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One thing leads to another



My Prince sighed all night during the sleep in Thursday. I changed my sleeping position (I always sleep in his lap laying on the side) and facing him I gently cuddled his cheeks and kissed his lips showing him that I love him and that I understand the pain and disappointment in himself he is going through. I respect his hard trying to be better and I can’t tell you how much I love him. He told my Ivy and me in the morning that he slept with heaviness on his heart imagining our frighten baby that saw his aggressive reaction. He worships our unborn baby and he can’t imagine himself being the source of it’s fears and cries. We comforted him saying that we are 100% sure he will learn to control his anger before baby will be born and that we love him unconditionally.


After wonderful morning routine, our coffee tradition with Prince’s cum and great time with my parents, my luvs went to work and I stayed at home, connected with Fran and we worked on the projects for villa. Sometime later my Ivy called me and asked me if I agree to have Tina on the lunch with us in Sunday. I confirmed I do. So, we spent Friday in various activities and my Prince felt much better. He wasn’t burdened with his failure any more although he didn’t forget on his promise he’ll work on his temper in three areas I mentioned last time. For those who doesn’t know, my Prince has serious issues in controlling his temper when it comes to bullies, raping and child abuse. He is extremely aggressive and dangerous. Seeing how much he loves our unborn baby I’m scared of what he might do to offenders or himself if something deadly happened to it. We both will be emotionally broken. I enjoy caring his baby and every time I touch my tummy I melt for I worship my Prince and having his baby in me fills me with joy.


Talking about our baby; it makes me want to eat a big pork steak with lot of onions, French fries and sweet ajar. Since my Prince wants only the best for Ivy, me and our baby he went to the Hotel and order it directly from the kitchen. Ivy stayed with me and we enjoyed in each other and she kissed my tummy numerous times prattling to my baby just like my Prince does all the time. He was a bit of late and we thought he is in trouble. When he brought the meal to me he was lightly nervous. He kissed me, apologized for being late and he said that he came home just to bring me the meal while it is still hot for her has to return to the Hotel. He told me to not to worry. He must discipline some workers now, while it is fresh. He asked Ivy to join him. She “yay’d” being very happy. I ate my meal very greedy saying to my baby: “Why are you doing this to your mommy, little one?”  When my luvs returned, I sat in Prince’s lap and he told me what happened. He told said that he had parking problems and he discovered several irregularities in the Hotel “thanks” to the first one.


Coming to the Hotel his parking place was occupied and he couldn’t find free parking place. Lidija and the Hotel bend held a birthday party for local rich youngster and his friends. So he had to park his car on the fair distance from the Hotel. While he was waiting for my meal to be ready, he went to the reception and asked why was his parking place busy. It should be always available for Ivy and him since they might be called on intervention or to come and do unannounced inspection. The receptionist “X” said that one guest asked him to park on reserved place since there are no available parking spots and that he is the man of honor best friend. My Prince asked him if the man was invalid or disabled and when got negative reply he verbally “washed” him saying to him that if there are no available parking spots nobody can park on his spot except invalids and disabled. The Hotel has several parking spots for invalids and all of them were busy. My Prince ordered to security guards to check if those who parked on the places for invalids are true invalids or not. If they aren’t they have to move their car immediately or they will call tow service. When my meal was ready for picking he went to the restaurant and receptionist “Y” followed him and she told him that she saw receptionist “X” taking the bribe to let him park on his spot. My Prince thanked her and asked her if she is willing to support her story for he must discipline the receptionist. She said she will if he can promise that she won’t have trouble with him. He promised to her that if he tries anything, he'll be fired immediately. After picking and paying for my meal he told them that he’ll be back and they will have “emergency” meeting.


