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God father



My Ivy was still too excited about becoming a mother that she tell it to Antonio over the phone. She always share the good news and the things from our life with him, because they have special relationship. The kind I have with my Fran. He visited us at home during our exercise in Tuesday afternoon. He brought two big bouquets of flowers for Ivy and me and imported, original Vodka from Russia for my Prince. When he entered into the house he firmly hugged my Prince and showered Ivy’s face with kisses. I’ve never seen him so thrilled, excited and happy before. He was smiling and he congratulated them on having baby decision. Then he said to my Prince:

- Prince, ……. my bro …… you know that I never loved any women in my life, but Ivy. And I will never love anyone else as long as I live ….. She is the first and last women in my life …… I want to thank you for making her happy and loving her in the way I would never be able to …… Ammm …… When she told me about your common decision to have a baby, it was the happiest news after your wedding. …. Bro … I have a big favor to ask you…..

Prince: Whatever I can do, I’ll do it for you, Tony.

Antonio: It will be a great honor to me and it will make me extremely happy if you and Ivy let me be a God father to your child.

My Prince and Ivy didn’t expect such request and he said to him:

- Tony, you know we aren’t church people and we …

Antonio interrupted him saying: Nooo, I’m not talking about church shit bro …. I’m talking about becoming the family. When the baby is born, we can have a special dinner in baby’s honor in which you two proclaim me as baby’s God father. I will give a public oath that from that moment I’m the member of your family who will take care of you and your baby in every sense. Our bound will be even much stronger then we have now…… The brethren will stand by you as the family now and protect you and help you in every way with no obligations in return …. what do you say?

My Ivy sat in his lap and wrapping her hands around his neck she kissed him on the cheek and said:

- Tony, this is most beautiful thing I ever heard from you since you told me you love me the first time. I will be greatly honored if you will be a God father to our child.

Antonio looked at Prince who smiled and said:

- Must confess you greatly surprised me, Tony. Of course, I would be honored too. Welcome to the family.

My friends, what I saw after that was simply unbelievable. The man big as the mountain, rough as the worst bully in the world, strong as five strong men heavily sobbed in happiness while my Ivy kissed his head. This is the first time Ivy and I saw him crying and we know him for many years. When he stopped crying and whipped his eyes, he thanked them and he hug my Prince very firmly taping his back. Then he hugged me too. We celebrated the new relationship with brand new Tennessee whiskey. After that he left. We were amazed and stunned. We continue with our exercise and my luvs practiced martial arts. After that we had very good wild sex on the floor of our living room. Took the shower afterwards and we went to sleep.



Yesterday morning started as usual. During the coffee tradition, before our parents came in visit, my Prince came up with interesting suggestion.

Prince: Luvs, what do you think if we say about our baby plans to our boss?

Me: I don’t think it’s a good idea honey.

Prince: Why?

Me: Telling the boss before our parents might insult them when they found out that he knew before them. They should know it first.

Prince: That’s true, but I think that our boss needs to know about it so he can be prepared. Since we don’t know his long term plans, telling him “too late” might mess up his plans that may involve us.

I had to admit that he was right. Ivy and I agreed that we should tell the boss. My prince melted us when he said to Ivy:

- You will be most beautiful mama in the whole world. Can’t wait to see your belly growing and to cuddle it and kiss the baby over your tummy.

My Ivy hugged him and kissed him passionately with the tears in the eyes being very happy. I joined them and I sobbed quietly too. We are both assured that he will be excellent father who will take care for us and our babies. We both were rewarded with wonderful man who truly loves us and worship us. The “funny” fact is that we didn’t deserve him and the happiness we enjoy in, and yet, here we are: loved and worshiped as every woman should be by her husband.  We love him and worship him the same.



We came to the work and after having briefing with his team, my Prince and Ivy came to my office to say a good news to my boss. When we told him about our decision about the baby, he was very happy and he smiled. He congratulated us and told us that he is looking forward to become a grandfather and that his wife will be very happy when she hears it. We asked him for discretion since we don’t want our parents to know about it until Ivy became pregnant. He promised they won’t tell them and he said that he has some news for us too, but he will tell us when the time comes. Then my luvs went to mister Valter’s hotel to do few interviews with the first set of candidates for entertainers.



