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“Take off your socks and shoes!”



It is very interesting how fast Prince’s wisdom in solving the problems as boss’s second assistant and human resources manager was put on the test. The thing that I like a lot in his professionalism is that if there is a need for him to intervene, he’ll react immediately regardless of being on vacation or having the day off. Ivy and I learned a lot from today’s incident and therefore, this diary can’t wait Monday to be posted. :)




When we finished with jogging, exercise and martial arts training, our parents came to see us and they brought various domestic groceries, fruits and vegetables. When Marko took a big thick carrot and said:
- Nada, do you think……
She pinched him hard for his arm saying:
- I know what you wanted to say, old pervert.
Marko rubbed hurt place and said:
- You got me all wrong. I wanted to ask you if this carrot is enough for the soup for three of them or they’ll need more.
Yea, Marko, sureeeee. Haha. We all know what you wanted to say. We all blasted in laughter while my mom looked at him very sharply. They stayed with us some more time and then they went home. We fucked and after taking shower, we decided to spend the night in watching “American horror story”, the latest episode and “Thor – Ragnarok” online. We loved both; the show and the movie although the movie was cam version. This time my Ivy didn’t privatize my Prince. She let us take our sleeping position and I melted laying in his lap and feeling his arm around my neck. He rarely has erection when we sleep in our position, but he had it this time. I knew what he likes and I made few moves pressing my ass against his cock. When he started to breath heavier and when he placed his hand on my tits cuddling them, I removed my pants and took his hot big erected cock and slid it into my ass. My god, his cock was very hot. I had a feeling that it lightly burns my bowels. But I loved it. I didn’t let him move but I was moving up and down on his cock until I could get it all in. He was playing with my nipples and sucked my tongue and lips moaning in pleasure. Although I didn’t have orgasm (being very close to it), I enjoyed very much in anal sex. When my Prince filled my ass with his hot cum my whole body was warmer too. We thought that Ivy was sleeping, but she didn’t. She waited his orgasm so she can have his tasty cum. Selfish long legged slut didn’t share a single drop with me. I punished her with biting her ass when she was returning to her side of the bed. She just giggled and said: Love you, Princess.


When we woke up in the morning, we went jogging and we returned home. My luvs practiced martial arts and decided to go to gym later. So, while they practiced martial arts, I exercised alone. Then I joined them in wild sex under the shower. We had a great time having morning coffee. Marko and Zdenka arrived and joined us. My luvs spend some time with us and before they went to the Hotel gym, they kissed us and said they will do the grocery shopping afterwards. Marko said that Zdenka and he will do it instead of them since they also need to buy some things. They asked me if I want to joined them and I accepted. When Prince and Ivy left, Marko went home and he returned with his car. We went to the shopping. My parents came to our house and after they called me they said they will wait for us. My mom and dad cleaned our house in detail while waiting for us.


After the shopping we returned home and I thanked them for taking me to the shopping and I also thanked to my parents for cleaning the house. My mom and Zdenka decided to make the lunch for us while I was talking to my dad and Marko. I don’t know why my luvs didn’t come home. They were already absent for 4 hours. I started to miss them and I called them. Ivy told me that they had situation in the Hotel and that everything is under control and they will be home soon. My folks left home and very soon after their departure, my Prince and Ivy arrived. I ran toward them and I showered them with kisses. They did the same to me.


