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Just Anotha Update #9 - Daedal Saves Skyrim



sorry for the lack of content, but i've been spending the last 10 days trying to figure out what caused the visual bug found here:


i ended up fixing it with help on the enb dev forum, so big thanks to the guy who helped me with that.


now that i've actually got it back up and running, i feel like the past 10 days completely erased my previous screenshot taking mojo i had before. 

as seen below here:


i dont really like this enb (snapdragon toon/creamy edited) 

but im also scared to switch enbs  due to the bug from before :(


but, i DID take a few request in that time. most prominent one is here:

i prevented a suicide too so thats pretty cool. heres a generic, not so great ass.



well, thanks for reading

i would love some suggestions since im in a bit of a rut. 





truly yours, 






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