:

- Does my money worth less than the money of your friends who also gifted your baby? Don’t make me sad, please, because I’m giving it joyfully.

So we accepted the money and put it into “For the baby” box. He hugged my Ivy and me and he asked my Prince to walk with him toward the car. He told him something shortly, hugged him tapping his back and he left. Returning to the house my Prince said that he complimented his accomplishments, loyalty to boss and that he should not hesitate to call him in any time of day or night if he will have problems with Steve and if the Hotel has any other need. He also said that he trusts to Steve and Tina but he trusts him more since Boss trust him with his life. Therefore, he will do anything my Prince will ask him.



When Antonio told us good news about revoking the prohibition for us to visit orphans, Ena and Luka, we were very happy. The next day we went to the orphanage and signed the agreement and conditions they requested. We didn’t stay long since I didn’t feel well because of my pregnancy. Later on he started to sneeze and cough and feel nauseous. He probably caught flu virus in the orphanage. Very soon I got a flu too. Oh, my, my Prince was so nervous for not being able to go to the work. He doesn’t mind being sick and going to the work, but he doesn’t want to contaminate others. So he “worked” from home over the phone. Tina, Lidija, Fran, Guy 3 and Steve melted us saying that they will visit us regardless of the danger to get sick too for they care for us. When we shared with them our need for program for the children in the orphanage for holidays and similar events, Lidija immediately said to leave it to her and her team who are in charge for children parties for the guest kids of the Hotel. My Prince and Ivy will participate too if the obligations in the Hotel doesn’t prevent them. We thanked her for her voluntarily involvement in our personal matter.



My Ivy still isn’t sick and she went to work every day according to the need but she mostly stayed at home. She didn’t skip morning and evening exercise and martial arts training. My mom came to nurse us and she prepared all meals full of vitamins and minerals needed for our recovery and she was reducing our temperature when it was very high.



The flu made my condition worse. I was more nervous and in greater need for sex, but my body was sore. But, we had sex regardless fever, sore bodies or strong headaches. Besides being sex addicts my appetite and need for sex tippled in pregnancy and I “jumped” on my Prince whenever I felt the need for it. My Ivy didn’t care if she would get the flu from us. She always joined us.



My mom noticed our exaggeration in having sex with my Prince who is also sick and after being very tolerant because she knows that pregnancy makes many women very horny, she felt sorry for him too. So, after the sex in which we exhausted him completely few times, she came to our bedroom and said to Ivy and me:

- Don’t you have a bit of understanding for your sick husband horny harpies?! He is sick too and you are using him like he is an object, not a person who needs recovery too.

Me (cuddly): Mooooom, how can you say such things?! You know we love him and we won’t hurt him, but, we are in need, especially meeeeeee…

Mom gave me “that” look, crossed her arms and said:

- Your “being cuddly and sweet” trick have no impact on me, dear. I have been in your age and condition, but you are far from being in mine. Let me tell you something: you are so focused on fulfilling your sexual needs that you don’t even think how he feels because you know he won’t say “No” to you because he loves you too much … Look at him …. Look what did you do to your poor husband. How do you expect him to recover if he has to fulfil your needs several times a day until complete exhaustion? Did you forget that there are two of you whom he has to satisfy?!?!?! It is too much even for healthy person. It wills stop right now. I forbid you to have sex more than two times a day and both times only half an hour.

Me and Ivy: TWICE A DAY????!!!

Mom (seriously): Yes, harpies! Twice a day. If you cross the limit I swear, I will move him into my room and keep him away from you. You’ll have no sex AT ALL.

Ivy: But, moooooom, that’s not fair. Our need is too strong.

Mom: Ivy, dear, you have a nice collection of toys and you, girls are very talented in improvisation. So, improvise!

We blasted in laughter and we confessed she was right. We thought we very considerable about Prince’s needs, but we weren’t. We were slavering to our sexual needs and he, as angel he is, participated in sex with us even when he was under great pain or when having fever ignoring it to please us. My mom kissed us and hugged us and she cuddled Prince’s face kissing him on the cheek. He was sleeping and shaking for he had fever. Thank god for my mom. She has to play a “Police woman” because my Ivy and I have no boundaries sometimes especially when it comes to sex. Therefore, when we used our “Twice a day for 30 minutes” bonus, my Ivy and I fucked using our toys. It was great, but we missed Prince’s tongue, lips and cock in our holes and the orgasms he provided us. Were we tempted to break the rule? Naturally. But we didn’t because my mom will keep her word and she will take him to her room and we wouldn’t be able to fuck with him.



Anyway, we feel bit better and I hope our flu will fade away before Sunday. Almost forgot: Ena got her cell phone back and she called my Prince every day but not too often for he told her he is sick. She talked to him more and longer and Luka participated in conversations too when he wasn’t in the school or doing tasks and obligations. My dad, Zdenka and Fran will come to have a lunch with us in Sunday. That was all folks.


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Your “being cuddly and sweet” trick have no impact on me, dear.

@EvalovesEP Observe, listen and learn ....  This is to be YOUR sentence ... in a few years :classic_tongue:


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6 hours ago, worik said:

@EvalovesEP Observe, listen and learn ....  This is to be YOUR sentence ... in a few years :classic_tongue:


So true, my good friend, so true. I was a kid when my grandma from mother's side passed away and I don't remember much of her, but my mom told me that she is exactly the same by character as her mom. My Prince is his father's image just like my Ivy and I already sees many similarities with my mom. :)

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