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We are friends, but …



Our parents arrived before the catering with dishes and beverages. We told them in short what happened. They were all very happy for us and they congratulated to my Prince who was still in “between heaven and earth.” He looked rather worried than happy. I understand his feelings. He has highly developed sense for responsibility and he was afraid that he will fail.



I hugged him and kissed him saying that he’ll do fine and he has nothing to worry about. Marko slapped him on the back saying:
- Heeeey, soooon, cheer up! You aren’t going on electric chair. You’ve been promoted. Aren’t you happy for you will get a car and 300 euro raise?!
Ivy: Dad, you know very well that Prince doesn’t care about money and material things. He worries that he might not do his job well. Please, don’t make harder for him.
My mom was extremely proud at my Prince. Hearing that I will get the Master (MSc) title after graduation, Marko started to tease me:
- If you think that I will address you with Master Eva, you’re wrong. The only title I admit and accept from you is “Mother of my grandchildren”.
We all laughed hard.
Marko. By the way, where are your gifts?
I showed him two bags and he started to dig it through like a child expecting to find something that will make him happy. We all laughed watching him. When he found something that he didn’t like he said: “This is a garbage. Nada it’s for you.” My mom had enough of him and although we said that everyone can take anything they like; she was hard on him criticizing him for being immature and uncultured. She took away the bags from him and carried to our bedroom. But my Prince told her that it is OK and they really can take whatever they like since we got plenty of various things. So, we put all the gifts on the table and each of us took something we like. Ivy got new white short coat in this time the sleeves were long enough.


Boss also brought some books and video materials about child upbringing in bisexual and multi parents’ home. Zdenka took the materials and she said that since she knows English she will watch it and read it and will pass her knowledge to my mom and our dads. When the catering arrived we had excellent feast. Marko wanted to get drunk but Zdenka didn’t let him have more than two beers. Of course that my dad and him wanted to make drunk my Prince, but he had only one whiskey during the toast. We had a great time with them. When they left we cleaned all and washed the dishes but we ate to much so we didn’t go jogging and we didn’t exercise. We took the shower and went to the bed being extremely happy. I didn’t resent Ivy for ”privatizing” my Prince for I know how much she was thrilled being more with him. After taking their sleeping position and exchanging a lot of kisses and “love you’s”, we slept.


When we woke up in Thursday morning we continue with our routine; jogging, exercise, martial arts training, wild sex and coffee tradition with Prince’s cream. This morning Zdenka and Marko didn’t come to visit us. I believe they wanted to give us some privacy. When we came to work, we had a coffee with my boss in our office while we waited for Fran who starts to work at 9:00. My Prince held short briefing with his security team. When Fran arrived we had executive board meeting. Then the boss told us about the plans and projects:
- First, starting from next summer seasons we’d have more American guests and we have to adopt everything we can to their needs.
- Second, since we signed 12 new partnership contracts and collected certain amount of money (70 000 USD) for the hotel renovation, new equipment, some furniture, improved video security and communication, advertisement, my master’s college education and buying one wan for the Hotel. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the Mister “XXX” paid my two semesters from his own pocket. (If all goes well, I should be graduating before we start to work on our babies).
- Third, we will continue to have a short Croatian course for our guests (American were especially interested in this) and Fran will be in charge to find the person who will do it.
- Fourth, we will expand our menu in the restaurant and the drinks menu in the bar.
- Fifth, my Prince, beside present obligations will be in charge for hiring season workers. He has to get as more information he can about season worker who’ll come.
- Sixt, my Prince and Ivy and his security team will get Bluetooth earphones with microphone for quicker and better communication that will be linked to our central server which also will be upgraded.
My boss also presented some other projects and we accepted them all. He, again, reminded my Prince and Ivy about finding their permanent replacements. Then he told me to make a new contract for my Prince with job description and obligations and duties. Fran will organize gathering of all workers and department bosses in the conference room today during the big break so he can tell the news to our workers about Prince’s new role and status in our Hotel.


After one hour of meeting, he dismissed them and he continued to review the past month business and started to work on the plan for the new projects. I finished the new contract for Prince and I wrote the permission of using Hotel’s car in business and private purposes. When my Prince signed it, my boss thanked him and hugged him saying that he fully trusts him and that he shouldn’t be worried. Then he and Ivy went to the accounting office and confirmed his new contract. After that, he received car keys and the papers for new one-year-old black Opel Corsa car.


