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Charismatic leader and frighten little boy



New working week came with new tasks, problems, but some good things happened too. I started to miss my boss very much in the office. Thank god, he’ll be back on the first of November.



Let’s start with the events on the work. Beside daily obligations I had two small meetings. One was with our V.I.P. client and the second one was with two business partner. The meetings went well. I also invited Fran and Tina in my office and had a coffee with them. I wanted to show to Tina that I noticed her change and I wanted to compliment her good work. She was glad I did it. I encouraged her to continue with the good work and after her trail period we will extend the contract with her.


Now about the problems on the work. The first problem started in Monday around the lunch time in the restaurant. One of the guests from Germany brought her dog pet into the restaurant and placed it on the table and she shared her food with the dog who ate from the plate. Well, our Hotel is “pet friendly” hotel and as such it allows bringing small pets in the restaurant and the bar since it brings extra income (30% more on standard price) and pet owners who are using our facilities, pays additional money whenever they bringing their pets into any of them. Well, some of the guests didn’t like the dog sitting on the table and eating from the dish. They complained to the chief of the restaurant. He asked her to move the dog from the table but the lady refused. He called security guard who removed the dog from the table and put it on the floor. The “pet lady” was upset and she demanded to talk with the person in charge complaining that she has been harassed. So, he contacted Guy 3 who called my Prince saying what happened and he reminded him that they didn’t receive the instructions what to do in “pets cases”. My Prince didn’t write any rules about pets since we never had a problem like this before or it wasn’t reported. When he heard what happened, my Prince was very upset. If anything pisses him off, beside bullies, is the dog and cat at/on the table near food and/or in/on the bed. But, he showed real professionalism. I believe that if he wanted, he, as the human resources and stuff manager and the chief of security with fully autonomy in decision making could make the rule that pets are forbidden in the restaurant and the bar, but he, no matter how much hating pets in the restaurant and in the bar, didn’t do it. He tried to satisfied both parties: pet owners and pet opponents. Therefore, he dressed in his official suite and when he did it, Ivy “raped” him. She couldn’t resist not to fuck him and Prince’s: “No, Ivy”, “Stop it”, or “We’ll be late” didn’t help him. (I laughed hard when I heard it.)


When he and Ivy arrived at the Hotel, they went straight to the “pet lady” and the chief of the restaurant. He translated for my Prince for he doesn't speak german and the lady doesn't speak English and Croatian.. After introducing himself and appealing on her solidarity with other guests who doesn’t like to see the dog pet sitting on the table especially eating from the dish my Prince asked to stop doing it. When that didn’t help, he said to Ivy to take the lady and the dog into his office and wait for him. When they did it, he talked to the chief of the restaurant. He told him to put two tables in most “hidden” place in the restaurant outside the sight of other guests and to put the sign “Guests with pets” above the tables. He told him that they are allowed to sit only at those two tables. The pets aren’t allowed to sit on the tables and eat and drink from the plates and glasses, but to sit in their owner’s lap or on the chair covered with plastic protection for they might poop and pee our chairs. He said that if any pet owner brakes this rules he/she has to be driven away from the restaurant. If the dog’s barking will upset guests, the dog owner has to leave the restaurant immediately together with his dog. The chief of the restaurant liked his idea and he immediately started to work on space rearrangement. Then my Prince went to the bar and did the same thing. After that he came to his office and talked to the “pet lady”. Prince invited Tina to help with translation. He told her about the changes and if she doesn’t accept them unconditionally she will be forbidden to come to the restaurant with the pet. The “pet lady” protested but when my Prince explained to her that we are the hotel for humans not for animals and that we have to be sensitive to 99% guests without pets who sees it disgusting and unhygienic, and that he will forbid pets in the restaurant if he is forced to, she accepted. When she left, he came to Fran and asked him to print the new “pet rules” and to distribute it among the chiefs of the restaurant and the bar. He also called the Guy 3 and informed him about it. I was very proud at my Prince who found excellent solution looking for the benefits of the Hotel and ignoring his personal attitude about the pets. When he and Ivy showed themselves in my office, I got very horny seeing him in his suite. I took 15 minutes’ break, went with him in his office and fucked him. This time I kept only the shirt and the ty on him because I didn’t want to mess up his suite.


The second problem we had was with high school student who was sent by the school to practical work in the bar as the waiter. He had authority issues. His supervisor reported him to my Prince although he didn’t need to do it. He didn’t want to be mean to the kid and he trusted my Prince that he will “fix” the kid. So, my Prince talked to him in his office. The kid complained that he was forced to do the worst jobs: cleaning ash trays, washing glasses, sweeping floors and cleaning the tables. He said that he came to learn to be the waiter, not the cleaner. My Prince approached to him very friendly. He said he understands his frustrations, but it doesn't give him right to disobey the orders and argue with his boss in the front of the guests refusing to work. He explained to him that knowing his supervisor, it wasn’t because he had something against him and that all newcomers did the same jobs at the beginning. He warned him that in his working booklet he has 10 topics to satisfy and that all of 10 has to be positive. One of them is subordination and discipline. He reminded him that his boss can write very bad observations and give him bad grade in his booklet. That means that he will have to work all summer to correct those grades. He asked him politely to behave and he treated him with the beverage from the bar. He promised to him that he will talk to his chief about this issues. The kid thanked him and after promising that he will not cause any more troubles, he returned to the work. My Prince kept the promise and he talked to his supervisor and asked him to give the kid more of serving drinks and taking orders. My Prince asked him to do that as the favor to him. He didn’t command him to do it for he respects him and he didn’t want to interfere with his job. The man said that he’ll do it. I was very, very thrilled how my Prince solved the second problem too. He really has charisma and he is very skilled communicator and the manager. That’s why my boss gave him open hands and that’s why people likes him.


