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Shea's Story-Act 2-Chapter 2- Refuge?



Somewhere in Skyrim...


Shea: Oh hell! Where am I?


Cgqzz0dw o


Shea: Somewhere...sheltered at least.


Gttaov8l o


Shea: Hello?


Yyhxowys o


Shea: Dammit why do shady places always lead you further ahead?


Vnvflm50 o


Shea: Hello...you? Sorry I have no idea who you are.


6cfqcslu o


Kala: Well I'm Kala.


Vzsunwes o


Kala: Well now that we have a little bit of light, how about you tell me about yourself?


Jshllwvd o


Shea: Well I'm a vampire. I don't really know what else you need to know.


Cm4tmcoc o


Kala: A name would be nice. I already knew you were different. Hell I've seen vampires die from that fall.


Shea: You want a name. Fine. Shea. Shea of nowhere and nothing.


Kala: {Laughing} How naive. You fall once and now you tell everyone you've lost everything. Although admittedly, I think you only held onto life by a thread.


1slb3qi6 o


Shea: Wait, what?


Gii0hhvo o


Kala: Your eyes give away a lot you know? In fact when I found you they were fiery red. Now only one holds that ire. In truth, I think you only held on because of hatred.


Kmumfsdq o


Kala: Well even if you did survive that through hate or just being a vampire, I'd be willing to say that you shouldn't nearly die anytime soon. If you did I think you'd actually die.


Mvqhssft o


Shea: I've had worse than this.


Khkeo4z5 o


Kala: You may have, but you can't keep on doing this to yourself. You'll die if you do.


Jmt8zr0t o


Shea: Trust me I'll be fine! Now if you'll stop lecturing someone who's a couple of millennia older than you, that would be appreciated!


Aivsm3fb o


Kala: Oh I'm a bit older than you, Shea. I'm a vampire too. I wouldn't have brought you here if I wasn't. I wouldn't have even helped you.


P7ofeccr o


Kala: So I'd take a minute to listen if I were you.


Jmzvo84r o


Shea: Fine then. It's not like I have anything better to do.


4zrjbcuc o


Kala: You have no idea where you are yet you're so intent on leaving. Why?


Lnacwtuf o


Shea: I thought you were going to tell me something.


Ojltuqry o


Kala: Well I took the opportunity I made. So why do you want to leave so quickly?


27b7neg7 o


Shea: Isn't it obvious? I've come to a place I don't know with a person who refuses to show their face to me. Considering you're even older than me, I thought you'd have realised.


Kaepejtw o


Kala: Oh you don't want to know the story behind this mask.


Qwbjuonc o


Kala: Just know that underneath it...it isn't pleasant.


Ft0urzv4 o



A day later...

Shea: Gods! She was right about my eyes! Fuck!


Vqaiijjs o


Shea: And my hair?! Grey! I suppose I'll have to live with it. I don't have much of a choice now.


An hour later...


Shea: So what do you think she's doing out there?


C4rksxqq o


Dog: Bark!


Pmwdz8pc o


Shea: I really don't know why I expected you to speak. Am I going mad?


Jmqye6ew o


Kala: Shea! I'm home!


Va9mx4fa o


Shea: About time.


9pdzdrwd o


Kala: Well I see you found my old things.


Shea: Wait these were yours?


Kala: Don't worry about I wasn't likely to wear it anyway, as you can tell I'm not a warrior anymore.


Shea: Thanks, I guess.


Mjehres9 o


Shea: But why don't you need it?


Kala: I'm a sage of sorts who got tired of fighting. You are clearly still full of fire, so it'd fit you better.


Ykb0qnkx o


Kala: But perhaps it's time for me to talk to you about the mask.


Shea: Oh really? I never thought you'd tell me about it.


Kala: I can be reasonable at times, Shea.


4hhhygzd o


Shea: So are we going to sit by the fire or do you wanna just talk here?


Kala: By the fire of course. A story wouldn't be complete without it.


J5v8gone o


Kala: So do you want the mask off first or the story first?


Shea: You know I don't really mind.


Kala: Fine, the mask then.


3ya9wbfn o


Kala: It looks bad doesn't it?


Yba6h6yk o


Shea: It's not that bad. I've seen a lot worse.


Wvaaodn8 o


Kala: Really?


5s0appxy o


Shea: Yeah plenty. So what's the story?


E3on3eou o


Kala: Well for the longest time I'd earned the name 'The Vampire who couldn't.'


Shea: Any reason why?


Kala: Well I used to be a warrior like yourself, but then...


Shea: You didn't take an arrow to knee did you?


Veaeanp6 o


Kala: No. Nothing that easy unfortunately. I was cut across my face. I expected it'd clear overnight, but it didn't. Then a week passed and it didn't change. I'd lost my healing factor. So I became known as the vampire who couldn't. Then that was followed by ridicule from other vampires and eventually exile. Then I ended up here. Anyway, that's enough about me. What about you? What's your story?


