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Meeting Prince’s ex, Marina



My Prince’s hand recovered and beside obtaining his regular duties in the Hotel, he and Ivy practiced a lot. He taught her 2 new rhythms and they picked some new dance moves. My boss taught me some more business “tricks & tips” and he is very satisfied with my progress. Next week he will be absent for three days and I will run the Hotel business.



Being on the coffee break with Fran in Monday, he invited us to come to his place to see how he settled in our apartment. We promised we’ll come tomorrow after the work and we will drive him home. Every day is hotter and hotter and my Prince is more nervous and sleep less. Now he barely sleeps 1 hour a day. How does he manage through the day and not collapse and where he draws his energy from, I have no idea. He doesn’t use any substances but he eats a tones of fruits and he drinks 10 liters of plain water a day.


Anyhow, our bond became stronger after the lunch with our parents in Sunday, especially Ivy’s and Prince’s. More they spend the time together, more they are addicted to each other. This is another phenomenon about us. Usually people are getting “tired” being constantly together after a while and they need some time of separation, but not us. My Prince and Ivy have more time together since they work in the same team and she is his assistant, but they looking for every single opportunity to be together when something separates them. When three of us come home together after the work, we also do together everything we can and we kiss and cuddle and fuck as we haven’t seen each other for days.


We waited for Fran to finish his shift in Tuesday (today) and we drop him to villa. Now, here is interesting thing; my Prince is very neat person and he is different from most of man when it comes to personal hygiene and cleaning. He never throws his clothes around the house (except when we are horny and we can’t wait to fuck), he changes it daily and his wardrobe is neatly organized. But, Fran!!! Fran is even “worst”. He is more “cleaned” than three of us and he keeps his living place top cleaned and neat. We were very thrilled with how he rearranged our apartment in villa. Amazing. He’s naturally gifted for arranging his living space.


When we entered into our/his apartment my Prince asked him if he has cold water in the fridge. Fran said that he has 1.5 L of mineral water and while we were drinking ice tea my Prince emptied the whole bottle without taking the break. We were amazed. When he drank it all he burped very long and very loud and we all laughed hard. He apologized to Fran for emptying his mineral water and he promised he’ll buy him two bottles. We also told him what happened in Saturday and Sunday and my Fran was shocked. He couldn't believe that my mom turned against my Prince. When he heard that all went well thanks to my Ivy who shouted at them and swore and kicked them out from our place, he was glad that all ended well.


After that we all took a swim in the sea and fucked. Before we returned home, we took a shower and Fran begged us to go with him to the nearest café for he wanted to treat us with the drink. Before we went there we stopped in small grocery store and my Prince bought two bottles of 1.5 L mineral water he promised to Fran. Since he drank so much water he constantly needed to pee and he couldn’t wait to come to that café and to pee. Just as we entered he looked for the WC and rushed to pee. Fran, Ivy and me find a nice table and we sat.


We ordered big orange juices and we waited for my Prince. Then in one moment I saw the girl that looked very familiar to me but I couldn’t “place” her from where do I know her. Then suddenly I realized who she is. I grabbed my Ivy’s hand and I said very excitingly:
- OH…. MY…. GOOOOOOD!!!!!! It is her!!!
Ivy: What, who?! What are you talking about, Princess?
Me: You see that long dark hair girl over there with that guy?
Ivy looked at her and said: Yes, I do. What about her?
Me: That’s Prince’s ex!!!!!!!
Ivy: NOOOOOOO! It can’t be! Are you sure?
Me: 100%. I knew I know her from somewhere. Then I remembered her from the Prince’s pictures with her and his father.
Ivy: Well, fuck me!!! Hahahahaha……. Unbelievable! Can’t wait to see Prince’s face when he spots her.


When my Prince returned he sat in between Ivy and me and he ordered large glass of mineral water with lots of lemon and ice. Then I smiled and told him:
- Honey, look over there. Do you recognize that girl?
I was very surprised when my Prince calmly said after spotting her:
- Yes, that’s my ex and her ex. She left me because of him. They are together now. So, what about her?
Ivy shocked: “WHAT ABOUT HER?!” – aren’t you sad, angry, surprised, glad, fucking whatever…… You loved her, for goodness sake! How can you calmly say: “What about her?”
Prince: We dated, I loved her, she left me, I suffered, I get her over, end of the story.
My Fran, Ivy and I were shocked. Usually people have some kind of emotions when they see their ex’s, pleasant or unpleasant, but my Prince was completely indifferent toward her.
Me: Did you love her as you love me and Ivy?
Prince: No. Not even close I love you two.
We melted and we kissed him.
Me: You know, I think it will be nice of you to go over there and say “Hi” to her.
Prince: Why would I do that?! We aren’t in contact anymore and we are strangers now.
Ivy: I would like to meet her.
Prince: Why?
Ivy: I want to know what kind of person she is.
Me: Me too….. Honey, introduce us to her…. Pleaseeeeeeee?
Prince: Are you sure you want that?
I kissed him and said: Oh, yeaaaaaa.
Prince: OK. As you wish.


