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Ena and Luka, the orphans



The first thing my Prince did in the morning after our routine was continuing cooking for the kids. Of course, my Ivy and I helped him. He made us smile and emotional when he sung some children songs while cooking. His thoughts were completely into the “kids project”. He did kiss us and slapped our butts bus not even the half times as he does when we cook normally. When my parents came for morning coffee he didn’t stay long with us for he rushed into the kitchen checking that all is going fine. My mom was very touched with his act and seeing him been so thrilled about having the kids on lunch she melted and she constantly whipped her eyes quietly sobbing and call him an angel. When they left, and the time has come, my Ivy went to pick the kids in the orphanage. I will call them Ena and Luka. My Prince wanted us to look ordinary and simple so the kids would be relaxed and comfortable. Before they arrived we had a quick sex under the shower and then we dressed in very simple clothes. He made me laugh when he put socks and slippers on which he took off after few minutes saying: “I can’t. My feet burns. I hope I won’t look weird barefooted to the kids.” Approaching to our house my Ivy called him to tell him that they are very close so we may welcome them at the entrance. Exiting the car, the kids were stunned with the look of our house and the security cameras. My Prince and I welcomed them and we hugged them before entering into the house.



The kids were silent, curious and first several minutes they just looked all around. Luka asked my Prince:

- Why do you have security cameras, mister?

Prince (smilingly): We have security cameras because some people used to intrude to our property and they violated our privacy.

Luka: Is that why you have scars on your face, hands and neck?

Prince: Well, partially. Some people tried to hurt me.

Luka: Did they kick your ass?

We blasted in laughter hearing Luka’s direct and without reserve question. Ena said to Luka to behave and watch the language. Prince told them that it is OK and some of them kicked his ass. Then the kids were silent again answer shortly only with “yes” or “no” when we asked them some questions. Luka was very interested for our gadgets, laptop and similar while Ena constantly stared at my Prince saying no words. When he looked to her, she looked the other way getting red in the face.



While my Ivy and I prepared the table for the lunch, my Prince was showing Uncle’s gadget to Luka explaining the functions. Then a big surprise followed that melted my Ivy and made us cry. Without the words Ena approached to my Prince, spread his legs, sat on the left leg and she wrapped her hands around his neck and pressed her cheek against his. Luka was angry at her saying that she is childish and that she forgets where she is but my Prince cuddled his head and he wrapped his arm around her hip saying that it’s all right. He let Luka to wear the gadget while he is with us. When Ivy and I told them that the table is ready, my Prince wanted to put Ena down but she wouldn’t let him. She wrapped her arms tighter around his neck and legs around his hips. Oh, my, poor child needed a father’s love and my Prince realized that. He kissed her head and carried her to the bathroom to wash the hands before the meal. When she supposed to take her seat at the table she didn’t want to. She stayed in Prince’s lap and we gave her her meal. During the lunch Luka was more talkative while Ena was silent. She enjoyed in Prince’s attention and care. Luka made my Ivy laugh when he started to ask us various questions about our boyfriends and similar. We had to be careful to not to lie to the kid but also not to tell him the truth. So we answered his questions like our politicians: saying a lot and yet nothing understandable and concrete. We blasted in laughter when he said very openly to us that we are very hot and that he’s gonna date me when he grows older for he doesn’t like tall girls like Ivy with long legs like stork.



