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Prince’s birthday



Last two working days; Thursday and Friday were very busy for us. My luvs had a trip to Istria in Thursday with few V.I.P. guests driving them to Pola, Parenzo and Rovigno visiting historical places in those cities. They were absent almost the whole day. I missed them very much and we texted a lot to each out. I used my free time after the work to talk with our parents about birthday party for my Prince. Our moms agreed that they will make his favorite cherry cake but they will not put “Happy birthday” on it and they will give the money they planned for his gifts to Fran “For the baby” box. When my luvs returned home we had great time being together although my Prince was extremely exhausted because of being exposed to the heat all day and he slept very quickly after our evening routine and sex although he took Antonio’s pill so he can go through hot day. When he slept, my Ivy and I made love and we enjoyed in each other very much.



Friday was excellent day. We worked till 14:00 and had first wedding rehearsal with Nick and Adriana who are getting married in September and we went to our café afterwards. Beside fucking my Prince in turns in the restroom we had a great time and lot of laugh. Nick was hilarious being incredibly happy that my Prince will be his best man. We asked them what they would like to have for wedding present and Nick said since Adrianna is frigid and can’t fulfill his sexual needs, he would like to get a sex doll. We died laughing and we couldn’t stop teasing her. At the end they said they don’t need anything but, we’ll give them certain amount of money as a gift. Our dads went for night fishing so that they bring fresh fish for my Prince who will prepare for them.



Saturday passed as usually except my luvs didn’t go into grocery shopping because B.W. bought all for us and for cooking with my Prince. She called us in Friday night and said what she’ll do it. My Prince said that we will have guests and that we’ll need more food. He insisted to participate in expenses, but B.W. silenced him saying that she will not take our money, that she is tired to discuss about it and he has to comply as good son who listen to her mother. My Ivy and I laughed hard and showered him with kisses after he finished talking to her commenting:

- Women!!!

So, when delivery van arrived we unloaded it and when our dads brought the sea fish they caught during night fishing, we helped my Prince in preparing the things for tomorrow since some marinades and sauces takes a day to have a full effect on the food. The rest of the day we spent in cleaning the house, baking cookies and cakes, swimming in the sea, having sex and doing our routine. My Fran helped us in baking cakes and cookies. When he tried to be involved in our butt slapping during the dance, picking on my Prince’s ass, he pointed the knife toward him saying: “Don’t even think about it”. Fran ran out of the kitchen screaming: “Maniac!”. Ivy and I died laughing. My Fran permanently left the kitchen when we started to eat the chocolate cream from each other’s mouth commenting: “Gross!”.



Sunday. Today. Prince’s birthday. My Ivy and I were excited and worried in the same time. My Prince? He behaved as it’s ordinary Sunday and he didn’t suspect anything. We didn’t congratulate him his birthday and after our morning routine, our parents and Fran arrived for morning coffee. Few minutes later, B.W. and boss arrived too. They all behaved normal and nobody mentioned his birthday. Our parents went to our beach. Ivy and I stayed to welcome guests and to serve them beverages and cold drinks. My Prince and B.W. went to the kitchen. We were on needless: how he’s gonna receive the news. The time passed and we didn’t hear a sound. Then we heard Prince’s loud:

- Moooom, how could you do this to me?! …… You are the last person in the world I expected to do something like that …. I thought I can trust you.

My Ivy and I slowly opened the door and entered in the kitchen. We saw her crying and saying she is sorry. She kept the promise that she will tell him that she organized his birthday party. My Prince held her in his arms and comforted her while she cried. Seeing her crying he felt sorry and said that he is not angry at her and that he loves her. When she stopped crying he kissed her on the cheek and said: “Let’s forget this and go on like it never happened, but don’t do this ever again.”. She smiled and said she is sorry again and she, promising him that she won’t do it again, said she loves him too. After that, everything returned to normal. They continued to cook and talk, sing and laugh as incident never happened. My Ivy and I were glad that all ended well.



