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Quick and Crazy Character Creation #3



this is essentially an improvement of the first character i made, couldnt get any really good pictures with her though

no in racemenu pictures cause i started a new game (old one had lots of bloat from testing mods for screenshots) so i couldnt take screenshots from racemenu with better free camera yet. now that i've got everything set up i'll probably take some more pictures soon


im looking for inspiration so i just took a few pictures with her too.

i just went to a random alternate start place for these and ran around for a few minutes lol. included one scenery picture.

i have found that ridiculous proportions (in the thousands) at high weight and negative flat small ones at low weights means more flexibility, so i can easily get more variety in my bodies as seen here (as i dont really like using in game race menu morphs) I wish there was a way to make hips just wider without making it look weird, currently i have to make the waist smaller to achieve the look of wide hips. the preset still needs changes
i normally dont go with proportions this big but i was testing so i settled lol, hope you hyper fans like it :smile:

i also forgot to apply expressions but for some reason it doesnt seem like she really needs them (mostly)

it seems weird that i havent posted a real screenshot dump in awhile but im enjoying character creation (one of my favorite things to do in any game) and
i find more enjoyment in taking screenshots than i have in playing

you probably didnt read all that








thanks for readin, criticism always welcome 


i said i would use freckle next multiple blog posts ago... so now i'll do it for real next post lol, sorry.



when im done with all this practice i'll switch fonts to comic sans cause i love it


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