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Fucked up priorities



Weekend didn’t bring anything new in my Prince’s condition except two small but important changes: he started to do his morning and evening routine with Ivy and me and he was emotionally and mentally with us, although still very quiet. My Ivy and I didn’t force any conversation with him, but we were always near him showing him how much we love him. We didn’t exaggerate with kisses and hugs so that we won’t make him nervous. We loved him the way he needed. Our parents were also very considerable when coming for morning coffee with us. Our moms cuddled his face and kissed him on the cheek from time to time being causes to not to do it too often and too much. My Prince respected that. He spent his time exercising, swimming, playing his guitar and practicing martial arts. When Lidija called him expressing her concern and love for him and asking him if he would love to go with us and join her and her boyfriend in “our café” he thanked her for kindness but he politely said that he has no will and desire for fellowship and socializing of any kind.



My Ivy’s and mine period ceased in Saturday and we fucked with him. He loved the sex with us and he was more involved. My boss called him and asked him if he and his wife may come tomorrow to have a family breakfast with us, and my Prince said they may, but he told him that he is not into any conversation about anything and about his condition. Boss promised they will not force any conversation with him and that they only want to be with him. So nothing special happen in Saturday. Our parents helped us clean the house, my Prince participated and Ivy and I went out for grocery shopping afterwards. We were still sad for we didn’t know how to help my Prince and we weren’t in the mood for any “naughty” behaving in public. We just hold hands, kissed and talked after the shopping in nearby café during having cappuccino.



When our parents and boss and his wife came for morning coffee with us yesterday, they brought breakfast. B.W. hugged him firmly and without words she showered his face with kisses. When she stopped she only whispered: “I love you, my son.” Anyway, he was with us, but he didn’t say a word. Ivy and I changed places sitting in his lap while men talked about World soccer championship matches and we, females talked about household keeping, meals we plan to make and similar stuff. They didn’t stay long, some hour and so, and before they left each of them hugged my Prince and kissed him on the cheek. My Prince cooked lunch for us and brought it to our beach while Ivy and I enjoyed in swimming and the sun. He swam too, but except kissing with us and fucking us in the sea, he didn’t play shark game. So that was our weekend.



We arrived at the work today and we had executive board meeting. We were pleased with new reports and we made the plans for this week. My luvs went after their obligations and I contacted few professors from my Master college for mentorship. Guess who accepted to be my mentor: the old pervert. Ha-ha. I have the last exam in Friday and then I have to work on my theses. Being inspired with Prince’s accomplishments in the Hotel, I picked the title for it: “Improving tourism business”. Everything was fine until we had big break in our office. After our quick sex, my Fran asked if he can talk to us. He needed to take off the burden from his chest.



My Fran complained on his lover, Tibor. Although their relationship was in big crises, he started with smaller problem:

- I don’t know what to say …. Our puppy injured his paw and can’t walk. We took it to veterinarian who said that it has to lay still. Somebody needs to be with it all the time. I can’t and Tibor took sick leave lying to his boss that he has to visit his ill grandmother. The worst part in all of this is that his grandma is seriously ill, but he didn’t visit her. He lied to his mother why he can’t go with her. (sighing) – I just hope that his boss, ill grandma and mother never find out that he didn’t visit her because of our injured puppy. It will break her old heart for she asked to see him because she didn’t see him long time and she’s afraid she’ll die. I couldn’t stay at home either due to my obligations in the Hotel, so he stayed at home with the puppy …

Hearing this, my Prince went mad. He strongly bumped the desk with his fist and removing me from his lap he was leaving the office. My Ivy blocked his way and wrapping her hands around his neck she gently said:

- Honey, don’t, please …

My Prince turned to Fran and looking him angrily he said to him almost yelling:

-  You know what is fucking wrong with both of you! You care for stinking fucking dogs more than human beings, especially family. Both of you have fucked up priorities. Your fucking dog wouldn’t die if been left alone for few hours. If I was Tibor, I would do everything in my power to visit my sick grandma even if that means I might lose my job or to delay my obligations ...

Fran: No, the puppy wouldn’t die, but it is very attached to us and it moans sadly when it does see us.

Prince. Because it is a parasite, like all dogs. He turned you into its slaves …. You and Tibor are fucking insane! …….  Let me ask you something ….. What will happen if you were injured and can’t come home. Nobody is around and you call him to help you……. Will he come to help you or he will stay with the dog?

Fran (confused): I …. I think he will come.

Prince (angrily): You think… so you aren’t sure he’ll come.

Fran: I don’t know, Prince. All right?! I fucking don’t know.

