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The Heroine & the Legend - Collective story entry



So I wanted to clean up my story and have all parts in one entry instead of all over the place, makes for an easier read. Took me way to long to make this story so I'll give it a little justice, so here they are, parts 1-6 all here in one place for your viewing pleasure. If you don't like reading like me, sexy content is in the last part, hope you guys enjoy it.


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The Heroine & The Legend




Part 1- The Twilight Sepulcher



Following the events of "Darkness Returns" Lyanna returns from the Inner Sanctum



Sif: So how did it go? Did you return the key to the Ebonmere?



Lyanna: Yes I have returned it, it lies in the inner sanctum now where I must now guard it forever in this life and the afterlife. Sigh.. at least Nocturnal blessed me with a new ability to vanish into shadows whenever I wish.



Sif: Well that is unfortunate. I'm still mad I couldn't go in there with you, I wanted to see the inner sanctum and meet nocturnal.



Lyanna: Trust me you wouldn't, she is quite bitter and unpleasant, pleasant to look at however.



Sif: Hahaa well, I know that look, I know what you want now. Come on, hold it in and lets hurry back to the house, we can have the others join us as well, i'm sure they are going crazy, we have been gone for days.



Lyanna: They are probably screwing around right now, they have eachother to have fun with.



Lyanna: Buuuut.... why wait, how about a quickie before we head out?



Sif: Do you even need to ask? I was hoping you wouldn't make me wait until we got back.



Sif: Take me i'm yours.



Sif: Ahhnnnh, hey! Owww! take it easy not so rough! uhhnnn!



Sif:(mmm so deep) Ahn! Aahhh! that feels so good! don't stop! deeper!



Lyanna: Huuuugghhnn! Sif.....ah!...ah!...you are so tight, you are amazing.



Lyanna: Aaaahhh! ahhhh! ahh, by the nine, I love you Sif!



Sif: Uuhhhhnnn! aaaah!, mmmm I love you too, don't stop, faster!





Part 2- The Ebony Warrior



Returning home to Whiterun...



Sif and Lyanna notice and imposing warrior standing by the entrance to Breezehome.



Sif: By the gods who is that? look at the size of him, he is huge! he looks dangerous.



Lyanna: No idea, and he is no more dangerous than me, come lets see what he wants.



Ebony Warrior: So you are the one they call dragonborn? The heroine the bards sing of, destroyer of Alduin the World Eater?




Lyanna: I am indeed. And whom might you be?



Ebony Warrior: My name has been lost to the ages, you may simply call me the Ebony Warrior.



Lyanna: Very well, what can I do for you Ebony Warrior?



Ebony Warrior: I came here to challenge you to honorable combat. I have traveled all across tamriel, fighting all sorts of foes and enemies, and none have been able to best me in combat. I have lived for far longer than any mortal should. I grow weary of this life and wish to enter the next in the after life. No warrior I have ever faced has been my equal, I believe you are the one capable of giving me a sweet death, releasing me from this cursed plane of existence, so I might rest my soul in Sovngarde.



Sif: What? that is ridiculous! You want her to risk her life just to satisfy your whims, there is no benefit in this for her! Come one Lyanna lets go home, tell this guy to find someone else to fight.



Lyanna: No Sif, I can sense something about him, he was great honorable hero once, then cursed, doomed to wander this world forever, I can feel his soul cry out for release. I will help him reach his destiny.



Lyanna: Ebony Warrior, I accept your challenge.



SIf: Lyanna no! this guy can kill you. Are you willing to throw everything away? leave all of us behind? I...I won't let you go!



Lyanna: Have a little faith in me Sif. After Alduin, Harkon, and Miraak, this guy worries you? I promise I will come back, I would never abandon our lives together.



Sif: I don't think so, we are coming with you! If all this guys wants is to die, we can give it to him quicker.



Lyanna: No, there is no honor in that, he challenged me and I accepted, I must go alone.....wait for me..



Sif backed away and headed towards the house, a strong pain in her chest..




Lyanna: So where are you planning to carry out our battle?




Ebony Warrior: At the peak of the throat of the world, there lies a gate, on the other side lies Sovengarde, it is there that we would cross blades, I fear this world would not withstand the rage that will be our battle. Towns and villages may be destroyed, innocents can be caught in the middle. This way there will be nothing there that will hold us back.

Lyanna: Very well, I will meet you at the peak of the mountain.





Lyanna turns to look at Sif who was ready to burst with tears..