Bwfyv9f8 o


Shea: It's a long an unpleasant one. I suppose what really matters happens once I'm out of my tomb. Some lesser vampires tried to make me their thrall. Obviously they failed. I ended up getting to Whiterun where I met a girl called Joanna; we ended up travelling for a while together. We travelled to Bruma and I got a little hungry. She never knew I was a vampire and I'd fed on one of the townspeople. A hunt ensued and I got away. I found a place to stay and ended up getting a letter from my sister. Someone I'd not seen since I'd climbed into my tomb. Somewhere down the line I ended up having to answer for my crimes and I was bound in service to a queen. She'd sent me off to a castle to investigate the murder of some vampires. There I was betrayed and thrown into a prison.


Rsdyuwyw o


Kala: What happened then?


Shea: I didn't think you'd be interested.


Kala: I'd like to know you a little better, is that so wrong?


Rzsrso4j o


Shea: No not really. But you'll understand why I am the way I am. Anyway, I escaped from that prison and vowed I'd have my revenge at some point. I suppose I did get my revenge. I returned home and killed the traitor's sister. Then I let her soldiers take it and find her dead. Orianna, the traitor. She wasn't going to sit by. She had another lord come after me. And I was foolish enough to go to him. Destro, he was holding up at Orianna's home. I was going to take it. I was arrogant and foolhardy. I rushed in and expected him to fall quickly. In truth, I fell. He imprisoned me and...I don't want to talk about that. I eventually escaped and got my revenge. I killed him, but I almost died myself. That's when I awoke in the place. My sister was ruling it and I met a man named Gabriel. That name I've grown to despise. Everything went rather well until he betrayed me as well. He killed my sister, under an order from Orianna. I buried my sister. My twin. Someone I was bound to even from birth and...


Rrhqfgp4 o


Kala: You don't needn't say anymore if you don't want to.


Shea: No I will.


Isuve5en o


Shea: After I buried her. I remember seeing a new star in the sky. Red like our hair was. I left and set out on finding Gabriel and killing him in the most brutal way I could imagine. I'd found his tracks and almost found him. There was a blizzard though and I didn't really want to be in the cold, if any travellers came along they also wouldn't suspect I was a vampire. Then I came across Orianna. That bitch. We fought, I had the upper hand. I lost it. She stabbed me and I fell backwards. Then I wake up here. I will have my final vengeance. On the one who caused everything, the one who ruined my life and killed my closest friend and who took everything from me. That's why I want to leave this place.


Qf6qm8hp o


Kala: I'm so sorry, that's...awful.


Km7kbta2 o


Shea: But that's life. Well if you want to call it that.


Tz076uw1 o


Kala: And I'm sorry for acting as if my tragedy was the worst thing to ever happen to someone.


Wcxtdr1s o


Shea: You didn't know and what could you have expected?


Kala: I could've been a bit more empathetic.


Shea: Perhaps but-


Pcq3rjwg o




Sfstarh2 o


Shea: Who in Daedra's name is that?


H5fhyldu o


Kala: Just leave it they'll leave soon enough.


Shea: No, something tells me they won't just go.


Ls7tn8jg o


Shea: I'm gonna solve the problem whether you like it or not. I'm not gonna back down.


Fpn5hmdg o


Kala: Well if you must, just be careful you aren't in peak condition.


Shea: I'll be fine, don't worry.


Q1xg3kmm o


A few moments later...


Vampire: Wait you're not Kala.


Wd87bayv o


Shea: Yeah no shit ice for brains.


Vampire: How dare you talk to a member of the Volkihar clan like that!


Shea: Oh come on, you have the lesser vampire eyes. So shut up and go!


3zky9fc7 o


Shea: Before I cut you down!


Pzxkjotv o


Vampire: You think you can beat me mortal? How funny.


Xlm6iiwe o


Shea: Mortal? I guess your senses really aren't in tune. You're about to make the biggest mistake of your miserable life!


Vpzqsz6d o


Shea: Come on then! If you're so great, then show me.


Uldi8vxy o

30fnv6bd o


A moment later...


Vampire: No please... I...


Pkbypccm o


Shea: Not in peak condition? What on Nirn was Kala talking about?


T1zhpkwb o




Shea: C'mon why are you scared of them?


4emzomnf o


Kala: Because they're part of the Volkihar clan. They're higher vampires.


Shea: Well if that's what higher vampire means now, I'm rather disappointed.


Wsmfxi5v o


Kala: Wait you killed them?


Qu8ir8z5 o


Kala: Dammit we're on an island! They'll come for us both! You're going to have to see Lord Harkon and fix this!


Jftikgsb o


Shea: Oh come on I can face up to him. If he's as bad as that vampire was I'm sure it'll be easy.


Tomf60p8 o


Kala: You do realise he is the only one who lets people off the island? I only got off because I sneak away and then I had to come back with you as well.


Shea: Well looks like I'm off to see the lord then, aren't I?


Wohlj2mo o



----------End of Chapter-----------




Thanks for reading!



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