Prince: You know what?! ….. I don’t want to see Tibor ever again! He is dead to me! I don’t want to have anything with idiot who doesn’t show love and respect to his heavily ill grandma and who gives his dog more attention than to family member. Don’t ever talk about your stinking dog in my presence again!

Then he left the office slamming the door. My Ivy rushed after him and I stayed to comfort my Fran. He started to cry.



I sat in his lap and I showered his face with kisses gently telling him that all be fine and to calm down. When he calmed he sadly said:

- This is the true problem I actually wanted to talk to you all about …… Tibor and I had numerous fights about you. I tried to convince him that you, guys are OK, that you are my family and that his hostility does no good to our relationship …… He was persistent that he doesn’t want to be your friend. We had a big fight yesterday. He made me choose him or you .…… (crying again) – Princess, I love him with all my heart, but I don’t want to lose you …… I can’t lose him too ….. I don’t know what to do ……..

I hugged him firmly leaning my head on the top of his and said:

- Honey, if you love him, stay with him. We’ll be fine ……. We don’t want to be a “stumbling rock” in your relationship …… I will miss you but I will never stop loving you and you will never lose me …. You are family, Fran …….

We both cried. Then we calmed, and he refreshed and I fixed my makeup. After that we returned to our duties.



When we arrived home, we took shower and had sex. My Prince took his guitar and he played it. I spoke with my Ivy about Fran’s problem and she said to me:

- I love Fran, but fuck Tibor! He is a jerk. He better don’t’ “step on my toe” or I will kick his ass badly.

I tried to influence on her to not to be hostile and aggressive toward him because of Fran and while we talked, my phone rang. It was Fran. I put him on the speaker and he was very upset. He said:

- Prince was right! He was fucking 100% right!!!

Me (gently): Calm down, Fran and tell me what happened.

(short silence and Fran’s deep heavily breathing)

Fran: Tibor and I had fight again about you. I told him to be in peace with you because of me. He said he can’t and he don’t want to … then I asked him the same question which Prince asked me today in the office. Do you know what he fucking said to me?!?! …… He said: “You should call Prince or Eva and Ivy. They’ll help you. I can’t leave helpless puppy alone!” ……. I told him that I want HIM to come to help me, not somebody else and he said: “I said what I said. End of conversation.” That statement overflew the glass …… I broke up with him saying that I choosing you because you were always there for me and you will always drop everything you do to come to help me, unlike him who loves our puppy more than me ……. (sobbingly) … You know what is saddest in all of this? …….. He peacefully said: “Fine! Then take your things and leave my house. If they mean to you more than me, go and live with them.” ……. Princess ….. I have no place ….

I interrupted him saying and looking at Ivy and my Prince asking them for approval in the same time:

- Of course you do. You will come to live with us until you find a new place.

(While I was telling him that, my Prince and Ivy nodded their heads as the sign of approval).

My Fran thanked me and said he’ll be at our place in half an hour. He hung up and I thankfully kissed my luvs for accepting my Fran to live with us.



He arrived at our house with his stuff loaded in his car. We helped him to unloaded it and we settled him in our guest room. He wanted to go for a walk alone to collect his thoughts and to steam off. I exercised with my luvs and when I finished, they continue to practice martial arts. I took a quick shower and while waiting for my Fran to come home, I wrote this diary. His gonna need our love and support and we will give it to him and we’ll help him in every way. The sad thing is that we were the stumbling rock in his love relationship although we didn’t do anything wrong to Tibor. He just doesn’t like us. Well, it’s his problem, not ours.


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The most important thing in the world is family and love.

You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them.

It is a unique gift that needs to be appreciated and treasured, even when they're driving you crazy.

As much as they make you mad, interrupt you, annoy you, curse at you, try to control you,

these are the people who know you the best and who love you.


Once again my thought and prayers go out to prince, May he find that elusive peace of mind in these troubled times.

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15 hours ago, dharvinia said:

The most important thing in the world is family and love.

You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them.

It is a unique gift that needs to be appreciated and treasured, even when they're driving you crazy.

As much as they make you mad, interrupt you, annoy you, curse at you, try to control you,

these are the people who know you the best and who love you.


Once again my thought and prayers go out to prince, May he find that elusive peace of mind in these troubled times.

Completely agree with you. Let me say only one thing. If you followed my diaries than you know my Prince has ruined relationship with his mother who doesn't accept Ivy and me and she doesn't acknowledge our marriage. BUT, knowing my Prince so far, if his mother will tell him that she is heavily ill and that she would love to see him or that she is in a big trouble, I guarantee you; he'll ask our boss for unpaid leave. If he wouldn't get it, he'll sit in our car and went to the Germany right away. The only reason why he didn't break up our friendship with Tibor earlier is Fran whom he loves and respect although Tibor offended him several times.

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