Lyanna: Sif wait for me here, there is no need for goodbyes, I promise you I will return, don't tell the others where I'm going, i'll be back tomorrow.OBqAzhQ.jpg



At the Gate on top of The Throat of the World..




Ebony Warrior: You are here, very well let us proceed.

Both warriors entered through the gate and their battle would soon begin.





Part 3- The Battle

Epic fight scenes.



Their battle begins in Sovngarde.



Ebony Warrior: Come Dragonborn, face me, prove that you are really the savior of Skyrim.



Lyanna: I would say the same to you, lets see if you are are strong as you look, after all size doesn't matter.



Ebony Warrior: Then let us begin, only one of us shall remain here in Sovngarde, I pray it is not you, for there are none remaining that are greater than you.



Ebony Warrior: I wish for death Dragonborn, I wish for your victory, but I will not hold back! Yyaaah!



Lyanna: And neither will I, I made a promise and I intend to keep it. Wraahh!



Their battle raged on for 3 days, neither slowing down or showing any signs of weakness or fatigue. The very land itself was wreathed in flame, burning as they clashed.



More fight screens in the spoiler









The Victor



Ebony Warrior: Huughh!



Ebony Warrior: You fight well Dragonborn, I recognize you as my equal, you are worthy to end me.



Ebony Warrior: Come on then and lets finish it, my time has come!



Ebony Warrior: Huurrgg!



Ebony Warrior: At last, release...thank...you........Dragonborn..



Exhausted, weakened from massive blood loss, drained of all energy after the fight, the Dragonborn faints and collapses to the ground. Thinking only about the promise she had made, her vision darkens and she enters a deep and dreamless sleep.

Lyanna:(is this the end for me as well? I can't feel my body.....can't....move...i'm sorry everyone)



There both warriors lie in a sea of their blood. Perhaps both are now bound to Sovngarde. Is this the end for Lyanna?







Part 4 - Regrets


4 days after Lyanna departed for the Battle.




Sif: She has been gone too long, something happened... we have to go look for her, I'm such a fool for letting her go.



Yuki: I can't believe you let her go alone! What were you thinking!?!



Fenne: Stop it Yuki! Yelling at her wont solve anything, you know damn well neither one of us would have been able to stop her.



Sif: Im sorry everyone this is all my fault.



Yuki: I'm sorry Sif, I didn't mean to yell, its just.....this isn't your fault, Fenne is right, we couldn't stop her even if we were all there.



Sif: We have to go look for her, she needs our help I can feel it!



Yuki: Your right, we have to find her. She might still be alive and she needs us. But where could they have gone?



Sif: When she was talking with that warrior I overheard them mention the Throat of the World, we should look there.



Serana: Then there is no time to waste, grab your gear and lets head out to find her.



They arrive at the Throat of the World, and no sign of Lyanna or the Ebony Warrior.



Paarthurnax: Drem yo lok! Greetings. Hmmmm...DahMaan! yes I remember... you are the Dovahkiin's companions, yes?



Sif: Yes! please! you have to help us, we think she might be in trouble, she said she was coming here, have you seen her?



Paarthurnax: She passed through the Monahven Miraad....doorway to Sovngarde with another kendov a few days ago, but I have not see anyone emerge since.



Sif: Then we have to go through the gate and find her, hurry!



Paarthurnax: Drem..patience, opening the doorway will destroy you.... Niid, you cannot pass as you are now, only a dragonborn can open the locks of that gate, the Dovahkiin in particular since she has been to Sovngarde before. But... I can sense your bond with the Dovahkiin is strong, you share her suleyk....power. There may be a way...



Paarthurnax: Go to my grah-zeymahzin, the grey beards, tell them about your urgent task, they can fortify the bonds of your sil....your souls, with the Dovahkiins, which will grant you her same ability to open the Monahven Miraad, provided she still lives on the other side.



Fenne: Master Arngeir!



Arngeir:Hmm? Yes? what is it? You look troubled, why are you not with the Dragonborn?



Sif: This is about her Master Arngeir, she passed through the Monahven Miraad with another warrior. They were planning to fight to the death, she has been gone for days....please...we have to find her, Paarthurnax said you could help us pass the gate.



Arngeir: Ah.. so you wish to undergo the same ritual as the dragonborn, Then let us begin, one of you must pass this trial, we will grant you the same power and understanding of the way of the voice we granted the dragonborn, this will allow you to pass the gate at the peak of the Monahven.



Arngeir: The ritual...can kill you, one must posses a strong will and be incorruptible to survive.