Ivy’s team was very sad hearing that she and my Prince won’t be directly involved in the making the projects with them. Although there are very good members of their team, Ivy couldn’t choose any of them as her replacement. It has to be a person with music skills (singing, playing one instrument) good leader, team worker and good organizer. Until they hire a professional, Lidija will be in charge of the team. Ivy told them that if any of them wants to talk and have any need, they are free to come to Prince’s office. When we all gathered into the conference room, boss talked about plans and projects and after that he introduced my Prince’s new position, he emphasized again that his word and decisions are equal and powerful as his. He said that Prince is in charge for everything they need and that he is their boss. He also told them that if any boss has a problem with their workers and opposite, they will talk to Prince only. None of them are allowed to make any decision without previous consultation with him. He encouraged them to give their best in work since diligent and good workers will be financially rewarded for their good work. But, he also said that if anyone will have complaint about Prince’s work and decisions, they may complain to the executive board. Almost all workers applauded to my Prince and congratulated him on his promotion. Boss told him that he made him very happy for accepting this job and that he is expecting us and our parents in Sunday, 13:00 sharp at his house for the lunch, but my Prince has to come earlier for boss’s wife is eager to cook with him again.


After all of this my Prince looked rather worried than happy. Again, I understand him because I felt the same when being promoted into boss’s assistant. I thought that I’m not competent for that job and that I will mostly screw up. I did few mistakes but it’s the part of the job learning. My Prince is too critical about himself and he hardly handles his failures. That worries him. When we were alone I told him that I’m sure he’ll do a great job and if he fails, boss, my Ivy and I will stand by him and we will support him. My words helped him to be less worried and tensed.


Before we went home, my Prince told Fran to organize short meeting with department bosses tomorrow at 9:00 in his office. He wants to clarify some things and inform them about his way of work and his expectations from them. When we finished with work, I felt very unusual to drive home alone since my Prince and Ivy drove in his new official car. I missed my luvs and our cuddling and smooching. I felt little bit sad. But when we arrived home I told them about my feeling. They said that they will take turns in driving to the work or from the work with me. So, I wouldn’t be alone. Ivy will drive with me or I will drive with my Prince. It has to be that way since my Prince is only one authorized to drive that car. I was very happy to hear it. Yes, we always find solution for we love each other and care for each other.


Then my Prince went on Google and found one of his father’s assistant from the guitar school and arranged the meeting with him tomorrow. Ivy called Antonio and told him about the great news and he was very happy to hear it. He congratulated him on promotion.


Then we went jogging and we exercised. After martial arts training and wild sex with us, my Prince was finally more relaxed and totally freed from the fear of his new position. The rest of the evening we spent in our bed enjoying in each other. My Prince melted us both when said that he surely would reject the new job if we didn’t support him and believe in him. He said how much our love for him means to him. He thanked us for loving him as he is and he said that he loves us, his crazy kinky witches. We slept after exchanging many kisses being very happy and content.


(* I wrote the next paragraphs in detail to show you how organized is my Prince and why he rightly deserved promotion into boss’s second assistant. Unlike me and Ivy, he didn’t go to college. He didn’t have the money even if he would like to go. He only finished high school for photographer, but his organizational skills and leadership he “inherited” from his father who had great influence on him.)


Friday morning was very cold. But we didn’t skip our morning routine. When going to the work, Ivy drove our car and my Prince drove me in official car. I gave him the blowjob. We both enjoyed. When I came to the work, my boss treated me with the coffee and told me to contact the master’s college for my further education. I searched the web and since there are several master’s colleges in hospitality I found one that is quite chip and good. Although the master’s degree semester already started I managed to inscribe in and register for the 2017/2018. The master’s college for hotel management is only two semesters college. I received the list of the books for studying, papers assignments to write and the dates of exams by mail. I ordered the books via mail and I gave them my address for delivery. All I have to do in Monday is to send them two pictures and copies of some documents (ID, citizenship certificate, diploma from previous college and few other documents).