Guests started to arrive one by one and when the food was done (cold as it supposed to be), Ivy, Fran and I served the meals and drinks. It was DELICIOUS!!! B.W. and my Prince did excellent job. Even our dads were satisfied with the fish he prepared for them and they complimented his cooking. We had a great time when my Ivy and Prince brought their guitars and played and sang for us. We sang and danced. After the several songs Lidija surprised us all. Namely, while he was talking with Antonio, she approached to him and wrapping her hands around his hips she laid her head on his chest saying:

- I can’t…… sorry, boss, but I can’t ……. I love you and I must wish you happy birthday.

We were all stunned and we waited for Prince’s reaction. He was caught in surprise and we were very thrilled when we saw him hugging her back and kissing her head top he whispered:

- Thank you, Lidija. I love you too.

It was very touchy and we sobbed. Yes, my Prince loves Lidija as his little sister. He will forgive her all as he forgives us, our parents and B.W. and Fran. Then, another surprise followed. He walked with her having his arms around his shoulder and pouring the wine in the glass he said:

- I know why you gathered. Although I don’t like the occasion, I appreciate your good will, friendship and love …… Soooo …. whose gonna make a toast? But, only one of you.

We were all thrilled and we applauded loudly and laughed hard seeing our dads, Antonio, Nick and boss “fighting” who will make the toast stopping each other to raise the glass and make the toast. We agreed that B.W. will make the toast for the birthday party was her idea. After the toast the atmosphere and the mood was much, much better and we enjoyed in cookies and cakes. swimming in the sea and having fun.



Our guests stayed only till 18:00. They saw my Prince is tired. It was long and too hot day for him filled with many activities since 4:00 in the morning on +30 and on +40 the whole day. I don’t know how he found the strength for it without taking Antonio’s pill.  He went under the shower, kissed my Ivy and me saying that he is very proud at us and that he loves us and he dropped on the bed in our bedroom and slept immediately. Moms helped us to clean the table, left overs and to wash the dishes. When all of them left, My Fran told us that he put 1050 Euros in the “for the baby box”. Boos and his wife and Antonio tipped the biggest sum. We were very proud at my Prince how he responded on finding out that we gathered for his birthday. Now, everyone knows: no more games, tricks and conspiracies when it comes to the things he doesn’t like. After I post this dairy, Ivy and I will make long and passionate love and we’ll fuck my Prince too. I’m sure that he won’t wake up for he is deep and far in dream land and he never wakes up.


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I'm glad this went rather smoothly, the smaller the event, the less tense he is I think. Anyway, happy end I guess. :classic_wink:

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5 hours ago, Tirloque said:

I'm glad this went rather smoothly, the smaller the event, the less tense he is I think. Anyway, happy end I guess. :classic_wink:


Yeap. all ended much better than we hoped. Beside having his reasons why he doesn't celebrate his birthday ( I wrote abut it earlier), being out of focus of attention, praising and compliments, definitely change situation. He likes company of friends and loved ones, he simply can't stand to much attention. That's why this birthday party was a great success. :)

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8 hours ago, The First Lady of Hats said:

Tel him happy Bornday an' give him a hair ruffling for me :]

Thank you. I did it and he was looking weird at me. He smiled and said "Thanks" after I told him: "This from the LL lady in red". ;)

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4 hours ago, Deso561PL said:



Wish he could notice me. :(

Thanks Deso .... Listen, I don't believe my Prince is avoiding you or ignoring you. He has no reason to do it. He likes you. The only thing that changed is the frequency of his visit to LL and he doesn't read my diaries. He is very busy and he isn't often on LL as he used to be. He'll be more often once summer season ends and when we return to normal schedule. :)

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:classic_laugh::classic_biggrin::mrgreen::thumbsup:Aww! Things turned out well :classic_laugh:


Well as long as friends and family are not shoving the Happy Birthday phrase down his ear throats and are more like "oh" Thank you for being apart of my life I'm grateful for being apart of yours :wink: 


Much love and Happy Birthday...:mrgreen:

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On 8/14/2018 at 8:02 AM, Jayomms said:

:classic_laugh::classic_biggrin::mrgreen::thumbsup:Aww! Things turned out well :classic_laugh:


Well as long as friends and family are not shoving the Happy Birthday phrase down his ear throats and are more like "oh" Thank you for being apart of my life I'm grateful for being apart of yours :wink: 


Much love and Happy Birthday...:mrgreen:

Thank you very much. I passed him your congratulation. He thanked you. :)

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