My luvs came every day for one hour to train Ivy’s team for Halloween party. They were very cute yesterday. They dressed similar, synchronized colors and since my Prince has a long hair now he tightened his hair in pony tail just like the witcher and Ivy had it too like Ciri. I liked their appearance; my two blond gorgeous angels. I’m crazy about them.


Anyhow, we didn’t miss our morning and evening joggings and exercises as my luvs didn’t miss their martial arts training. Last night they practiced leg technique and high kicks. They put more time in working on leg technique lately because it was their weakest side. My Prince couldn’t resist to not to give a hard time to her. When she kicked him, he blocked and he grabbed her leg and kissed it few times. She laughed and said:
- You started again! Didn’t you?! You know what will follow if you continue?!
The next time when she kicked him he kneeled and bit her for her snatch. She ouched and holding herself for pussy she screamed:
- You are sooooo dead!!!!
She started to chase him and she caught him very soon because he couldn’t run fast how hard he was laughing. She overpowered him and stripping her panties she sat on his face and said:
- Now, you gonna lick her and eat her until she heals.
And she rode his tongue very hard until she came in his mouth. I used the opportunity to first suck him and then ride him until I came too. Then Ivy and I enjoyed in his hot sweet cum loaded straight down to our throats.


After the shower we went to the bedroom and we looked for some good movie or series on Online. We found the “From dusk till dawn” season 2 show and we started to watch. The girl who played the master vampire was very hot and my Ivy was thrilled with her. She said that we look like sisters and she kissed me saying:
- My beautiful Santanico!!!
Me: What?!
Ivy. Dance for us, Santanico!
I started to laugh but my Prince found the theme song on Youtube and I had to dance naked for them. My Ivy got very horny and she stood up from the bed and we, unplanned, had erotic dance with smooching for my Prince. He was very aroused and had a big erection. My Ivy licked me and fucked me with her fingers until she made me cum in her mouth. Then we both fucked Prince until we all came again. It was wonderful. We had no strength to take the shower how tired we were. We took our position and my luvs said:
- Love you, Santanico.
I giggled and said:
- What about Princess? Am I not your Princess anymore?
Ivy: of course you are! Our gorgeous Princess Santanico.


In private life, we had no issues. Our parents visited us every day and we had a great time with them. I was very surprised with the news that Ivy told me when they visited me to fulfill my need for “dose” today. After quick sex in Prince’s office during the short break my Ivy told me how my Prince behaved when they visited the dentist this morning. No, they didn’t have teeth problems. It was regular and ordinary checking. We all have almost perfect teeth because we care what we eat and we always brush our teeth (2-3 times a day). My Ivy told me that he was very nervous and scared and he wanted to leave few times but she didn’t let him. The dentist discovered some minor problems with Prince’s tooth, some white teeth stone and she wanted to clean it. Just as the measure of precaution, she wanted to give him anesthetic. When my Prince saw the needle, he was very scared and he stood up from the chair and said that he can’t do it. My Ivy said that she couldn’t believe how frighten he was. She didn’t tease him, but felt sorry for him. So, she managed to talk him to return to the chair saying that she will be with him all the time. The dentist didn’t give him the anesthetic and she cleaned his tooth without it. My Prince tightly held Ivy’s hand all the time and he was sweating and shaking. She said he was very cute. He looked like a little frighten boy. When she asked him afterwards why was he so scared he said:
- It’s not the pain I’m afraid of. I was always afraid of the dentists and the smell of the medications paralysis me. My father was always with me when we had to come for regular teeth checking and he always encouraged me. But it didn’t help. I tried to ran away few times but he stopped me, just like you ….. I would rather fight bared handed with 5 fully armed bullies than sit on that chair again.
No doubt he would. He is brave and crazy to fight with bunch of bullies and yet, he is very afraid of dentists. No weapons, blades, knives, bats scare him as one tiny needle. Isn’t it ironically?
We both encouraged him to continue to go to the dentist saying that one of us will always be with him and that it is only once a year. When my Ivy teased him that she will tell it to her dad, Marko, Prince begged her to not to do it promising to do all kind of things that Ivy likes. He knew that Marko and most probably my dad too will give him hard time and he wanted to avoid it. We laughed very hard. She kissed him and said she won’t tell him.


Indeed, we all have our fears and sometimes some people who aren’t afraid of one thing cannot understand those who does. I’m afraid of big dogs, snakes, spiders and rats. My Ivy is afraid only of snakes and my Prince the dentists. Those fears shows that we are only humans and that nobody is perfect. For Ivy and me, my Prince is a super hero regardless of being frighten little boy who is afraid of dentists not matter how funny that might sound to some of you.


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