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Character sheet: Gwynolda



Character sheet: Gwynolda














I. Basic infos




Name: Gwynolda, her name is breton origin, usual female name in the kingdowns of Highrock, her name was given by the temple to her


Gender: Female


Race: Breton, generally bretons has mixed blood of nede and elven, but its not rare when lot of blood flowl in one.


Born: 4th Era 176 in the city of Markarth


Age: 21(During her story), 25(At the start of Skyrim)


Birthsign: Lord, she was born under the sign of lord, she inherited the powers of the sign like anyone else who born under, Gwynolda naturally resistances are higher and her blood unique, giving her higher healing rate than average.


Living place: She live in Temple of Dibella, in the capital of the Reach, Markarth.


Occupation: She is member and initiate of the temple of Dibella.




II. Physical Apperance and shape












She is young woman in her early 20s years, she is described by the other as beautiful. Her eyes have very strong green color, suggesting her strong elven heritage. Her look is effected by her elven blood. Her natual hair color is brown.








One could say she is blessed by Dibella herself, she is gifted naturally both beauty and body, the sisters often looked jealously to Gwynolda due her natural beauty. She is pretty good physical shape too, however she is not strong physically she quite average on that.










III. Personality, Alignment, Sexuality and preferences, Culture


















Gwynolda is a good natured person, she is generally caring, she tries help anyone who need, however she dislike when people mean and bad to her. She is very discipled and follows the teaching of the temple. She is quite rebellious and rude sometimes and pretty hateful towards anything what she despises. She generally not smile too much and rare show when she is happy. Gwynolda likes nature and creations of Kynareth. She likes being remain her natural form, naked, she took this trait after her initation.












Lawful, Gwynolda follows the law of the Nine Divine and act accordingly to it. She also obeys the law of the Empire and will not break neither the Imperial and the Divines law.








Sexuality and preferences:
















Gwynolda is bisexual, she engage both gender, but she prefers women more, she found them more beautiful and likes worship them. Gwynolda took usually submissive role in sex, she is the one who getting and pleasures orally her partner, mainly because most of her partners had much more experience than her and older than her, she get used to take submissive role. She favors licking, kissing and mainly use her tongue instead her hand to pleasure, she likes mutual pleasuring acts too. She is intrigued by the Swords, but currently they are new thing for her, she is open to it, but not too experienced. She refuses to anything what Dibella forbid.




















While Gwynolda considers herself one of the reachmens, natives of the Reach, she was raised by the culture of the Empire. She follows the imperial pantheon and their culture, despite this she is know well the culture of the reachmen and tries wear their warpaint and appear more closely the ones who live in the city.










IV: Combat skills & Magical skills










The Temple of the Dibella do not leave its priestesses defense less, they are well trained to protect themselves and fight and same applies to Gwynolda










Combat skills:


Gwynolda is well trained in martial arts and blunt weapons, mainly maces. She was trained to fight unarmed combat like many other priestess of the temple. Her fighting style revolves around her magic and enchantments, she use her magic and martial skills together.












Magical skills:


Gwynolda born naturally talented in the arts of arcane, she is trained well and able to use Alteration, Destruction, Restoration, Illusion schools of magic. She is more defensive with her magic in battle, generally using offensive magic at last resort. Her destruction magic is mainly about ligthning to drain her enemy magicka and frost to impale them, she is usually likes using cloaks spells too.










V: Biography, Religion




















I was born not long before the so called "Markath Incident", I was just an infant during the event. My parents was reachmens and both were killed during the incident, father got mistaken by a reachmen warrior, mother was protecting me. The Stormcloaks did not hesitate to kill any innocents during the incident, unarmed man? A woman who tried anything protect her child? If they did then I wouldn't be orphan, both of them was brutally murdered, they not even showed mercy to myself. Disguisted by the slaughter the Mother of the Temple tried stopped the event, she took me from there and yelled at them to stop this nonsense. Of course the petty militia did forsake the Divines long ago and only worshipped the forbidden one they killed her with cold blood. The slaughter was only stopped when the " Grear Hero" yelled his nonsense and the Thalmor arrived. I was taken by the Temple of Dibella after the event.




At least this is what they telled me when I asked them how I got in the temple. Aside of the nordic sources, everything else support this story, even the Thalmor. I trust the sisters more.




I was raised by the Temple of Dibella, I can't say I was loved member of it. The New mother, Hamal always disliked me and tried to make my life worser there. I did not care it too much, she was just an overused nordic bitch nothing more. My life was there mostly learning, magic, history, lore, combat and that was only changed when I was initated at 20 age by Sister Jeanne. After that the true worship of Lady Dibella started. I always tried to get Jeanne attention and spend time with her, well it can't be helped, even we worshipped together and did the Dibellan arts, she did not payed to much attention to me, ignored me sometimes.


Gwynolda about her life














Gwynolda follows the Imperial pantheon, she worship the Nine Divines. Her matron is lady Dibella, she is the one Gwynolda worship the most and follow her teachings more than the other Divines. She is known well the Old Gods of the Reachmens, however she not follow them nor care about them too much. She refusing to worship anyting other than the Aedras.








VI: Factions, Hobbies




















Markarth: While the city is her home and she lives here, she have mixed feelings to it, she dislike their treatment to her and her people and dislike the current regime.




Stormcloaks: She hates them withouth question.




Forsworn: She is not really likes them, while she is reachmen and understand their goasl, she dislike their tribal and primal ways and not fan of the war. She feels closer to the reachmens in Markarth than the tribal ones.


Temple of Dibella: She hates the Mother of the Temple and dislike the current leadership.


















Naked in nature












Gwynolda usually likes walking around naked in nature and bath in rivers if the climate allows, she don't mind the dirt like the other sisters, she thinks its natural. When she do this, she feel refreshed, she feels free from the bloody stone walls of Markarth. It is a relaxing thing for her, its helps her forget shitty side of Markarth.












Reading lore and history










Gwynolda has a scholar side, she generally likes reading from literature, history and lore of Tamriel. She was well educated in the temple, but she liked increase her knowledge during when she was educated by the sisters, in the end she liked enough to do in her freetime while she in the temple. She likes research too.










Dibellan arts










As one of the main way of worshipping Dibella in her temple, Gwynolda greatly enjoyes doing her arts especially with ones she love. In the end she get pleasure, joy, love and worship Dibella the same time its perfect for Gwynolda.


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A character sheet ! Me likes, me approves. The structure of the sheet, in particular. :D


Malicia : « You forgot the part about the outfits, yes. :ph34r: But not the one about research, so it's alright. » :D

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A character sheet ! Me likes, me approves. The structure of the sheet, in particular. :D


Malicia : « You forgot the part about the outfits, yes. :ph34r: But not the one about research, so it's alright. » :D


Thank you :).


I took a bit of inspiration of your well developed big character sheets :), and I felt Gwynolda need one and bigger than my usual sheets, they kind of short well expection of Carandial's one.


Well I plant this longer, but still it do its job.


Malicia there is not too much speaking of her clothing, she pretty much wears the same like the members of the temples. 

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Is that me, or does her skin tone recall a bit of the aldmers ? You mentioned she has a strong elven heritage, maybe it's part of it ? henri_gaud-belin_HFR.gif

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Is that me, or does her skin tone recall a bit of the aldmers ? You mentioned she has a strong elven heritage, maybe it's part of it ? henri_gaud-belin_HFR.gif


Pretty sure that just the lightning, but If it does, it was not intentional :).

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