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Is it always bad thing when plans fail?



Did I say we’ll watch movies and have a lot of sex and game playing, reading posts on LL during the weekend? I was veeery wrong. We barely had time for ourselves.



Since we didn’t have executive board meeting in Friday, I called Fran and asked him if we can have executive board meeting at our place tomorrow afternoon. I told him he may come with Tibor. He said they’ll come. Very soon after that Davor and Sandra called and asked if they may sleep over in Saturday. They want to watch “Blade runner 2049” in 4DX sound and picture. The town they live in doesn’t have CineStar movie theater. They both like SF. We told them they may come.


Saturday morning started routine: jogging, exercising, martial arts, wild sex, coffee tradition.
Must tell you this one: Realizing that their leg technique is weak, my angels decided to improve it. Beside other stretching exercises they used this one: they would place one leg on each other shoulder and they tried to keep balance or to move synchronized. My Prince started to kiss her toes and uncle. It turned on my Ivy but she didn’t want to admit it. She told him pretending to be angry:
- Honeeey, will you stop doing it? We are exercising for god’s sake!
When they switched legs, he started again.
Ivy: Kiss my leg one more time and I’m gonna fuck you so hard that your cock will end up in your brain.
Prince didn’t do anything first few seconds and then he kissed her leg.
Ivy (shouting): You’re dead!!!!
He started to laugh and ran around while she tried to catch him. They both yield for my help, but I didn’t want to interfere. Not at the beginning. While my Ivy spoke many dirty things laughing hard too, Prince was running around calling her horny crazy witch and similar! Then I decided to take Ivy’s side and I helped her to catch him. After all, he was the guilty one and he started. We dragged him into the bedroom and Ivy was literary bouncing and jumping on his cock while I held his hands. He laughed calling me the traitor. My Ivy had strong orgasm but she didn’t let my Prince to cum. She said that justice is done and she went to the bathroom. I continued to fuck with my Prince but more gently. We both had excellent orgasms cumming into each other’s mouth. Now we know what we’ll do next time when she goes to sleep. My Prince and I plot together. J


After the shower, just as we talked about Saturday grocery shopping Marko and Zdenka came to our house for the coffee after long morning walk. Zdenka forced him to take long walks every morning and evening saying that it was doctor’s order who told him that long slow-fast walks is good for the heart. We had a good laugh listening his complain about it and about Zdenka. He called her female Nazi, sadist, heartless monster and other names. Marko isn’t sport type of person. He is hard worker but for him, sport only exist on TV in the form of soccer. We are soccer nation indeed; 99% of people watching and/or playing soccer. Anyway, they didn’t stay long.


When they left we decided that all of us will go in grocery shopping. My Prince is even more crazy about being together all the time after Friday’s “dog incident” although we are always together and we love to be. You should see her; she sat in his lap and she purred like a kitten. I knew what she wanted. She tried to charm him to make him fuck her in the grocery store. Well, my Prince still isn’t thrilled with sex in public, but as I said to someone on LL, he’s doing it because of us. It’s not his thing. He also had a feeling why she is so cuddly and I’m sure I saw a little “fear” on his face, but he didn’t say a word. He rarely says no to us about anything; quoting him: “You two are my Achilles heel. My greatest weakness.” Therefore, I decided to spare him from “torturing”. I asked him to drive while I was sitting on the back seat and smooching with my Ivy. I quietly asked her to not to seduce him and have a sex with him. She didn’t like my plea at first, but she accepted very soon. So, we behaved in the big grocery store. We only kissed and hold our hands in Prince’s back jeans pockets cuddling and squeezing his ass while he was pushing the stroller. He has very good ass. Firm and round proportional to his hips. You can tell that exercise does its job; not only on him, but on us as well. Ivy and I had sporty bodies before, but since we swum a lot during the summer and now jogging and exercising, our bodies were more shaped and muscular. We know how much my Prince loves our sporty skinny bodies and we are giving our best to look the way he likes us to be.


When we returned home, we started to make the lunch for Davor and Sandra kissing all the time and touching each other. When they arrived Sandra made us all laugh. She hugged and deep kissed my Prince and after some time of smooching with him she “Ahhhhhhhhhhhed”. Then she said:
- I’ve been waiting for this for weeks. I filled my batteries now and all is back to normal.
They brought us some Istrian domestic vine and olive oil. During the lunch they told us that they reserved the tickets to us too saying they wants us to go to the CineStar with them. We thanked them but we told them that we have executive board meeting and I have to work on preparations for the major meeting in Wednesday. My Prince added even if we could go with them, he wouldn’t. He saw the trailer (he learned to not to trust trailers) and he read some comments about the movie on some famous movie sites. Great number of people said that it’s unnecessary long and boring most of the time. He doesn’t like to risk going to the movie and be disappointed. He is kind of the person who will leave the movie if he doesn’t like it and he has his “measures” that need to be satisfied when watching movie. Naïve and illogical scenes make him “angry”. So, we politely rejected their offer. Sandra made us laugh again saying:
- How can you do this to me, Prince?! I planned to smooch with you during the movie show. Gee, you have no solidarity at all.
My Prince wanted to answer to her (I don’t know what he wanted to say), but Ivy was faster and she told her:
- First of all: you can give a blowjob to Davor.
Sandra: In the movie theater????!!!! You must be crazy!!!
Ivy: That’s what Princess and I will do to Prince if we would go to the movies. …….. And second, you can only dream that we would let you to smooch with our husband. When we will be done with him, we’ll probably fuck you and Davor.
Sandra was very shocked although she knew how crazy Ivy and I are and she had her eyes and mouth wide open. We all laughed very hard looking at her face.
Sandra (blushing): Then I’m glad you guys aren’t going with us. I’ll die in shame if you’d do that.