My Prince seriously took his new responsibility (as always in everything he does). He had his meeting with bosses from Hotel departments and he told them about his expectations and the way he wants them to work: in discipline and order. He was serious but he spoke in friendly tone because he knows them. They already know his working ethics (example: season workers) but he emphasized again that he will not tolerate unjustified delays on the work, harassing and molesting their workers, insulting them and calling them names and forcing them to work over their limits. Going into the guests’ rooms during the working hours is strictly forbidden. He also said that every worker who is working overtime will be paid for the extra working hours. He told them to keep the records of the ones who work good and hard and who deserves bonus at the end of the month. He also wanted to protect them from bad workers saying that they must report every troublemaker, lazy worker, undisciplined worker and any incident. He requested them to make the list of the workers with whom they are displeased and he will talk to them. Thieves, drinking on the work and coming drunken on the work will be severely punished. They will be warned only once and will be punished with 30% cut off from their salary. If they do it again, they will be fired immediately. He told them that he will check if they follow his rules and they would never know when it will be and who will check them. He also said that they must give the sick leave to those who are sick and if someone needs the day off for doing important private business have to get the paid day off. He wrote those and other rules and regulations and he printed for them. They are obligated to read it to their workers. Before he dismisses them, he told them that if they have problems in private life and if they need to talk they can always come to his office. If he is unavailable or unreachable they should leave the message to Fran or his substitute and he will answer promptly. He treated them with beverages from the bar. Before he dismissed them he said to them:
- We are friends, but on the work, there must be discipline and order. Nobody is above Hotel rules. Nor me, nor my wives. The day we screw up, we will resign. You have my word on this.
Guy 3 was very thrilled with Prince’s speech and (re)organization of the work and he complimented his wisdom saying that he is the right person for this job. He is, indeed. My Ivy and I were very proud at him. He assigned Tina to form the small teams (two persons) who will make revision of current equipment in departments and make the list of the things that have to be replaced with new ones or to buy those that they need.


Then he met with his father’s assistant from guitar school in the Hotel bar. The man is over 45 years old and at the beginning, he wasn’t willing to accept the job. He argued that he is educated musician and very good guitarist but he thinks he has no teaching skills. My Prince encouraged him saying that his father chose him as his assistant with the reason and he heard him teaching when his father wasn’t able to do it. He told him that he did a great job and that he’ll be fine. Hearing these arguments and the sum he’s gonna get, he accepted the job. Beside telling him about the way he should treat his students; with respect and without insults (similar rules as with bosses of Hotel departments), my Prince had only one condition; he has to teach them from his father’s scripts since he and two professional musicians from the States worked 5 years on this program which showed excellent results. He made copies of his father’s scripts and gave it to him. He also brought him to Fran to sign the contract, showed him where is the guitar room, gave him the copy of the key and made him sign reception of 9 guitars under his care. The new course will start this Monday. When my Prince reported what he has done to my boss, he smiled and said:
- I had no doubt in you, my son. You have it in you and I’m sure you’ll do your job spotlessly as always.
Then he hugged him and said: Mistakes will happen, my son, because nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes …. Don’t let your failures make you feel bad and depress you. Learn from them. You always have me and your views who will help you and lift you up.
Ivy and I confirmed boss’s words kissing him. He thanked us.


My Prince also contacted the person in charge for gym and he got the copy of the keys so that he and Ivy can come whenever they want and exercise/fuck alone. LOL. The gym has showers and cabinets and therefore they will exercise only once at home.


Fran sent the applications for 5 new workers to Employment bureau and we expect to have first interviews next week. My Prince, Fran and Ivy will be in interview board. Also, upgrading our server and communications via Bluetooth web will start in Monday. My boss and I are still looking for the best offer for Hotel renovation and the new furniture for some rooms. We worked till 14:00 after which I’m officially on vacation for 2 weeks. My Ivy drove me home. I enjoyed smooching with her and cuddling while waiting for the green light on intersections.


When we came home I wrote this diary before we go jogging and do other things we always do.



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I agree with Boss ;) You are on your way to a secure future with this job and it will be good for your children to have their parents with such good jobs so they could have the same or more opportunities for work when they are old enough to work. ;)

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I agree with Boss ;) You are on your way to a secure future with this job and it will be good for your children to have their parents with such good jobs so they could have the same or more opportunities for work when they are old enough to work. ;)


None of us ever had such marvelous boss as this one. The best boss on the world. We are all thrilled with him for he is good, not only to us with whom he has special relationship, but with all others although he keeps professional level with other workers. We are very lucky. You've right when said that our jobs can provide good opportunity to our kids one day. I don't want them to live in poverty and misery like I lived and like many others who still live without basic things.


I just hop that I will be a true model of the good father to our kids as my father was to me and that they will be "spared" from "Hulk syndrome". :)

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I agree with Boss ;) You are on your way to a secure future with this job and it will be good for your children to have their parents with such good jobs so they could have the same or more opportunities for work when they are old enough to work. ;)


Thank you. Sharing my Prince's comment since i helped him to write it. But, although he wish our future kids without his "Hulk syndrome", I dare to say I wouldn't mind if they have it. Why? Because although it's two blades sword, it can be of a good use if he teaches them to keep under control which I'm sure he would. :).

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