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Loving your job and your colleagues



My Prince was very missed on the work from Monday to yesterday. My Ivy and I told him all about e.b. meeting we had in Monday. The second big wave of season workers arrived, some V.I.P. guests requested his assistance and there were some other practical things that had to be done which my Fran wasn’t capable and skilled of doing it. So, Lidija, Fran, and Nenad often called him asking for help and advice. My Prince’s leg healed in Tuesday and he didn’t leap, but when he woke up in Wednesday, he felt sharp pain in the leg and he couldn’t walk without the pain. None of us knew what happened because there was no visible sign of the cause of the pain. So he called our house doctor who came and he didn’t know what was wrong either until he took magnifier, opened the healed wound (only part of it) and he found very tiny, transparent sea parasite. The parasite penetrated new formed thin skin around the scar during the swimming in the sea and went in. It caused him very sharp pain. The moment the doctor took it out he felt relief and he could walk without pain. Anyway, the doctor disinfected the wound and patched it. He told him that he can return to the work in Thursday. He was very happy just as the members of his team. The season started and we are almost full.



When he came to the work yesterday he had a short meeting with season workers although my Fran had one on their arrival and introduced them with rules and regulations, rights and obligations. Meeting didn’t go well for my Fran. Namely, there was one arrogant and homophobic worker who meanly but profoundly undermined Fran’s authority and he mocked him all the time making others laugh at him. Since his disrespectful behaving was public, my Prince demanded public apology to my Fran. The guy sarcastically “apologized” disgracing him again. (I can’t properly translate his apology because it is cultural thing and contains expressions that doesn’t mean anything in English). Fran told me that Prince peacefully walked to him slapped him very hard two times, grabbed him for his uniform, threw him on the floor and sharply told him:

- You will apologize to Mister Fran properly or I swear with my dead father, I will break your fucking jaw right here and right now.

Fran said that everyone was in great shock and fear. Although he didn’t like Prince’s act, he was glad and grateful that he defended him. The guy properly apologized to my Fran and Prince asked Fran if he wants to fire him. Fran said that he will give him another chance and if he mischief again, he will fire him. My Prince had very sharp and direct talk to the new season workers. He warned them that he will not allow “the law of jungle” in the Hotel and disrespectful behaving toward Hotel stuff. “Demonstration” of his seriousness was very good move. Workers knows now what to expect if being jerks. But he also told them that they can always come to him and talk to him if they have problems on the work or in private life. My Fran was full of respect and praise toward my Prince when he was telling me about the meeting. He said that when he held first meeting, besides being humiliated by particular worker, he hardly caught their attention and some of them murmured during his speech, but when my Prince stood at the pulpit, they were all silent and they fully payed attention. Later on Lidija told me that some season workers asked around about my Prince. When they heard about his positions, authority and competency, they had even more fear and respect for him for they heard (in short): “Discipline and order is his life style and breaking the rules bares heavy consequences. He is good in heart, he will always help, but you don’t want to mess with him.”  My precious Ivy used 10 minutes of free time they had after that meeting and she fucked him in his office. She is simply crazy about him and his authoritative personality. It turns her on and she loves to have a husband who “has balls” as she says.



He also had serious talk to Nenad because the Hotel band guitar player complained to him about Nenad’s disrespectful behaving toward him on the last rehearsal. Ivy told me how *G.P. (*guitar player) confessed that he had bad day and that he made few mistakes that frustrated Nenad who called him names and yelled at him. When Nenad admitted that he lost his nerves and insulted him, my Prince asked him:

- Will you yell at me and call me names if I make mistake on rehearsal?

Nenad: I wouldn’t like it, but, no, I will not.

Prince: Why not?

Nenad: Because you are my boss.

Prince: So, being G.P.’s boss gives you right to yell at him?

Nenad: No, but …

Prince: Nenad, listen, G.P. could be our father by age and he is in “music waters” longer then we have life years. He deserves respect ….. You misunderstood your position and authority. Being boss doesn’t give you right to misbehave toward your team members for mistakes they didn’t do willingly or purposely. I never yelled on any of you when you made mistakes. I know we all have “bad days” and we all make mistakes …. Just as you won’t yell at me and call me names if I make mistake, you shouldn’t do it to G.P. or anyone else. I want you to apologize to him and show him respect he deserves.

Ivy said that Nenad hugged G.P., shook hands, apologized and treated him with beverages in the bar. I was thrilled hearing this. Yes, my Prince keeps order and peace among team members being the model of righteous living and he knows that Nenad is a good guy who only made mistake. My Prince and Ivy will join them on rehearsal in Monday (if he will not have new accident). LOL. When we asked him how he felt finding problems when coming back to the work, he said smilingly:

- I would rather have problems on the work then being home without you and without the problems.

Yeap, my Prince loves his job and his colleagues. That makes him excellent boss and the leader as other qualities he has.




During Prince’s sick leave, my Ivy was present on our two meetings as body guard and it was very obvious how much she missed my Prince. They texted to each other when he was available. She had sad face most of the time, but her job didn’t suffer. Silent and sad Ivy turned to very loud, smiling and happy Ivy when she came home after the work. Completely different person. When we were in the need for “dose” she and I fucked in Prince’s office during the large break. We also studied hard for today’s exams. Both of us passed. Unlike me, my Ivy didn’t have a grade because it is the kind of exam you either pass or fail. I got “B+”. I have 4 more exams and I’m done with them. My Prince studied with Ivy because he knows what is important to know on the exams. I said several times and here, I say it again: I love the way they studying. It’s very romantic and cute and heart melting. Very different from their martial arts training. In the first case they are gentle, they cuddle, smooch and prattle to each other and on the second one they are like two worst enemies who try to kill each other. But, it has to be that way or sparring/fighting has no sense.



One more thing and I will conclude this diary. This morning my Prince and I had very special sex. Only two of us. We were in the need for each other although we have M/FF sex in 99% cases. None of us is jealous if being excluded from sex. We understand the need for “one on one” sex. I have it with my Ivy too, just like my Prince and Ivy have it. Standing in the front of the big mirror in our bedroom and fixing my hair after excellent sex, my Prince came behind me and he wrapped his hands around my hips kissing my neck and shoulder. I see his athletic body every day, but this is the first time I saw us together in the mirror. We are the same height (185 cm) and looking at us in the mirror I looked as tooth pick in comparison with him. His body completely covered mine. I admired his muscular firm hairless body that made me wish to fuck him again. I started to kiss his muscular arms and my Ivy “spoiled” the moment saying:

- Time to go, hornies. We have exams to bust!



Plans for the weekend? Nothing special: swimming in the sea, fucking in the sea and having kinky sex wearing our nurses’ uniforms. Have a nice weekend too, LL.





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Quick update: The guy who insulted my Fran and was forced to apologize to him, quit his work and left home. He said (quote) from Tina: "I cannot work in the hotel that has gays in management. No faggot will ever tell me what to do."


What a shame. But, maybe it's better for all of us.

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