Sif: I...I will do it, I feel this is my fault for letting her go. I will risk anything for her, even my life.



Arngeir: So be it, stand before us and prepare to face the voice of the greybeards.



Sif: (Oww this hurts, it feels like my bones are going to snap, I must endure it, I have to she is depending on me)



Arngeir: You have survived the ritual, you are ready, the Monahven Miraad is open to you.




They are ready to enter the door to Sovngarde!






Part Five - Sovngarde






Yuki: We made it though! we're here. Look at this place its incredible, I feel so heavy and its hard to breathe.



Serana: I think we should split up, this place is massive and there is mist everywhere, we can cover more area that way.



Sif: (Ughh this mist is so thick, she could be right in front of me and I would't even see her)



Sif: (Lyanna please be ok)



Serana: Hey! there is fire over there. GUYS! Come quick! There is blood that leads up these steps!



Serana: Hurry! up there I see something at the top!



Sif: There she is I see her! Lyanna!



Sif: Lyanna!

Yuki: Oh no!

Serana: Gods no!

Fenne: Is she ok?



Lyanna: (coughing blood) Heh, I told you I would come back didn't I? I guess you all thought I would't keep my promise....



Sif: (Crying) You big stupid idiot! you see what happens when you do things alone and leave us behind?! sniff...sniff...



Sif: Oh gods look at you...your'e a bloody mess, you could have been killed! look at all this blood! We should have come with you, what is the point of calling us your companions if we do not accompany you?



Lyanna: Well most of it is not mine hehe, (cough....cough!) And i'm glad you didn't come with me..... you are not my companions...you are my closest friends and my lovers, if you had come with me you would all be in blood puddles of your own, and I fear you would not have survived, none of you have my stamina or endurance don't you know? I could not bear the pain of your loss, I would not survive.



Sif: (crying) Neither could we, we need each other. Hang on to me, were taking you home so you can heal, you better not die on us on the way!




Thus the Dragonborn was reunited with her friends, and they journey back to Breezehome in Whiterun.







Final Episode - Euphoria






Part 6 - Ecstacy

After her rescue in Sovngarde, Lyanna finds herself in a familiar place.




Lyanna: (Hnnn oww my head, where am I...?)



Sif: Morning sleepy head, sleep well?



Lyanna: Aah! Sif you startled me, didn't think anyone was here. Were you watching me sleep?



Sif: Of course I was you dummy, someone has to watch over you. You nearly died remember?



Sif: You have been asleep for over 30 hours, we were wondering when you were going to wake up. You feeling any better?



Lyanna: Ugh that long huh. Huurnn..my body still hurts and i'm sore all over...oww and my head is killing me.



Sif: Ooh I wouldn't worry about that for much longer, I think I hear the others bringing up your medicine.



Lyanna: Medicine? I don't need any medicine, I just need to rest a little more.



Fenne: Are you sure you don't want medicine? Its the best kind of medicine.

Yuki: It tastes real goooood! I promise you wont be able to resist once you've tried it.



Sif: I have some for you too, I think if we all gave you our medicine it will heal you right up to new again.



Lyanna: Oh by Dibella no, I don't think my body would survive anymore punishment, I can barely move as it is.



Sif: Can't move you say? Well you deserve to be punished for running off on your own and scaring us like that!



Yuki: Your'e right Sif she does deserve it, but don't consider this punishment, think of it as intensive healing, we're going to cure all your ailments, and then some.



Serana: Besides we all have "ailments" that only you can cure. We have been deprived of your "medicine" long enough.

Fenne: We have been waiting for so long! you slept for what seemed like forever, and longer still since you left for the Twilight Sepulcher. Do you mean to keep us waiting even longer? you better not hold out on us.hprqyjH.jpg


Lyanna: Well even if my body can't take it, there is no way I could refuse with all four of you standing there looking like that.



Lyanna: And if I did refuse, I am so weak and powerless right now you could just overpower me and take advantage of me, I suppose I have no choice in the matter.



Lyanna: This will be the only time you guys will be in control, after this ill be the one who will be giving it to you, so enjoy yourselves while it lasts..



Lyanna: Come.... heal me...




The four girls immediately jumped on Lyanna and pinned her down. They began to caress and lick every part of her body.

Lyanna: Aahh! ah oh gods!



Lyanna was in complete ecstasy. Every extremity of her body was being pleasured, licked and stimulated.

Yuki and Fenne relentlessly toyed with her breasts, licking their entirety, simultaneously sucking on her nipples.

