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I prefer you are straight with me …



Since the day my Prince stopped reading my diaries, our quarrels about them stopped too. But, my Ivy still wants to know what I wrote and I had to translate my diaries to her because she doesn’t speak and understand English well as me and my Prince. Beside of notifying me that I missed to write down important parts of our conversation in Prince’s office she blamed me for poor and lousy explanation why she doesn’t stop teasing my Prince when she was asked to. I told her that I was in hurry to post it before the end of my work and that it simply slipped out of my mind. I also told her that I usually don’t write about everything we are doing, but the things I found amusing or interesting or important. Beside that, I have to shorten long dialogues or change them into description which makes awkward some of my statements or it changes the original meaning. We had a little disagreement about my diaries, but when she told me that I presented her as selfish and uncompassionate bitch who always must have what she wants (which was the true in the past), I realized that I should be more careful how I write about certain things that might be taken out of context and be interpreted wrongly. Decent knowledge of English grammar and so so vocabulary makes my writing harder. Now you know the obstacles I’m facing when writing my diaries in English that is not my native language.



Anyway, the point of telling you this is that things I write about doesn’t always shows the real picture of the events and due to above mentioned facts you might get wrong impression about our personalities and acts especially if you do not follow my diaries regularly. So, I’m correcting my mistake about insensitive and “I must have” Ivy saying that she will not push the things her way for any coast. She loves my Prince very much and she wouldn’t hurt him willingly. If my Prince would have told her to stop teasing him or fucking him in the public for he feels embarrassed or uncomfortable, she will stop. Since, my Prince never seriously told her to stop and they rather “played” trying to have sex in public scene, she continued, although they will fuck in the car if he would accept it. He is incredibly tolerant toward us and our naughtiness. We stopped playing our “The bet game” long time ago and we also stopped forcing sex in public because it made him uncomfortable and embarrassed most of the time and we let him initiate it when he feels he can do it. The statement that my Prince is still “easy prey” stays, for he is, but we will never turn his weakness against him against his will. We are all sex addicts and we love to fuck. For Ivy and me, being “easy prey” is his advantage, not shortcoming. I hope this cleared eventual misunderstanding in my last entry that was my fault.



Coming home after the work in Tuesday I went under the shower and my luvs and me enjoyed in our anal food sex with grapes. It was fantastic. We started to love it the same as our anal whipped cream games. LOL. The rest of the time we spent in various activities and I studied for my oral exam. Very late at night, Antonio called my Prince and said that he will send a new security guard tomorrow. He apologized to him for late notice and inconvenience saying that he had to fire problematic security guard and he said that he surely wouldn’t have any problems with any worker from his agency.



Yesterday and today were very busy for all of us and my luvs will be busy all day tomorrow. Coming to the work yesterday, my Prince was introduced to the new security guard. The whole Antonio’s security team gathered. Guy3 invited my Prince to be present on the short meeting where he explained why previous worker doesn’t work in the Hotel any more. He also went through the rules and regulations again giving them final warning that no mistake of any kind will be tolerated. He asked my Prince for authorization to discipline his teams. My Prince let him have it saying that he trusts him, but he must inform him about his disciplinary measures in written form so he can have a records of events and people. When they stayed alone my Prince asked him about replaced security guard. Guy 3 told him:

- Prince, my bro, we have no secrets toward you for you are “the family”, but, there are things you don’t want to know. Believe me, it’s better this way. You see, Antonio hates failures, indiscipline and disobedience. When his word is broken and his reputation damaged, he is very angry. He can’t let it go unpunished so the others will have respect. That’s all I can say. Sorry. You have my word that you will have no more similar or any kind of problem from my teams.

My Prince thanked him and wrote official authorization for Guy 3 about disciplinary measurements for his teams. We: Ivy, Prince and me talked about fired s.g. and we understand that he couldn’t resist the charm of the waitress, but working for Antonio (and my Prince) flirting is reserved for free time. Job mustn’t suffer for we are “in clouds” or our hormones are too active or we are hoping we would get lucky. My Prince financially punished him, but for Antonio who guaranteed 100% efficiency of his workers, his worker's act is not tolerable and forgivable.



