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My Ivy ashamed me …



My wonderful mom, the woman who has a lot of life experience helped me to learn another lesson about true love. Her wise lessons and advises are golden. Wanting to know if Ivy also have “I think” in her love for Prince if he’ll become invalid, she asked her when my Prince was sitting on the balcony talking to his cousin Davor on the phone:

- I’m still terrified because of what happened to you …... Honey, may I ask you something?

Ivy: Sure, mom.

Mom: What would you do if the dog that attacked you left your hand, attacked your husband and damaged his hand so badly that he could barely use it or he couldn’t use it at all?

Without thinking and with spark in her eyes she said very determinedly to her:

- I’ll kill that fucking stinking shit!!! Pardon for my language, mom. Then I will take my husband to the hospital and if they will say that his arm is completely or heavily damaged that he can’t use it any more, I will be his hand. I’ll always be by his side helping him.

Mom: Will you still love him regardless of his disability?

Ivy: Why wouldn’t I?! Nothing will change in my love for him. Why do you ask, mom?

Mom (with tears in the eyes): I’m just curious, my dear.

Ivy: Well, now you know. I will never leave my husband and wife for whatever reason.

Then she went to him, sat in his lap, wrapped her hands around his neck and showered him with kisses and “love yous” prattling to him.

Did we doubt in her words? NOOO! My Ivy is like my Prince: They mean what they say. My mom was glad to hear that she didn’t have “I think” in her words.


When the time came for our evening routine (jogging, exercise and luvs’ martial arts training) we were forced to change it because of their injuries. So, instead of jogging on our daily route, my Ivy and I run up and down on our hill from the house to the beach (10 times) while my Prince swam in the sea for it was too hot for him to run. Since my Ivy has wounded arm, she avoided exercises that involved arms weight lifting and when my Prince and she practiced martial arts, they practiced leg technique. I let them enjoy in their wild sex after the training, but when my mom went to sleep after checking Prince’s hands and Ivy’s arm (she always kiss each of us and cuddle our faces before she withdraws into her room), we had wonderful sex. I dressed on very short black skirt, high hills leather boots and very short tight black T-shirt. When my Prince saw me he got instant erection and he was horny as rabbit it the period of mating. LOL.  We fucked sooooooo good that we all moaned in great pleasure and we all had two orgasms. Of course, Prince’s shoulders “suffered” the most for we had to bite him to reduce the sound of our orgasms. Although we tried to be quieter as much we can, my mom still heard us. When my Prince went to the kitchen to bring us juices, he saw mom sitting on the balcony in the dark, drinking tea and watching the sky. He knew that she heard us and that she couldn’t sleep because of us. He hugged her and kissing on the cheek apologized to her. She cuddled his face and kissed him on the cheek saying that all is fine and that she is glad we love each other and enjoy in each other.



Saturday morning started with the same routine as last night. My Prince enjoyed in swimming in cold water. When we were done, we were in the need for our “dose”. He fucked Ivy and me in the sea. And again, I had very good orgasm because feeling cold water and his hot body at the same time made me feel incredibly good. When we returned to our house, our parents arrived on morning coffee with us. Very soon after them, the doctor arrived and checked my Prince’s allergy and Ivy’s hand. He cleaned it and replaced the bandages. Since my luvs are injured they couldn’t go to grocery shopping so our dads and Zdenka did it. During the house cleaning my Prince received two phone calls for interventions from our business partners. Although he told them that he and Ivy are injured he started to dress for the work after the second call. My mom asked him why is he dressing for the work and he replied that the last man said they desperately need him. She was furious. She locked him in the bedroom, took his official smart phone and redialed the last number. She told to the person on the other side that he should have more compassion and understanding for ill people and that her son won’t come to the intervention. She asked him if he has kids and when the person confirmed that he has she told him that she is sure he wouldn’t ask his children to work when being injured. So, he has no right to expect her son to work in the same circumstances. Although I didn’t approve my mom’s reaction because she has no right to interfere in Prince’s work, I admired her for what she has done. Then she went to the bedroom and told my Prince to undress for he is going nowhere. She told him what she did and although my Prince also disapproved her action, he hugged her and said to her smilingly:

- Thank you, mom, but, please, don’t ever do this again. You are not permitted to answer on my business calls. Not you, not dads, not my wives unless I ask you to.

He kissed her on the cheek and said he’s going to swim because he feels hot. She is very protective when it comes to my Prince.