Sif straddled her, rubbing her pussy on Lyanna's toned stomach, caressing in between her sexy stomach lines and abs with her labia.



Serana meanwhile attended to Lyanna's vagina, violently licking and sucking on her clitoris, rapidly penetrating her with two fingers making Lyanna squirm and moan at the top of her lungs.

Lyanna: Aaaaahhhhnnn! uhhh uhhh! Slow down all of you I can't breathe! Uuhhhnnnnn! ahh aaahh!!



With Yuki and Fenne sucking on her breasts, caressing her sides, Sif rubbing on her stomach, playing with her belly button, and Serana on her vagina, vigorously sucking and fingering her, toying with her anus, it did not take long for Lyanna to cum. She let out a loud scream as she came, soaking Serana with her cum, twitching and squirming as she continued to squirt.

Lyanna: ahh aaahh! aaahhhHHH! oh gods! AAAAAHHHHHNNNNN!!!!! AAAHH!!



Even after she came and soaked the bed with her fluids, the four continued to relentlessly attack her, licking and rubbing and sucking harder and faster as Lyanna moaned and screamed louder and louder.



They continued to pleasure her for hours, all of them soaking wet from Lyanna's intense orgasms. They kept licking her, touching her as they stroked their hands all over her body.



As Yuki and Fenne continued to pleasure her chest, they lightly caressed her sides, her neck and her head, playing with her armpits.

Sif kept rubbing on her belly, touching her hips and rubbing against her legs with her soft and firm bottom.

Serana still was pleasuring her vagina, reaching deeper and deeper with her fingers. She then took her entire hand and penetrated her with it, making a fist inside her and pumping in and out relentlessly, all while her mouth and tongue were still ravishing her clitoris. Making Lyanna cum once more, screaming and the top of her lungs.



Lyanna was at her limit. At the verge of passing out, she could feel she was drained of all bodily fluids. It has been less than three hours since they started, but they made Lyanna have an orgasm over 50 times. Her body was now less sore and she felt some strength returning as the girls continued to ravish her body.

Sif: What do you think guys? I think shes had enough, she looks ready to pass out.

Yuki: NNNnnnnnnnmph, I think your right, she is soaking wet, we gave it to her good.





Part 6.5 - Love Reprisal


Lyanna: Aahhh ahhh! ahh! I'm going to pay you guys back for that. Your little healing session restored some of my energy, and now its my turn!


Lyanna: Get ready to taste my other Nightingale power! Uunnhh!

A small glittering light hovered right above her vagina, Lyanna groaned as a penis burst out and grew larger and larger.





Serana: Uh oh!

Yuki: Oooh crap, were in for it now.

Sif: By Dibella it wont stop growing! its much bigger than the first time you used that thing on me.



Lyanna lets out a soul-shattering gaze, paralyzing the girls. She tosses them up on the bed and makes them assume the position....



Lyanna: My my, what a beautiful sight. Four of the most perfect asses in all of skyrim are right here in front of me inviting me in, ready to receive my love. Hmmm so who shall it be?....



Lyanna: I guess I will start with you Sif! You seem the most ready.



Lyanna: Uuugghhhnn you are squeezing so tight!

Sif: Aaaahhhh! Lyanna! have mercy please! its too big! Aaahhhnnn!



Sif was moaning and screaming at the top of her lungs, unable to resist Lyanna, who pounded her relentlessly for over an hour. She had never felt this good, Lyanna made her cum over and over again. Once she felt she had had enough she moved over to the her next lover.

Lyanna: Looks like your next Yuki! Huuunnhh!! ohhh! your amazingly tight as well!



Yuki instinctively arched her back and let out a loud moan as Lyanna penetrated her, reaching her farthest depth, stretching her out as far as she could.

Yuki: Kyaaah! aahnn! oh my gods! oh baby you are so deep! uhnn it hurts!



After she had made Yuki cum all over her and felt satisfied, she moved on over to Serana, who was twitching with anticipation.

Serana: Ah! yes! right there! hhnnnnn! don't stop, faster!



And at last she got to Fenne, who was desperately crying out for forgiveness.

Fenne: Lyanna please! it was all their idea, I didn't want to do that to you! please no! AaaaahhhhhH! hhaannnn!

Lyanna did not let her finish pleading for mercy, she forced her entire length inside her, making her cum almost immediately.



Lyanna: Oh come on now Fenne, I thought you wanted my medicine. Quit your squirming, you cant conceal your pleasure, you know you love it, just like the others.