After returning to the Hotel he had serious talk to the receptionist “X”. The “Y” receptionist confirmed her story and my Prince made him to confess. When he did it, saying that he took only 50 Kuna (some 12 Euro) my Prince told him that he almost “sold” his job and carrier for cheap bribery and it will cost him. He punished him with cutting his wage 30% off and he gave him official warning saying that if he or anyone else takes the bribe again for whatever reason, will be fired immediately. He also threatened him that if he tries to revenge to his colleague for reporting him (It’s their duty and obligation to report any irregularities) he’ll kick his ass first and then he’ll fire him.


After that conversation, security guards reported two guests who parked their cars on the spot for invalids. He was angry at the chief of the shift and the receptionists for not doing their job well.  He gathered them shortly in his office and told them about his parking spot and criticized them for not paying enough attention on the security camera monitors in order to see what is happening on parking slot and for not checking guests properly. They have to check the person who parked on the place for invalids for every invalid has a special car sticker on the car and a small card. He was very angry at the chief of the shift whom he said:

- Instead of watching sport channel you should watch if your workers do their jobs right. If they do, I don’t mind you what you’re doing in free time, but everything is in chaos and you simply don’t care! I warning you, next time I will “hit your wallet” so hard that you will forget how it looks to have a money in it!

He also said to all of them that if this happens once again, he will hire a person whose only job will be to monitor the screens but he/she will be paid from their wages. My Ivy smiled while he was telling me this and she loudly kissed him saying how proud she is at him. She said they shit their pants how scared they were although he didn’t yell at them. (He never yells on workers and never call them names, only talks sharply). Then they came home. I was very proud at him too for he is doing great job keeping working discipline on the top.


Saturday was ordinary day. We were at home most of the time doing our daily routine and various activities. We went only to down town to do our grocery shopping and to buy new LCD TV screen. While he was installing it my Ivy and I made love in the bedroom. After excellent sex we came to see how new TV works. My Ivy made us laugh when she put a sticker on the top of it with the text: “Prince, stay away from me or I swear, I’ll stop working!” Boss called and said B.W’s brain tumor operation went well and that she is under sedatives recovering. We were very happy to hear that she is fine. He said he miss us especially my Prince. They will stay one more week and then he’ll call us to pick them up. I had a short “episode” of being very tensed without the cause and the reason and everything bothered me. My angels showed understanding and they tried to not to make my condition worse and they endured my clucking and nagging. But, the day finished in very warm atmosphere; laying on the bed, exchanging kiss, gentleness and “Love yous”.


After our morning routine and the coffee with my parents we started to cook for us and Tina. She is crazy about boiled sea fish and Greek salad. Well, although my Prince cooks better then Ivy and me, he didn’t know much about that sort of fish. He checked Internet but wasn’t satisfied with process description so he called my mom who told him how to do it. Ivy and I helped him in the kitchen and we baked the cake while he was boiling the fish, making the sauce and the Greek salad. We had a great time that ended in food sex. It was marvelous! But, Tina came much earlier than we expected her so we rushed to clean ourselves and the kitchen. She brought a bottle of “Trefethen” Californian white wine but she didn’t want to tell us where she got it from since we asked her being thrilled with its taste. Tina is wealthier then us and has much more money although she worked in the Hotel on various positions before I let her have my manager position. She simply loves to work in tourism although she doesn’t have to. She inherited very nice modern house and a lot of money from her parents who moved to Australia few decades ago. Anyway, we had a pleasant conversation with her about the job in the Hotel, Paul, new helper from the States and about my pregnancy. She couldn’t stop praising my Prince saying that we are the luckiest girls in the world having a husband like him. He made us laugh when he told her:

- Tina, if you don’t stop talking about me I’m gonna promote you into hotel maid in sanitary facility.

After our laughter we enjoyed in coffee and caramel cake. After that, she left. My Prince didn’t let my Ivy and me do anything. He cleaned the table and washed the dishes while Ivy and I enjoyed in each other in our bedroom. She felt sleepy and was in need for him. She called him to lay beside her. When he did it, she slept on his chest while he kissed the top of her head and cuddling her back. I let them enjoy and I wrote this diary. I will join them soon.

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