During washing dishes and cleaning the table, my mom and dad arrived. She brought Prince’s favorite cake saying:
- We missed you having the lunch with us, children therefore I baked the cake for my son.
She, off course hugged him and kissed him several times first and then she kissed all of us.
We had a good time together talking about various things eating mom’s delicious cake. We couldn’t wait for them to go home. We needed our “dose”. My mom and dad went to visit Marko and Zdenka and Davor and Sandra went to the CinerStar. We took a quick shower and we went to our bedroom and we fucked until Ivy and I had 2 orgasms. We showered again and Fran and Tibor arrived. While we had a e.b. meeting in the kitchen, Tibor was watching TV. We didn’t have a long meeting. Half an hour and then they left. After that we had our jogging, exercise and Ivy and Prince had martial arts training. I was preparing for the “Winter season” meeting in Wednesday.


Davor and Sandra returned from the cinema during their wild sex under the shower. Davor laughed hearing Ivy’s loud moaning and dirty talking during the sex while Sandra was “confused”; she didn’t know how to react. She was uncomfortable but she also like it. Anyhow, they were thrilled with the movie confessing that it was boring at some parts but overall all impression was good. We offered them supper but they thanked us and rejected saying that they had hamburgers on the way home. Before they retreated into their room, she deep kissed my Prince, smiled and went to the bed.


This morning, after doing all we use to do every morning, I opened my business laptop and I saw the mail from my boss that we’ll have video chat at 8:00 our time. Davor and Sandra woke up in the meantime and they took the shower. My boss is already two weeks in the States and he is very thrilled. He told us that all is going very well so far and that we will have some Hotel renovations when he comes back (He collected some money). Mister “XXX” signed the contract after his lawyer approved it. He is our first business partner overseas. He also said to my Prince that there will be a major reorganization of the projects and that he has big plans with him.


Davor and Sandra were about to leave when Marko and Zdenka came to our place again. Sandra didn’t smooch with my Prince since she didn’t know how they would react. They thanked us for hospitality and they returned home. My Prince offered Ivy’s parents to stay with us on lunch. They gladly accepted. My Prince didn’t let us help him cooking, but Zdenka didn’t listen to him. She said she never cooked with him and she was determined to do it. Marko “warned” my Prince to keep his fingers away from her and his “car parked in the garage”. My Prince blushed and he asked him to not to makes jokes like that. Marko ignored him and he called my dad and said:
- And to you too, whatever you wanted to say to me you rotten corpse. Listen buddy, our children invite you and that ugly blabbing goat of yours you call your wife to have a lunch with us at their house.
Ivy and I died laughing. Marko loves my mom as friend but he simply must tease her. Then he started to “provoke” me and Ivy about the grandchildren. He “instructed” her what to do to be the pregnant first. Then he said he is just joking and that he would love mine and Prince’s baby the same as Ivy’s and his. He invited us to seat in his lap and he kissed us on cheek saying that he loves us. When he heard the door unlocking her rushed to hide into the guest room and he peeked through the door.
Mom (pretending to be angry): Where is that no-good-at-all spoiled old child?
Ivy pointed her finger to the guest room and we laughed listening their “insults”. Then she kissed Ivy and me and asked about Prince.
Marko: He’s in the kitchen with my wife touching her tooshie.
That was mistake because my mom slapped him very good and she went to the kitchen. We laughed because Marko will never learn to not to joke like this on the front of my mom or he is masochist who enjoys to be punished. You can never be sure with him; he’s a hidden pervert. LOL.
We offered beverages to our dads and they watched TV. Since Ivy and I was in the need for “dose” we went to our bedroom and we fucked using our toys. Then my Ivy joined them while I was working on my preparations for the meeting. Since it was very warm sunshine day, we had a lunch on the balcony. My dad and Marko set the table and chairs.


When lunch was ready we enjoyed in the taste of roasted turkey and sweet potatoes and other vegetables and sauces. Of course, my Ivy, Prince and I ate the way as we always do; sitting in his lap and feeding each other exchanging kisses. When my Prince complimented my moms’ and Zdenka’s cooking saying that he learned a lot from them, Marko said:
- It will be a shame if you didn’t. They must be very experienced in their age in (then he looked at my mom who pointed the fork toward him and he said) ….. cooking.
We all laughed very hard. After the lunch, my mom and Zdenka forced Marko and my dad to wash dishes while Ivy and I cleaned the table. We had a good time talking during the coffee and cake and they thanked us for inviting them to have a lunch with us. When they left, we went to our bedroom and slept being very tired. We had good hour and half of napping.


Before we went jogging I asked them to let me finish this diary since we gonna be busy all evening, but not with the things we planned to do, but the things we have to do. They waited for me smooching in the living room and cuddling. We had very busy and crowded weekend. All our plans about playing Skyrim, watching movies and Sims 4 sex animations, enjoying in Mistress/master sex game failed. Ruined plans doesn’t have to be necessarily bad and we do not regret that our plans failed. We had a great time with Davor and Sandra and our parents. Ivy and I ran away from them for years, keeping them on distance, and now we run to each other to make up all missed years. That’s why we are glad that our plains failed. Having our parents back in our lives is priceless.



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