Anyway, my Ivy followed my Prince on the beach and I stayed with my mom helping her with lunch and putting the groceries into the kitchen cabinets when my dad, Marko and Zdenka returned from the shopping. We had a lunch together and we were all glad to see that my Prince had less need for scratching. After the lunch our parents went home and my mom, Ivy me and my Prince went to our beach. It was very warm and we brought everything for the beach plus beverages and ice cream. None of us swam in the sea, but my Prince. While he was enjoying in the water, we talked about our marriage and how my Prince and B.W. will cook together tomorrow. I was surprised that my mom didn’t insist to join them. She just said she’s glad for them and that she will go home with my dad after morning coffee. When my Prince came out of the water, my Ivy jumped on her feet, took a towel and dried his body kissing his hands covered with allergy spots saying “I love you”, my handsome one. She melted my mom and me. I’m crazy about him, but her “craziness” about him is different – I don’t know how to explain it. Although I always thought that she isn’t mature in love and that she doesn’t understand what loves means because of her wild nature, she “ashamed” me several times and proved to me that I was wrong about her. And I’m glad I was because she is more mature in “love area” than me. I’m the one who should learn from her.



After our evening routine we were in the mood of watching some movie on the net. My Prince discovered new series: “Siren”. We loved it. When the captured siren turned into the human, being naked, my Prince got erection and Ivy and I gave him hard time teasing him and laughing hard. Namely she turned into gorgeous chocolate skin girl. Oh, my, it’s simply unbelievable how chocolate skin girls makes him aroused. Well, since he had erection we used it and we fucked him good. LOL.



This morning was fantastic. Ivy and I jogged up and down our hill while my Prince swam in the sea. We fucked in the sea and this time my Ivy felt the same experience like me and she was thrilled. My Prince was “rewarded” with new long scratches on his back. When we returned home and when my mom saw his back she chased my Ivy and me all over the house with ladle calling us various names. Ivy and I laughed although it hurt a bit when she managed to hit our butts or legs. When the doctor arrived to check on Ivy’s arm and Prince’s allergy, he was very satisfied with the progress. He said she doesn’t have to have bandages any more and she can swim in the sea for there is no more risk for infection. Prince’s allergy also started to withdraw. When boss arrived with his wife, they brought the flowers for all of us and a big fruit basket for my Prince and Ivy. Our parents stayed for a while and enjoyed in coffee and fellowship and then they returned home. We thanked my mom for taking care for us. Ivy and I spent some time with our boss on the balcony talking about various things until my Ivy said to us:

- I apologize if being rude, but I miss my husband. I’m going to the kitchen and you can join me if you want.

My boss and I smiled and we went to the kitchen too. We sat at the table and my Ivy made my boss and me laugh hard saying after few minutes of watching them:
- Mrs boss …. No offense but your cooking with our husband is boring.

Prince: Ivy, honey….. behave, please.

B.W.: It’s all right, son … Ivy, would you be kind and show me how do you cook with your husband?

Prince (blushing): Oh, no, mom … you don’t want to see it. Please, no.

Boss: We do, son. Show it to us.

My Ivy grabbed me for my hand and she turned on the stereo and we had our “show”. My Prince felt uncomfortable at the beginning but very soon he relaxed. We danced, slapped each other’s asses, kissed a lot, eat some vegetables from each other mouths while boss and his wife laughed loudly. After a while B.W. interrupted us saying:

- The way you cook is very lovely and cute, but Ivy, I’m sure you understand that I can’t cook with my son the way you do. It would be inappropriate. We have our way and we like it.

Anyway, they prepared wonderful lunch for us and we had a great time together.  When they went home we cleaned the table, the kitchen and washed the dishes. Then we went to our beach and this time we all swam in the sea. It was fantastic. We played our “shark game” and Ivy and I screamed and laughed a lot. We have no plans for tonight after doing our routine. My Prince is in the mood of making new “Skyrim lessons” episode. We’ll see what we gonna do.


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20 hours ago, Jayomms said:

That's a great way took cook :classic_laugh::classic_biggrin::mrgreen::thumbsup:;)

I think you will really love to see us cooking together. It's more erotic show. ;)

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7 hours ago, EvalovesEP said:

I think you will really love to see us cooking together. It's more erotic show. ;)


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On 4/24/2018 at 6:58 PM, dharvinia said:

You diaries are amazing, I wish I had the talent to describe and put to words my life.

I'm sure you do. I would love to read your diaries. :smile:

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