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Not all dreams come true



I triple checked my theses in Tuesday morning and I mailed it to my mentor for second reading and corrections. He answered to me late afternoon. He suggested several corrections and gave me the credit for great work. He also told me that after I make those changes I should print it and hardcover it in five copies: one for him, two for the final exam board members, one for Master’s college library/archive and one for me. I input the changes but since I was working I asked my luvs to Xeroxed my paper and do hard covering because they have flexible working hours. So, they did it. I brought mentor's copy to him and ones for the exam board. He asked me how much time do I need to prepare for theses defense. He told me that I can have 7 days most. I said that I’m ready now because all material is “fresh” in my mind. He called the members of the exam board. They agreed that I will have theses defense this Monday at 10.00. He said that if I will defend my theses so well as I wrote it, I should surely pass with highest grade. He warned me on the trick questions. Am I nervous? Not at all. I’m very satisfied with my work and I am self-confident. I’m sure I will pass with high grade. So I studied my theses every day and tried to find what places could be the “traps” and trick questions.



Our income in the hotel bar, restaurant and the terrace tripled. The heat wave did its job spotlessly. LOL. As for us, we work like crazy, especially my Prince who always slept hard after the work, shower and sex with Ivy and me for heat wave made him collapsed and weak. Our region was in heat wave red alert and one of the hottest place in the Europe. He and my Ivy were all around the hotel whenever and wherever they were needed. Playing with the Hotel band in Tuesday night (from 21:00 - 00.00), he and Ivy and the band did excellent work. He didn’t sweat (thanks to the cure) and he played and sang perfectly. Although the band looked very nicely, my luvs were too attractive and too beautiful. Many females couldn’t get their eyes off of my Prince as males couldn’t stop eating my Ivy with their eyes. Her perfect long shinny sporty legs hypnotized them. LOL. They were disappointed seeing them kissing after every set of songs or when she sat in his lap smooching with him during short breaks. Our guests were with us and they said the evening was perfect. We danced and I tried to save my Fran from Nina “privatizing” him as much as I could. But, she used every possibility to be with him and to seduce him.



When we came home my Fran asked me and my Prince to talk to Nina and ask her to stop hitting on him because it started to piss him off. So we talked to her and she promised she will control herself. She still hit on him; profoundly and using words playing.



Something interesting happened last night. When we planned to go to our beach after our evening routine, Prince’s ex asked him to take a short walk with her for she wanted to talk to him. So they went to walk and we went to our beach. My Ivy and I didn’t worry at all, but Darko did. He was tensed. He didn’t want to say what is bugging him, but we could read him: he feared that his fiancé maybe started to feel something for my Prince again. My Ivy thrilled me with her approach. She brought him cold beer and sat next to him. She put her arm on his shoulder and said:

- Listen, Darko ……. You worry without reason ….. Prince is crazy about Eva and me and there is no girl in the world that will make him stop loving us and leave us  ……. Your fiancé doesn’t attract him any more and there is no other feeling between them then friendly one. As you could see all these days he was interested only in Eva and me, and she was all over you. They buried their past long time ago ….. I’m sure that she only wants to solve something from their past.



Darko felt relived hearing her words and my Ivy was right. When they returned, Prince’s ex hugged and deep kissed Darko saying she loves him. She told him that she only wanted to discuss something from their past that heavily burdened her. My Prince told us that she regretted that she wasn’t more supportive to him when he carried the burden of mortally ill father and that she left him when he needed her most. He told her that he doesn’t resent her and that she should leave the past behind. And that was all. Yep, sometimes we see things that aren’t real. Jealousy, insecurity and doubts are “excellent” foundation for such thoughts. Thank heavens, we do not suffer from those syndromes. Well, we used to be insecure in Prince’s love at the beginning fearing that he will leave us when we badly screwed up. Those days are gone. We love each other with all our beings and nobody and nothing can separate us, except death.



Nina “finally” lost control last night on our beach when she had too many beers. She tried to kiss him on force grabbing him for his genitals. My Fran lost the temper and he stood up and out loudly said to her:

- You want me?! Let’s fucking do it!!!

I reacted and I said that he doesn’t have to do it, but he said he wants to end this drama. So they went to our house and returned after 15 minutes. Nina was angry, but my Fran smiled. She swore undertone and we were all on needles wanting to hear what happened.

Fran: I told her that whatever she tries won’t work because girls doesn’t attract me …….. She did all she could think of but it didn’t work.

Nina (angrily): You purposely shut off your emotions and you controlled your arousal …. (to us) – tell me, but honestly …… Do you see me as attractive?

We confirmed we do and she said angrily to him:

- You see; even bisexual girls and straight guys see me as attractive but you. You didn’t want to have sex with me ….. You wanted only to humiliate me ….. jerk!

I wanted to react and then something happened; like my Prince have read my mind and like we were telepathically connected. He stood up and said to her:

- Easy, Nina. There is no need to insult my friend …. I’ll show you, you’re wrong about him …… Fran isn’t mean person and the last thing in the world he’ll do is to humiliate anyone, especially our guests and friends.

He walked toward Fran and said to him:

- Look at me.

Fran looked at my Prince wondering what he’s gonna do. My Prince took off his swimming pants and told him to touch his cock. My Fran hesitated, but when my Prince took his hand and placed it on his cock, Fran got instant erection. My Prince asked him to touch his butt and when my Fran did it he sighed deeply being very aroused. Dressing on his swimming pants my Prince said to me:

- Honey, show your gorgeousness to him, please.

I smiled, kissed him and I said I’ll gladly do it. I stood in the front of him and I took off my bikini. I showed him my ass, pussy and breasts. I also took his hand and placed it between my legs and ass but Fran’s arousal vanished very quickly. I shortly deep kissed him and I took his “dead” penis in my hand and I cuddled it. No changes – “dead”. Nina couldn’t believe her eyes.

Price (to Fran): Who is more attractive to you: Eva or Nina?

Fran: Eva.

Prince (to Nina):

- Nina, I hope you realize now that Fran didn’t fake it. If Eva, who is more attractive to him than you couldn’t sexually stimulate him, you didn’t have a chance. I admit that I enjoyed in your hitting on him because his resistance was funny to me, but you went too far and I think you owe him an apology.

Nina confessed that she was wrong and she approached to him, kneeled by him and said:

- My apologies, Fran. I withdraw all I said about you. You are true gay indeed. I’m sorry I gave you hard time. I was warmed up for you and I believed you’ll be mine.

Fran hugged her and said that he forgives her and they can be friends if she wants to. She accepted and we continued to have fun on the beach. I was very proud at my Prince who was a true friend for I assure you, not many people will do this for their gay friends. I rewarded him with numerous “Love yous” and kisses and I grabbed my Ivy for her hand leading them both into the sea for wild sex. And we had great sex. When we went to sleep afterwards, my Fran, who was laying on my side on the air bed thanked my Prince for defending his homosexual honor. He leaned over me and kissed him on the cheek. My Prince made us laugh hard saying:

- Fran, you have 3 seconds to return to Eva’s side of the bed or I’ll break your legs …

We all knew his threats to Fran are mere words, but it was still very funny. I hugged my Fran and before we slept we heard a lot of Ivy's and Prince's kisses, prattling and “love yous”.

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