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This diary supposed to be posted in Monday and it supposed to tell you how we spent our weekend. It came out much earlier due to some unexpected and unpleasant events I felt I should share with you because they burdened us heavily and we are very sad. The dairy continues from Friday (yesterday).



Taking something for the stomach my Prince felt better very soon. He spent the time on LL while I was “calculating” where shall we go in shopping and what shall we buy. I also replied on some business mails. After that I called “The fantastic 4” and arranged group sex for Sunday at 19.00. All of them will come. When Ivy came home we both ran to her and we showered her with kisses. We were happy to see her although we haven’t seen her only couple of hours.
She reported to my Prince that she organized his team for the weekend and gave the tasks to his substitute. Then she went under the shower. We dressed up, kissed our Prince and we went to shopping.


Many stores didn’t have summer 2017 collection yet but we found few sexy little things we knew my Prince would love it. We bought few thongs, few very short miniskirts, very tight and short t-shirts and few pair of high heels sandals; all in 2 colors, black and red, Prince’s favorite ones. Well, you probably wonder if we behaved in shopping. Of course not. . When we were trying some miniskirts and high heels sandals in one boutique, we got horny looking each other in the cabinet mirror. We couldn’t resist and we fucked. The salesgirls didn’t notice it because there was a loud music and they couldn’t hear our moaning. After that we went to a nice café for cappuccino and we talked about tonight’s swimming. She got very nice tan being on the sun these days and I couldn’t resist not to cuddle and kiss her gorgeous smooth shiny perfect legs. Before we returned home I deep kissed her saying that I adore her and she said the same to me. When we wanted to pay for our cappuccinos the waiter didn’t want to take the money saying that it is his treat because he enjoyed watching us cuddling and kissing. We thanked him and we returned home. Before we entered in we dressed on the things we bought. When we came in we called him. When he saw us he was stunned. All he could say was:
- OH…. MY …. GOOOD!!!!
He got instant erection and when we popped our asses and show them to him he rashly kneeled and started to kiss our legs and asses repeating:
- You are perfect!!! You are gorgeous goddesses!!!
Ivy and I giggled and we started to make out while he was eating our asses. He was incredibly horny and he fucked us very wildly, with his cock, fingers and tongue. Ivy and I both had two orgasms; one vaginal and one anal. It was fantastic. I fucked with my Prince anally many times and I had anal orgasms most of the time but I could never take his 23 cm all the way in no matter how horny I was. This was the first time I could take his cock all into my ass. He came deep inside me and I had a feeling that my womb is burning. But it was a pleasurable fire. Something indescribable. My Ivy always could take him all into her ass and she always had anal orgasm. When he came into her ass, she also said that feeling his hot cum deep inside her ass was unique experience. Of course that my Prince and I loved to eat his cum out of Ivy’s ass and then from each other’s mouth just as he and Ivy loved to eat it from my ass.


Here is one interesting thing; we know that seeing us in stockings and high heels shoes makes him incredibly horny but we had no idea that seeing us in high heels sandals, very short miniskirts and short tight t-shirts, the size almost as bra, makes him very horny too. We assumed he might like it but not that much. lol. We did one experiment. We kept the outfit on us and we just added stockings, and when we showed ourselves to him, he was double horny. Amazing. He fucked us again as he didn’t have a sex for days. Ivy and I are sex hungry and sex addicts but he really has very high sex appetite and he is sex machine. He needs so little to get aroused and buying the new sexy clothes showed as a Bingo. Maybe we should start to work on making the porn and get rich. lol. Just kidding. It wouldn’t work for two reasons: none of us, especially my Prince is not after the money and he is immune on desire to be rich. Even now he things we had more we need. We also don’t like to be pictured or filmed. Selfies?! What the fuck is that?! We hate it. To us, sex is the ultimate art we enjoy in fullness and no money and riches of the world can buy it. That’s one among many things that we have in common.


Anyhow, during the sex the weather condition changed. Perfect sunny day changed into lightning, rainy and windy afternoon and night. We had to give up from night swimming and we stayed home. My Prince and Ivy worked on the schedule for next week while I prepared the fruit supper. After the supper they practiced singing and he tried to play his guitar. He could, although he didn’t have the speed because of his injury. I enjoyed in looking and listening their rehearsal. After the rehearsal Ivy and I went to sleep and he stayed awaken for a very long time. Ivy and I missed him in the bed. We asked him twice to come and join us. When he finally did, it was only for hour and half. He couldn’t sleep. But the time he was near us was enough to us to satisfied the need for his presence.