Then we sat in the living room and I sat in Prince’s lap wrapping my hands around his neck. I told them that I was worried after hearing they had the situation. My Prince asked me:
- Do you want the short version or the long one?
Me: I want to hear all, honey.
Prince: All right ………… Ivy and arrived at the gym and we started to exercise. We loved all those machines. We assisted to each other and when we finished, we took the shower and made love under the shower.
Ivy: I was glad I could scream loud when had orgasm since nobody could hear me. Hahaha.
Me: I’m glad for you, honey.
Prince: We dressed up and we were ready to go home when Fran’s substitute told me he was about to call me since they have situation. He told me what happened. One old lady had the coffee in the bar and when her cell phone rang she went to the lobby to talk. Then she went to her room and she remembered that she forgot her purse and that she didn’t pay for the coffee. When she returned to the bar, the chief of the shift gave her the purse saying that she forgot it and that one of the waiters took it and placed it behind the bar until she returns. She thanked him, opened her wallet to pay for the coffee and then she said that she is robbed. Someone took 200 hundred Kuna bill from her wallet. The chief called the security who investigated the waiter who took the purse and the guests. Everyone said that the waiter took her purse. He searched the waiter, his cabinet and the places behind the bar, but couldn’t find the money. The lady said she’ll call the police and she will press the charge against the Hotel. They hardly calmed her to not to do it promising that we will return her money as soon as possible. I asked him to call her at the reception and I called the security guard who investigated the “robbery”. When they both came to my office they told me the same story as Fran’s substitute. I asked the lady: “Pardon me ma'am but how can I know you are telling the truth?” She said: “My dear, young man, I wouldn’t stay in such expensive hotel if I couldn’t afford it. I had no reason to make up this story. I was robbed and that’s the only true.” I gave her 200 Kuna from my pocket and I apologized to her for the incident. I told her that she can have 2 more free drinks on my account in the bar as the compensation. I asked her to not to press the charge against us and that the thief will be punished. She thanked me and said that she will not sue us since she got her money back. When she left I asked the security guard to bring the waiter who found the purse into my office.
Ivy (thrilled). Princess, you’ve got hear this…… (to Prince): Honey, let me continue.
My Prince smiled and let her continue the story.


Ivy: When he brought him in the office, Prince asked the security guard to leave us alone and he offered the waiter to sit. He looked at him for few moments and then he said:
- I want you to take off your shoes and socks.
The waiter was confused and he said:
- I’m sorry … I don’t understand.
Ivy: Prince told him very sharply: “Take off your shoes and your socks”. The waiter was very red in face but he listened to him. He took off his shoes and socks and Prince took them and he searched both: shoes and socks. He found wrapped 200 Kuna bill in the bottom of his sock. I was shocked and thrilled with what I saw. It was amazing.
Me (to Prince): How did you know it was him and that he hid it in there, honey?
Prince: I know that guy and how he behaves when all is normal. When he entered into my office and sat on the chair he behaved weird like he was trying to hide something and he had that “guilty” expression on his face. He avoided to look at me in the face ….. As for the socks, I’ll explain it to you later. Let me finish the story ……… So, the waiter couldn’t look at me and he was extremely red in his face. Then he started to beg me: “Please, sir, don’t fire me! Pleeeaseeee!.” I told him that I will not fire him if he gives me a good reason why he did it.
The waiter said that he and his family are in financial crises and they didn’t have anything to eat. He needed the money to buy groceries.
Prince: I asked him: “Did your boss read the rules and regulations yesterday and did he said that you can talk to me if you have problems?”
Waiter: Yes, sir, he did.
Prince: Why didn’t you do it then?
Waiter: I didn’t know that you meant about having financial problems. I thought you meant about having, you know, social, family and other kind of problems.
Prince: OK. I can accept it.
Prince (to me): Then I returned him his shoes and socks and after washing my hands I told him: “I want you to take us to your home.” He was like: “Now?” I said: “Now.” Before we went to his home I stopped at the bar and I told his chief that I have some business with his waiter but I will return him after I’m done. I told him that the old lady has two drinks on me. He confirmed and said that all is fine.


Prince: He gave me directions to his home and when we arrived, I met his parents and his brother. They were surprised to see him and when he introduced me and Ivy as his boss and my assistant, they were very worried that he is in trouble. I told them that they don’t have to be worried and that as his boss I wanted to meet them. They apologized for being unable to offer us with anything but plain water. I thanked them and I said to the waiter: “Would you be kind to show me your house?” I gave the eye sign to Ivy to keep talking to his parents and his brother while he showed me the rooms. They weren’t very poor, not like “our kid’s” family but they were poor. His parents have pensions and his brother is unemployed. When he showed me pantry and the refrigerator, both places were completely empty. He wasn’t lying. I thanked his parents for hospitality and we returned to the car. Then we went to a big grocery store nearby and Ivy and I bought supplies for him for the whole month. He couldn’t believe what we were doing.