We walked to their table and when we stood near them, my Prince said:
- Hi, Marina.
She looked at him and she was very surprised and felt little bit uncomfortable. She looked at her boyfriend and then us.
Prince: Marina, let me introduced….
I stretched my hand toward her and I smilingly said:
- Hi, I’m Eva, Prince’s wife. Nice to meet you.
She was surprised hearing it and she was definitely shocked when Ivy shook her hand too and said:
- And I’m Ivy, also Prince’s wife.
They both stood and she said:
- Nice to meet you too, this is my fiancée, Darko.
Darko shook our hand with us and my Prince and I said to them:
- Listen, I know this will sound strange, but we really would like you to join us at our table. We would treat you with the drink.


They look at each other wasn’t sure they wanted do that but my Prince said (he did it for us):
- Marina, I haven’t seen you long time. I would like to know what are you guys doing now and how have you been.
Darko nodded his head as the sign of approval and Marina said:
- OK. I guess.
They joined us and we introduced my Fran to them. We started to speak and Marina said that she is working as the waitress in Zagreb and her fiancé works as the mechanic. They are on vacation in Crikvenica in private accommodation. They pay 15 Euro per day and only for room, no meals. We told them about our jobs and they wanted to know how did we meet and married. When we told them, Marina smiled at Prince and said:
- Soooo, your life wish is finally fulfilled. You married two gorgeous girls. I’m happy for you.
My Prince thanked her.
She looked like a good person. She had a full lips, big eyes and very good looking ass and legs. She was tall, slim and little bit shorter then me.


When my Prince was about to go to the WC again, I left with him. I said:
- Honey, what do you think about inviting them over to our place?
Prince: Why?
Me: I feel sorry for them. They pay a lot of money just for bed and they worked hard to afford 7 days’ vacation and they have to pay extra for food and beverages.
Prince: If you and ivy thinks it’s not a problem for you two, OK, invite them
I kissed him being very thrilled. I rushed back to them and I asked my Ivy about it. She was thrilled too. So, we proposed them to come to our place. They were shocked and very surprised but when we told them that we want to be their friends and help them saving money they said they will think about. I gave them my phone number and told them to call me if they change their mind. After this they became more open and we talked about various things. Ivy asked her what was my Prince like when they have been together. Darko gave her the sigh that she can speak freely and she said that she never met most romantic, gentle and caring person. We were more direct and asked her why did she leave my Prince. She wasn’t sure if she should tell us but Darko, again, told her to speak.
Marina: I loved Prince. We had very good love relationship for a year and half. Few days before I left him, Darko came to Rijeka and he found me. He was constantly on my work telling me how much he loves me and miss me. He begged me to return to him. I was in dilemma. I loved Prince but Darko was my first big love and all the good time we had together started to “chase” me. Although we broke up because he was extremely jealous, he persuaded me for days that he changed and begged me to give him another chance. One day I couldn’t stand the pressure again and knowing how much I will hurt Prince telling him that I’m leaving, I just packed my things when he wasn’t at home and I left. But, believe me it wasn’t easy. I cried and I left him the note. Among many other things I loved in him is that he never chased me, wasn't jealous, possessive and a stalker. He is the person who will never "hang on somebody's back" trying to make that person to change her mind.


My Prince returned form WC and we stopped talking about this subject. He said that he is little bit tired and he wanted to go home. We thanked Fran for beverages and we paid for Davor and Marian’s drinks. She was very surprised when Ivy and I hugged her on departure and said that we would really love to have them as our guests.


When we entered into the car my Ivy couldn’t resist to tease him:
- Honey, your ex looks yummie. I wouldn’t mind to fuck her. Darko isn’t bad too. Would you object if Princess and I try to seduce them and fuck them?
Prince: Honey, I told you many times before, I don’t mind whom you fuck or not. If you want them, I’m fine.
Ivy: What about you? Would you fuck her if she wants to?
Prince: No!
Me: NOOOOO???!!! Why’s that?
Prince. She doesn’t attract me any more.
Ivy: What did you like on her the most?
Prince: Her ass and legs.
We blasted in laughter saying that we also noticed she has very good legs and ass.


We arrived home, took the shower and went to the balcony. We were horny and we had very good sex. After the sex we died laughing when my Ivy started to sing “Marina, Marina” by Rocco Granata. My Prince bit her for her lips and we continued to laugh and tease him about her. He was completely indifferent toward her and he didn’t mind to be teased about her. I really hoped they will call me and say that they will come to our place and be our guest.
When my luvs slept, I sneaked out of the bed and wrote this diary.



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