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Another “can’t wait tomorrow” entry …



Unlike Saturday, Sunday was perfect day. My luvs and I enjoyed in cooking together. During the cooking they constantly kissed me, slapped my ass, grabbed my tits and filled my mouth with sweets and ate them from it. They made me soooooo horny. Well, everything has its price. When we put the cake in the oven I took them into the bedroom and we fucked like animals. We exhausted each other so much that we slept forgetting about the cake. Strong smell of burned cake woke us up. We rushed into the kitchen and it was full of smoke from the oven. The cake was carbonated. We opened the windows and we laughed hard. We made new one, only with biscuits and chocolate cream on and enjoyed in perfect fish salad with olive oil on our balcony. My Prince and Ivy washed the dishes afterwards.



Although the weather wasn’t sunshine, but cloudy, it was pretty warm. My Prince felt going swimming on our beach and my Ivy and I joined him. I didn’t swim because water was too cold for me, but my Ivy swam with him shortly. She loves doing extreme things with him. They were so cute and they melted my heart. She shook because she felt cold and she wrapped her body around his and he warmed her rubbing her body with his hands while kissing her lips and face. When she couldn’t stand in the water any more (5-6 minutes), she laid on his back holding him for his shoulders while he swam toward the shore. He stayed little bit longer (+10 minutes) enjoying in diving while I was drying up my Ivy with towels. When he came out of the water he didn’t shook at all. Unbelievable how much cold water suites him. But, he was extremely handsome. We could see every single muscle on his very developed and muscular body. I got wet just watching him. Then he did something Ivy and I thought he wouldn’t be able to do. He grabbed each of us in one arm (we sat on his upper arms) and he carried us up to the hill to the house (I have 52 kg and Ivy has 54). He made it although he panted at the end and it took him a while to catch the normal breath. We were amazed. A year of hard and disciplined exercise paid off. We rewarded him with kisses and “love you’s”.



After that we took a small break drinking juice on the balcony, sitting in Prince’s lap and smooching in between the sips. Then we went to jog, we exercised and my luvs practiced martial arts. After their wild sex we didn’t take the shower, but we filled the bath tub with various aromatic oils and enjoyed in relaxing aromas, gently cuddling each other during soaping. My Prince and I made love while Ivy was “helping” smooching with me, cuddling my breasts and fingering my ass. I had terrific orgasm. My luvs were in the mood for making new “Skyrim lessons” episode and I joined them. They made it in less than 15 minutes. Very soon after posting the entry we went to sleep.



This morning started with rain, wind and cold. But we did our morning jogging, our routine and had a good time with our parents on morning coffee. After briefing with his team we had short e.b. meeting and my Prince stayed afterwards to talk to boss about the testament. Ivy went to mister Valter’s hotel to train entertaining team. Boss looked at him all the time with a big smile. Then he said:

- My son ….. I’m very aware that this conversation is very unpleasant for you and you would rather be at some other place but here. Mmmmmm ……… Would you give me the chance to explain to you why we included you in our testament?  …. I promise to you that after this conversation my wife and I will never mention this subject again.

Prince: Yes, dad.

(short silence)

Boss: Prince …… we aren’t your biological parents and nobody could ever replace your real mother and father …… Nonetheless, you captured our hearts and we love you as you are our true son. I don’t see you as my employee, but as my son and whenever I think of you or speak about you the first thing that comes to my mind isn’t your name, but “my son” ....... mmmmmm …….. Let me correct you about your statement that our relatives have more rights on our heritage than you: they don’t! Nobody has any right on our heritage. Everything we have, we earned by our hard work, savings and investments. Nobody ever gave us anything and therefore nobody can claim the right even on the smallest needle in our house …… Our testament is fully under our control and we are the only ones who has the right to decide about its destiny. It was our free will to include my wife’s and mine relatives into the testament although they have too much ….. Prince, my son ….. you are member of our family and our heritage belong to you too …… Including you in our testament was our act of love for you …….  I’m gonna stop talking now. I will conclude my speech saying that your name will be listed in our testimony along with others. You’ll have full right to decide what would you do with your share; you can sell it, give it away or keep it. The testament is formed in the way that you’ll have 6 months after our death to decide what you want to do with your share. If you don’t sign it in that period, your share will be equally distributed among the members listed in the testament. Take your time and think about it. You don’t have to tell us about your decision at all.



My Prince was silent all the time and after boss’s speech, he stood up, thanked him, hugged him, kissed me and left the office. I think that my boss and his wife played very smart. The only difference in their individual presentation of the testament is in approach and arguing. Boss had better arguments and I think my Prince will accept the testament. Knowing him, he will not keep his share. He’ll give it to someone in the need.



His next act just approved my thoughts about what he will do with his share. I know him that much. Very soon after the meeting with the boss, the mother of “our kid” who used to call him “the good Samaritan” came to our Hotel and asked him for help. Namely, her washing machine got broken and she asked him for financial help. She said to him that although they have a good income now, they can’t buy new washing machine because they don’t have cash. They also can’t get the credit from the bank because they do not fulfill bank’s conditions. She promised to him that she will pay him back in rates. You know what my Prince did? He has a good heart but he is not a fool. He told to Fran that he will take janitor with him for some period of time. They went with her to her house and janitor took a look at the washing machine. When he said that it is too old, that it’s not worth to repair and that the parts would be the problem to get, he returned to the Hotel, took the van and went with janitor to the bank. He collected 500 Euros in Kuna from his account and bought new washing machine for her with 5 years of warranty. He also bought a candies for the kids. Our janitor installed the washing machine for her and my Prince said that she doesn’t have to pay anything to him for it is our late Easter gift to her children. He also rewarded the janitor with 200 Kuna (some 30 Euros) for assistance. This is what my Fran told me when janitor returned to the Hotel and reported to him that he’s back. My Prince went after his obligations right after dropping him to the Hotel. When I heard it, my eyes filled with tears. My precious, gorgeous and big hearted Prince. I thanked heavens for giving me such a wonderful husband. Can’t wait to see him to shower him with kisses and thank him for being so wonderful.


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3 hours ago, dharvinia said:

A good man is hard to find, but a hard man is a good find.:smile:

So true, so damn true. :smile:

My prince always says that he is lucky bastard for having Ivy and me, the TRUTH IS: WE ARE lucky bitches for having him. ;):smile:

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