The kids loved the meals and when we moved to the living room my Prince wanted to serve the cakes but, still, Ena didn’t want to let him go. She glued to him like a tick. Ivy and I served the cakes and Ena whispered something to my Prince’s ear. He smiled, cuddled her head and he started to feed her with the cake. Oh, my, she was so cute. She enjoyed being loved and having his attention. Kids ate the cakes so greedy like they haven’t been eating for days. After the cake we asked them what they would like to do. Ena didn’t say a word but enjoying sitting on Prince’s lap and having her head laid on his shoulder while Luka wanted to play some games on PC rejecting my proposal to play some social games. I found him few games on line and he played them, but not for long. He got bored very soon. Then he said he want to watch some movie. So we turned on Tv and we watched “10,000 BC”. Ena laid her head on Prince’s chest and she slept and my Prince kissed the top of her head having tears in his eyes. My god, that poor child was in a need for love. And my Prince amazed me with his gentleness and patience for had to carry and hold her and endure her strong embrace all the time. Luka enjoyed the movie and he drunk a lot of sodas and ate a lot of cakes so he had to go to the toilet often. As many men (except my Prince) he peed mostly around the toilet shell and on the toilet seat. We asked him to be more careful, but he did the same every time. We didn’t resent him and we just cleaned. Anyway, after the movie kids wanted to eat more of the lunch before we return them to the orphanage. Ena wanted to stay. When we told her that we agreed with the orphanage principle that we will return them one hour before the supper (19:00), Ena cried so hard and loud that we couldn’t comfort her. She was still “wrapped” around my Prince and he said that he’ll take her to the balcony and talk to her. Luka was very angry at her and he called her names and swore. We tried to tell him the nicest we could that he should show some understanding and that calling her names and swear isn’t appropriate for his age. But, the kid ignored us and he walked around the living room murmuring swears and insults to Ena. My Prince returned with her and she wasn’t crying any more. She was still “wrapped” around him. He said to us that Ivy will drive them back to the orphanage and they will stop at the nearest newspaper stand to buy a cell phone for Ena. When he asked Luka if he wants one too, he said that he doesn’t want cell phone but Uncle’s gadget. My Prince told him that he can’t give it to him because it’s a valuable memory on his passed away uncle. Luka was angry and he didn’t want to receive the gifts and candies we bought for him, but he took the money (my Prince gave 100 Kuna each of them) and he said that he’ll come to take them to our home again when we would have time. Luka said that he doesn’t want to come again, but Ena asked him very seriously:

- You don’t lie you’ll come again? Say you don’t!

My Prince hugged her firmly and said he never lies and he’ll come again.



Before they went Ena was happy and she hugged me, but Luka didn’t want to. He just walked toward the car. My Ivy and Prince collect his gifts and candies and drove them to the orphanage. I started to clean the kitchen and living room while waiting for them to return. When they returned my Prince had swollen yes from crying. He kissed me and went under the shower. I sat in Ivy’s lap and she told me what happened. They bought cheap cell phone and the token for Ena and my Prince entered his official number in. He told her that he will give a money to her teacher for new tokens when she spends one. Ivy was driving and when they arrived at the orphanage they had to meet with the teacher and hand the kids to her. Luka didn’t even want to say thanks or good bye but he just ran to meet his friends. In short conversation with their teacher they said only good things about the kids and mention only that Luka was kind of reserved and playing tough. She confirmed that he is such a kid but he is not bad in essence. Anyway, my Prince gave her the money for Ena’s cell phone while she waited at the door of the office. My Prince promised that he’ll come again but will not specify the date for he isn’t sure when we might host them. The teacher thanked them for taking kids to their house and just when my Prince’s stepped out of the office Ena showed him her cell phone saying: “Look”. When my Prince saw that she changed his name into *“Tata” (*dad), he started to cry. He knelled and hug her firmly while my Ivy and the teacher cried too. She had to take away Ena on force for she didn’t want to let my Prince go. Ivy told me that he sobbed all the time while she was driving. Poor girl wanted to have a father and she got one, at least for the weekends and other occasions when we will be free to take her. We won’t give up from Luka too, but we’ll not force friendship if he decides to keep us away.



I know that what my Prince started here is something that requires continuity and commitment for the consequences can be catastrophic for Ena’s emotional and mental wellbeing. He knows it too. But I’m not worried. If anyone is committed to everything he’s doing, it is him. He won’t break Ena’s heart. Did Ena called my Prince? She did, few minutes after he and Ivy left the orphanage. She didn’t say a word but she (I believe) wanted to check if he will answer the phone. When she heard his voice, she hanged up. After the shower my Prince started to kiss my tummy all over sobbingly saying to our baby:

- Daddy will never abandon you, my little one. You will be most loved child in whole the world.

I cried happily.



One more interesting thing happened today. Smilja, Prince’s cousin and Uncle’s daughter called asking if she may stay at our place over All Saints day for she wants to visit her dad’s grave and pay honor. That was fantastic news and we said she may come. Prince's sharp talk to her last time she visited us bear the fruit.


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