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Arrogance without limits



When I arrived home after the work in Monday I showered my Prince with kisses and hugs being very happy that he wasn’t wet at all while all of us were sweated. You should see him: he thanked our parents for the money numerous times hugging and kissing us. So, he has to avoid direct exposure to the sun (over 30 Celsius) and when he feels incredibly hot and not being able to reduce his tension, he should take one pill that the doctor prescribed and he will be OK.



Antonio visited us to square things with my Prince. They hugged each other and apologized to each other. He said that although my Prince surprised him by punching him for he didn’t expect it from him, he wouldn’t hurt him for he promised to Ivy, he’s a bro and he will be the god father to Ivy’s and Prince’s baby. He only wanted to calm him down. He complimented his strong punch again saying that he feels sorry for his foes. We were glad that there wasn’t bad blood between them.



My Fran permanently broke up with Tibor because he wasn’t willing to give away their puppy as a prof of his love for Fran. He was sad for breaking up but we comforted him and he mostly spend the nights at our house.



As you already noticed, my Prince returned his sad dark elf avatar. He simply can’t forgive himself for forgetting his father’s death anniversary. He has problem with remembering names and numbers, but never, for him important events. Therefore, you can only imagine in which emotional and mental mess he was when he forgot on such important event. How long sad dark elf will be up it is known only to him.



My Ivy and he had to discipline one of the V.I.P. guests in Tuesday. In short, he smuggled two prostitutes into his room and they were very loud. The other guests complained to the chief of reception and the Guy 3 intervened driving away prostitutes from the Hotel. Being under the influence of alcohol but not drunk the guest started to insult Guy 3 who told him to calm down or he will be driven out too. The V.I.P. guest didn’t like his tone and he insisted to talk to his chief which is my Prince wanting to complain on the treatment. My Prince (and Ivy) came to Guy’s 3 office and listened his report while the V.I.P. guest waited for his turn. When he finished, my Prince told to the guest that he has no right to complain because he broke very important hotel rule and that he should be driven out of the Hotel. He told him that our Hotel is not brothel and bringing the prostitutes in the room is not allowed and it is against the law. (for those who doesn’t know: prostitution is illegal in our country. There is no legal brothel in any city). The guest begged him to let him stay for all other hotels are booked up and that he doesn’t want to stay in some cheap accommodation.


(the dialogue is very shortened due to lack of space and time)

My Prince said to him:

- All right ….. I will make a fair deal with you. I don’t know if you have read the Hotel rules or not. If you didn’t it’s your own fault for you should and if you did you obviously neglected them. I will let you stay, but I will penalize you with 30% extra charge for today and you will apologize to my colleague. If you break any rule again, I will charge you double and you will be driven out of the hotel. Are we clear?

Guest: Whaaaat??? You must be joking …… I ain’t pay anything and I ain’t apologize ……. You are trying to rip me off and I will report you to your boss for molesting…….  You will lose your job!

Ivy told me that my Prince took a deep breath, controlled his anger and seriously said to him:

- Sir, I will ask you only one more time: accept my terms and apologize to my colleague!

The guest ignored him, turned toward the door and walked out the office slamming it very loudly that all corridor echoed. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t know that fucking with my Prince is very bad idea. My Prince caught him and punched him very hard in the face and knocked him on the floor. He leaned over him and grabbing him for the robe he said:

- Apologize NOW or you gonna experience the pain like never before. Your staying in our Hotel is over this very moment!

He started to beg again, promising that he will cover all penalties, that he will not break any more rules and that he will apologize to Guy 3 who gave him the head sign to let him stay after he apologize.

My luvs went and he returned to his apartment. My Ivy was very horny and she fucked my Prince in his office before they arrived home. The quest requested to have a meeting with my boss yesterday wanting to complain on Prince’s behaving. He was very surprised when my boss told him that he supports my Prince and that he has no competency over his methods and actions for he is second assistant manager with full autonomy of decision making in this area and that he was lucky he wasn’t punished heavier. The guy left our office very disappointed but he learned that my Prince will be after him in much worse “edition” if he breaks any more rules. I didn’t doubt in my boss. He trust my Prince’s judgment in everything and he supports him in everything.



Now, here comes funny part. During “patrolling” through the Hotel, when my Prince spotted dark skin girls, he immediately turned and changed direction. My Ivy laughed and she showered him with kisses when they were alone. She said he was very cute when trying to avoid them. The good thing was that he appointed Guy 3 to deal with eventual incidents that involves dark skin girls and ladies. He only expects the written report but he doesn’t want to even meet them. Ivy and I are very proud at him. He tries hard to stay away from the troubles and keeping his weakness under control. Since he and Ivy are very attractive and they are both blond and tall some of the guests wanted to take the picture of them. They were asked to not to do it because it is against the Hotel rule. My Prince asked Fran to add additional “No taking photos allowed” signs all over Hotel. They both have a lot of chances to get laid with many attractive girls and handsome guys, but they rejected; even after working hours.



I’m close to finish my theses. Have 7 more pages to write and make conclusion. I have to deliver it to my mentor in Tuesday for first reading and corrections. My luvs made me cum hard last night when I studied. After our evening routine and their martial arts, they went to the balcony and I went to our bedroom. I took my laptop and the books, spread them all over and I laid on my tummy. I was completely naked because it was very hot. My luvs missed me in the bed and they came to ask me to join them. I couldn’t for I was inspired for working on my thesis. Seeing me naked and laying on my tummy they started to kiss my legs coming up to my ass. It felt very good and although I liked it, I asked them to stop for I wanted to work. They didn’t listen to me. When they reached my ass they both started to lick my ass and it tickled. I started to resist but I was powerless against them. They were too strong. When I felt Prince’s tongue deeply rimming my ass and Ivy’s lips sucking my pussy lips I surrender. Both of them sucked me and fucked me with their mouths and tongues soooo goooood that I came loudly and long in Ivy’s mouth. My Prince and she cum kissed and swallowed my cum. I smiled and whispered:

- I hate you, crazy perverts.

Leaving the bedroom, they giggled and unanimously said:

- We love you too, Princess.

Did I continue with my work? I couldn’t. I stayed laying on the bed while my body still twitched in pleasure. I joined them in air bed on the balcony much later and rewarded them with kisses while they were sleeping. I love my two blond angels.


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:classic_laugh: That explains the pic you just posted. ;) Good to see things are alright, not the same but alright. :classic_biggrin::mrgreen::thumbsup: HULK !!!!!!THUMB!!!!!


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9 hours ago, Jayomms said:

:classic_laugh: That explains the pic you just posted. ;) Good to see things are alright, not the same but alright. :classic_biggrin::mrgreen::thumbsup: HULK !!!!!!THUMB!!!!!


Thank you. You see, I had to shorten the dialogue my Prince had with V.I.P. guest to eliminate unimportant things. According to my Ivy, my Prince was very patient with him before happened what happened. He maximally reasoned with him.


All is going back to normal. :)

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