Prince: When we parked by his house I told him: “Call your brother to help you bring the supplies to your house and be quick. Then return to the car for we have to talk more.” So, he did it. When they unloaded all from the trunk, he returned to the car and I drove us to nearby park. We sat on the bench and I told him: “Listen, I’m very sorry for your situation, but it doesn’t excuse you from what you did. I was hungry too, many times, but I never thought of stealing ….. You damaged Hotel’s reputation and we are lucky that the lady didn’t press the charge against us. You deserve momentarily dismissal.” He interrupted me begging him to not to fire him. I told him that I will not fire him because he didn’t lie about his financial situation, but, as the disciplinary measurement, I will reduce his wage for 30% this month and that he has to work overtime. I also told him that if he steals one *lipa (*smallest coin value in our country) again, he will be dismissed immediately and I will write very bad critics in his working book which will make it hard for him to get a new job. I told him that if he has financial problems again, he should come to me and tell me about it and we’ll find the way to help him. He thanked me and he promised he will not steal again. Then I drove him back to the bar and he continued to work. I told his boss that he will work overtime this month and I told him to make a new working schedule for him. Then you called.


I was very thrilled with his good heart, wisdom and reaction. I showered his face with kisses and Ivy joined me. She said:
- Honey, isn’t he the best?! I was amazed too. If I was in his place, I would dismiss the waiter the very moment I discover he stole the money. I learned a new lesson again.
Me: I agree. People sometimes do wrong things out of desperation and I’m glad my Prince check his story first and gave him another chance.
Me (to Prince): Tell me, how did you know that he hid the money in his sock?
Prince: I didn’t know. I suspected.
Me: How?
Prince: Haha. I heard many stories from my father when he was in orphanage. Once a month they got a small allowance. It was equivalent value to American 50 cents. The older boys always searched them and took the money from them. So, some of them hid the money in the bottom of the sock and they even slept with socks on so they wouldn’t be robbed by older boys. It is strange how nobody ever searched that place. So, since the money couldn’t be found among waiter’s things and in his cabinet, I assumed that he probably hid it in the socks.
Me: Poor kids. I feel sorry for your dad and others…. Tell, me what would you do if you didn’t find the money and if the waiter didn’t steal the money? What if the thief was someone else who saw the purse?
Prince: I will gather all the waiters and their boss and I will give them 15 minutes to find the thief and report him/her to me. If they don’t find the thief, I will reduce their wage for 30% plus, I will take off 200 Kuna from their wages. Equally divided and return to the lady. I know it's too radical, but such act will force them to watch on each other more carefully and will not allow similar incident to happen ever again.
Me: Wooow. Very wise, my love …… Tell me, what would you do if the old lady lied about stolen money?
Prince: I would try to pursue her to apologize to our stuff. If she wouldn’t, I will call the police and press the charge against her for false accusation for I will not tolerate attack on our stuff. Then I will drive her out of Hotel and forbid her to come ever again. But, if the waiter lied about his financial situation, I will dismiss him immediately without the wage.


Hearing this I got extremely horny. He knocked me off of my feet. Nobody ever did what my Prince did in the history of our Hotel. He really cares for our employees and he is very wise. I took him and Ivy for hands and I lead them to the bedroom and I fucked them like crazy. I didn’t let them go before I have two orgasms. It didn’t take it long since I was extremely horny. Then my luvs took the nap and I took the shower and called my boss and told him whole story over the phone for I knew my Prince wouldn’t like me to praise him in his presence. Hearing what he has done my boss and his wife said numerous compliments and praises about him. He said that he will discreetly compensate the money which my angels spent for groceries for the waiter. He told me that they are waiting for us to come in the morning for his wife can’t wait to cook with him.


After the conversation with him, I laid beside my Prince. I gently kissed his back and neck worshiping him and thanking all known and unknown gods for giving him to me as my husband. I felt enormous love for him. Promoting my Prince was the wisest and best move that my boss did after coming from the States for my Prince is the great leader and excellent manager. I don’t care about his “Hulk syndrome”, I don’t care about him being different from others, I don’t care for he is unorthodox and he hates to do some things that are normal to most of us. I love him just as he is: good in heart, the best husband, true friend, marvelous boss, the man who is crazy about my Ivy and me and so on and so on.



P.S. I promise, I will post no more diaries before Friday. Have a great weekend LL.


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