When they were in the car returning home, Fran called him and asked him if he can check on one of our employees who reported sick leave but didn’t bring doctor’s approval and when Fran called his doctor, he said that our worker never showed up. So receiving his home address my luvs went to his home. But he wasn’t there. They checked nearby bars and found him in one of them sitting with his friends and having a good time. He asked him to come with him and talk to Fran. The guy started to make up various excuses, but my Prince told him to save it for Fran. They went to the Hotel and Fran talked to him. The guy sarcastically smiled at Fran making up various stories. Seeing that he disrespects Fran who had hard time to decide what to do, my Prince asked him for permission to make decision instead of him. Fran let him, and my Prince fired him immediately for lying and disrespecting his boss. Before dismissal Prince told him, if he only confessed that he made mistake laying to them and apologized, he will keep his job although he’ll be financially punished. When he left, my poor Fran sighed deeply and he said to my Prince:

- Prince, this is not a job for me. I thought I can do it, but I can’t. I’m not like you. People doesn’t respect me as they respect you … I mean .. look at me ….. Just as I start to talk they laugh at me hearing my feminine voice and for being a gay.

Prince: It's true, Fran. They don't, but not all of them. I respect you, and some other people too. ..... You took Tina to do the “dirty” work you can't do. That was a good decision.

Fran: Yes, but she isn’t authorized to discipline and to fire employees. Why don’t you give this job to her?

Prince: I can’t. I returned her to her previous job and she is on probation. Look, my friend, I want to help you. I want you to continue monitoring undisciplined workers and irregularities and still be the chief of human resources. Leave the disciplinary measurements to me. I need you because I might make wrong decision and you can help me by preventing me make them or to correct my mistakes. OK?

Fran smiled and thanked him. My Ivy told me that she was extremely trilled with Prince’s reaction. He showed him respect and he supported him. Although my Prince is Fran’s boss, he didn’t interfere in his decisions until it was necessary and if help was needed. My Ivy said to me that she learned another valuable lesson about respect and loyalty. I was very proud at my Prince too.

My Ivy “rewarded” him with excellent sex dressed in kinky and sluttish outfit he loves a lot. They were very busy with other obligations to our business partners. Small projects about security and body guard jobs.



Now, about my exam I had this morning. My luvs went to work for our business partners and I had a written exam in advanced/business French and I barely passed. I got “D”. I think that the professor was merciful to me and that I should fail the exam. I studied hard, but still, wasn’t good enough. I was good in the grammar but my vocabulary was poor and conversation, translation and discussion in French sucked. I wasn’t satisfied with myself and I went straight home to get rid of bad thoughts and bad emotions. I finished this diary. It helped me and I’m no longer sad and displeased with myself.


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Wow! It's strange right before I started reading the diary a tear ran down the right side of my face now I know why.:classic_biggrin: I had a feeling Antonio was going to be godfather as soon as I seen Godfather as title of this diaries chapter. And so I'm thinking maybe Fran would be Godfather for second child.;) It's funny that in the middle of writing this comment My God Son came to me and kissed the left side of my face. He hasn't done that in such a while and does that now of all times with the title of this chapter saying GOD FATHER....:classic_laugh: Too many signs here...:classic_biggrin::mrgreen::thumbsup:;)

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Thank you. :smile:

That was very sweet of your God son. :smile: You surely melted. ;)

I have no doubt that Antonio will adore Prince's and Ivy's baby. He will treat it as his own for he loves Ivy and my Prince.

You've right: I will ask Fran to be a God father to my baby. I'm sure he'll be delighted and happy. :smile:


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5 hours ago, EvalovesEP said:

Thank you. :smile:

That was very sweet of your God son. :smile: You surely melted. ;)

I have no doubt that Antonio will adore Prince's and Ivy's baby. He will treat it as his own for he loves Ivy and my Prince.

You've right: I will ask Fran to be a God father to my baby. I'm sure he'll be delighted and happy. :smile:



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