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Screenshot Spotlight June 17th - August 27th



in this entry, will be a compilation of what i think has been my best work since my skyrim reset. and of course i have to throw in the usual update under it.






of course, i would love feedback

especially since my next entry will be when i start to work on the following mods:

ultimate booty body (working title)

character preset for freckle

and follower penny. and since im so happy about accomplishing so many goals and being generally happy, i'll do whatever the first comment says :)if i feel like it


of course, this means i'll also update my all in one mod at some point. 


GOALS (crossed out ones i finished, i'll just delete em next time i update)



hot files for the next body, the one in the pictures is the most recent version. i think her hips turned out to be pretty nice :D

a sense of accomplishment

better pictures than before (starting with enb)

pretty graphics and characters

possibly a follower mod and a character preset (these will be further down the line, i have no clue how to make a follower and my faces still dont look great)

i'd like to be more helpful in the community

stop posting so much because nobody cares about these updates lol

-post more actual screenshot selections

see if people want scenery or pairs or whatever (crossed out because i know people want more pairs and different stuff like that)

accept more input (tbh no ones giving it but i was accepting when i got it)

better screenshots so i can update pictures for my old bodies (already did this for PCP and TSBB, LLL wont be needed when UBB comes out)

spend more time on single pictures

try your best :)


number goals:

20,000 downloads on my all in one

30 upvotes on the all in one

80 requests done (i would love to do some more)

30 blog followers

-15 likes on one blog entry

70 profile followers

200 endorsements on perky curvy petite 2 (i got 197 and thats close enough for me)

750 endorsements on the super booty body

315 endorsements on lean lady legendary

60 blog entries and 5200 blog views


and i'll link these here too since i have a 100% chance to use them soon 


@Tirloque s 

also very helpful^inspiration and whatnot. looked at a bunch of other blogs to see what enbs looked like. 


and since its nice to see other potentially good bodies



thanks for reading


the rest of this blog entry will just be updates and plans and whatever, and i know you guys hate that and its boring so you dont have to read it ;) but if you do i love ya



UPDATES: life is great, i believe i've definitely gotten over my heart break and i'm already moving on. thanks for the support

i've been playing league of legends with friends and thats nice too. spending a lot of time watching documentaries and the like. 

i've been talking on forums (like loverslab) more often and you guys are pretty cool people to talk to. (thanks :)) its also pretty great you guys helped me accomplish my goals on here.

stay hydrated 



i'll be posting a bunch of reuploads on deviantart after this too so here you go





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and since im so happy about accomplishing so many goals and being generally happy, i'll do whatever the first comment says :)


I totally wasn't trying to think of something daft to make you do ?

and I totally aren't too tired to make my brain think of something daft :3


Glad yer happy an' doin' well though. ❤️

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23 minutes ago, The First Lady of Hats said:

Glad yer happy an' doin' well though. ❤️

and i will continue to be happy

because thats more or less what the first comment says ;)

thank you 

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Hmmm,  a compilation of past content.... It seems to me your overall work has matured since your very first series of entries. The last screen with Freckles, and the play with the sunlight with the forest shots are proof of it. You've got the technical aspects down by now I think ; you don't need advice on that anymore.


Now you can fly with you own wings to further develop your artistic one, inviting to the dream...




Anyway, thanks you for the small library mention. :classic_wink:

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So many wonderful pictures, both the nature and girls. Compliments.

Now, a question: I know you like big boobs girls but can you make few pics with normal or small size boobs for your worshipers and audience like me and my Prince ;)

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8 minutes ago, EvalovesEP said:

Now, a question: I know you like big boobs girls but can you make few pics with normal or small size boobs for your worshipers and audience like me and my Prince ;)

i'll do it just for you guys ;)

a variant of the new body will be slim anyway :)

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16 minutes ago, daedal said:

i'll do it just for you guys ;)

a variant of the new body will be slim anyway :)


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