Aftre hours of intense pounding, Lyanna felt she had payed them back for what they did to her. She watched them as they lay on the bed, panting heavily and trying to catch their breath.

Lyanna: So...Looks like you four have had enough. You were right, I do love this medicine, I cant get enough of it.



Sif: Huff huff haa haa, that was so intense, so much for us being the ones in control. Oh gods my body wont stop tingling, I still feel you inside me.

Yuki: At least that makes us even now, we sure as hell not ever going to do that to you again.



Fenne: Yeah that does make us even, so how about me cut the rough stuff and make love like we used to, slow and passionate.



Sif immediately jumps on Yuki and pins her down.

Sif: Yes! finally! I have been wanting you Yuki so bad for a long time now, I don't think we have been together since I met you guys.



The others made love immediately as well, Lyanna climbed on top of Serana and penetrated her, as Fenne licked her ass.

Yuki: aaaah! Calm down Sif, not so rough, were supposed to take it slow remember? i'm still recovering after what Lyanna did to me.



Lyanna could not resist coming over to them, lured over by Sif and her erotic position as she lay over Yuki.

Lyanna: Oh gods amazing, you two look so good like that, I cannot resist! Ahhhhnnn!



Yuki: Ah! Sif your moaning so loudly, it must feel amazing. Your body is convulsing so much.



Sif: Yes! ahhh! it feels uhnnn! so good! im losing my mind aaahhhn!



Lyanna: Oh gods Sif you are amazing too! i'm about to cum! Aaaahhh! aaaaahhhnnnn!!



Fenne: Looks like those three over there are having fun!

Serana: Shut up and kiss me!



They all continued to make love for hour after hour after hour, their minds and bodies lost, entwined within each other.


after hour......3Kax4ee.jpgkmlmZPT.jpg

after hour...CFft8WF.jpgdF1pMtm.jpgorWnTqH.jpg

after hour...9CLMriu.jpguoGoP3t.jpgU2LNPOX.jpgTlnRBUw.jpg

until dawn came.




Final part - Their own Paradise



9 Hours later....



Sif: So Lyanna, you never got the chance to tell us, what happened to you in the fight against the Ebony Warrior? How did you get so beat up.



Lyanna: It was quite the battle, one I will never forget, Alduin was nothing compared to that fight. We clashed for days, our swords crashing into one another, neither of us backing off or slowing down no matter how many times we cut each other.Z3Xk8Hr.jpg


Lyanna: The land was on fire, our shouts would quake the earth, and the ground was painted red with our blood. In the end, I simply outlasted him, I had more stamina thus I was able cut him and pierce his heart. As he faded.... he thanked me, then his soul slipped into Sovngarde. And I collapsed next to him, my vision darkened and the last thing I could see was all of you, thinking about what I had told you before I passed out. Turns out I had just enough more stamina than him to barely achieve victory. But in the end, everything turned out well, he got what he wanted, he rests in Sovngarde now, and I got what I wanted, to be surrounded by all of you in my bed.



Sif: Woooow! I wish I could have been there, well maybe not haha! but I wish I could have seen it at least, it sounds like an incredible battle. I wish I had your endurance, I could take on anything!



Lyanna: Speaking of endurance, i'm not sure I feel entirely healed up to 100% yet......the others are passed out already so its just you and me.



Lyanna: Come here you! keep healing me!



Sif: AAAaaaahhhh! are you kidding me! You are still not satisfied after all we just did to you?!? Oh gods no!!! not again! Aaaaahhnnnn!



Lyanna: I told you I was going to pay you back for what you guys did to me, the others passed out already so I guess you need a little more until you are set!

Sif: Huunnnhhh! so big....Aah! please not so hard!



Lyanna: Besides that whole thing was probably your idea! Just think of this as stamina training so you can last as long as me, not punishment.

Sif: Kyaaahhh! uhnnn! gods you are so deep! so much for us being the ones who punish YOU! Aaahhhnnnn! you jerk!



Fenne: (whispering) Oh gods those two are still going at it, I can't believe it. You think Lyanna would have had enough after what we did to her.

Yuki: (whispering) Shhhhhh! shut up Fenne.....Sif looks like she is about to break, once she passes out Lyanna is going to attack US if she knows were awake. Pretend to be asleep! don't move an inch.



Serana: Holy Sanguine, Lyanna is still giving it to Sif...poor girl. I better not move a muscle or she will kill me.... literally, I don't think I can take another pounding. I should get up and run for it.........no...no way I could out run her. Ill just sit here and hope she doesn't notice i'm awake.







Thanks for reading!





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