We also had serious talk with Fran about Tibor and his behaving. We told him that we don’t understand why is he behaving like he doesn’t like us and that he often goes behind “allowed point of tolerance”. My Prince told him that we want to be his friends, but he constantly keeps us on distance. Fran said that he talked to Tibor after the last incident and he admitted that we are not people he likes to hang around although he doesn’t hate us. He simply doesn’t like us and he visited us because of Fran. So we are in kind of “vacuum” relationship with him. We said to Fran that we would try our best to build stronger friendship with Tibor because of him, but my Prince warned him that if Tibor ever crosses the line again, he will be no more welcome in our house and our company. It was hard for my Fran to hear that because he loves Tibor, but he also loves us and he doesn’t want to lose us as his friends and family. So he has very tough task to do: keep his boyfriend under control. We hope he’ll succeed.



Beside training mister Valter’s entertaining team, my luvs had body guard duties and preparation for interviews with the first “wave” of season workers that are coming in May. They were collecting all possible data about them so they will be prepared for them.

My Ivy was very cute last night. She prattled with my Prince. They always do it, but she is extra cuddlier when she’s trying to get his approval and participation in group sex since we decided to reduce it to once or twice a month. He smiled and he told her:

- Honey, I love our cuddly prattling, but when you use it to get what you want from me, I have a feeling that you are trying to “spin me around your finger” and manipulating with me ....... You know ……. I don’t like it at all. I prefer you are straight with me and say what do you want …… Is it about group sex? … (Ivy conformingly nodded her head) …… My luv, we agreed we’ll have it when you are in need for it. Just say when do you want to have it and I will arrange it. You know I love you and I will do anything for you two.

Ivy deep kissed him and she apologized for using seduction to get what she wants. She promised she will not do it again. He called Matija who texted him later that group sex is arranged at our place in Saturday at 20:00. We made very passionate love in the meantime.



Their martial arts significantly improved. Both of them are faster and their leg technique is better. But, my Ivy still can’t beat my Prince in sparring. He always blocks or avoid her strikes which makes her angry. Not at him, but on herself for she wants to be faster and better then him because she’s a warrior and it’s in her blood. They both made me laugh this morning when they practiced martial arts. They practiced high kicks and my Prince kissed her feet every time he blocked her strike and caught her leg. After forth time she smiled and said:

- I see …. All right ….. *let’s fuck. (*for those who doesn't know, my Ivy has very sensual erogenous zones on her feet that makes her very horny)

Prince (laughingly): No, honey, I don't want to fuck. I was just worshiping your perfect feet.

Ivy: Nice try, my luv but I don’t believe you …. I’ll give you something to worship!

My Prince started to laugh and run. He slipped and fell. She sat on his face and told him that she expects two orgasms. So, my Prince fucked her pussy and ass with his tongue while I was sucking and ridding his cock. And yes, since he is master in oral sex he made my Ivy cum twice and we treated ourselves with his sweet cum. I had one strong orgasm too.



My boss and I were busy too with the preparation for the meeting in Paris plus we have some international correspondences to do to. Since I didn’t have enough time to study for my Master’s college at work, I studied at home and I am ready. While I’m waiting for them to come home I used my time to write this diary.


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You don't have to explain or apologize for I am one of your regulars ;) and I'm very forgiving as well:classic_biggrin:

Ivy is like a strong Nord woman;) and proud warrior.:classic_biggrin::mrgreen::thumbsup:

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5 hours ago, Jayomms said:

You don't have to explain or apologize for I am one of your regulars ;) and I'm very forgiving as well:classic_biggrin:

Ivy is like a strong Nord woman;) and proud warrior.:classic_biggrin::mrgreen::thumbsup:

Thank you. You have been not only my faithful reader, but our loyal LL friend too. Many hugs :smile:

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16 hours ago, EvalovesEP said:

Thank you. You have been not only my faithful reader, but our loyal LL friend too. Many hugs :smile:


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