When we woke up, he already made a coffee for us. Here comes another interesting thing: Ivy and I started to like to drink coffee from each other’s and Prince’s mouth. Since we did it a lot lately with ice cream, juices and fruits, it also started to turns us on although not so much as it turns my Prince on. We were both wet. We are always wet because we are horny all the time, but in occasions like this, we are “extra” wet. He made us laugh very hard when he put his fingers into our pussies to see how wet we are and when he licked our juices afterwards “mmmmming” and saying that he likes the new coffee taste. Of course, we had a coffee with his cream too. When he said that from now on we will have two new “coffee brands” on regular bases; “Prince’s hot cream coffee” and “Witches juicy pussy coffee” that we will not serve to our guests unless they want to, we died laughing. Ooooh, god, we sooooo love him.


He told us that while we were sleeping he posted the similar post he did a few days ago in Croatian but thanks to Triloque’s wisdom who PM’s with him after reading his blog and giving him several good arguments why it wasn’t good idea, he erased it. Thank you, Triloque.
After our morning “tradition” my Prince and Ivy worked on the new “Kinky sisters” episode. They tested more of Maria Eden mod and Ivy was disappointed saying that it wasn’t what she expected although she likes a lot of features. They are in search for something similar but less BDSM and with more player’s control.


Before we went to Ivy’s parents we bought the flowers for her mom and some Italian liqueur for her dad. We also bought some small gifts for my mom, dad and uncle whom we gonna see tomorrow. When we arrived at their house Marko welcomed us with the big smile on his face. We gave them the gifts and they thanked us. Lunch was ready and after washing hands we sat at the table. There was something strange going on. Marko didn’t make his jokes as he usually does and Zdenka was very quiet. Marko often tapped my Prince’s shoulder and he smiled at him. During the main meal Zdenka said to my Prince:
- If anything happens to my daughter, I will hold you responsible. I hope you will stop behave irresponsible and grow up.
Marko: Zdenka, you couldn’t resist, couldn’t you?! Damn it, Zdenka!
Ivy: What that supposed to mean, mom?
Zdenka: You know very well, Ivy. Because of his wild nature he endangered you and Eva.
My Prince looked at her in the great shock, but he didn’t react.
Marko hit the table with his fist and shouted:
- That’s enough, Zdenka. Stop it, at once.
Zdenka: I’ll say what I have to say! He will either learn to control his temper and stop jeopardize my daughter’s life or I don’t want to see him in our house.
I was completely speechless. My Ivy went mad and she started to yell at her mom:
Zdenka: Defending you?! You obviously mixed up apples and pears, Ivy! Bringing two bullies on your neck wasn’t defense, but imprudent jeopardizing your lives. Nada was right when she said that he should walk away instead of playing some super hero.
Marko and my Ivy got very upset. I looked at my Prince and I saw him being very sad. I gave him the sign by my head to say something, but he didn’t want to. I took him gently for his hand and I compassionately kissed him.
Ivy stood up on her feet and she said to her mom very sharply:
- That’s enough, mom!!! I will not let you talk to my husband like that, especially when it wasn’t his fault. I was fucking injured because I didn’t listen to him!!!
Zdenka (shouting): You shouldn’t be injured at all! Nothing would happen if….
Marko grabbed his glass of the wine and he smashed it throwing on the floor shouting at her:
Zdenka (through the tears): I won’t!!! Not until I hear him promise that he will not endanger my daughter’s life again!
Ivy: Woooooow, moooom!!!
Prince to Ivy: Honeeey, just drop it, please.
Ivy: No, honey, I will say all that goes to her!
(Ivy to her mom): You are so suddenly concerned about me?! Where have you been last fucking 15 years when I was coming home, drugged, drunk and fucked?! You didn’t say a word. Don’t you think you’re too late now?! Let me tell you something, mom. You greatly disappointed me. Instead of showing respect and gratitude to my husband who saved me and Eva, you attacked him! You fucking attacked the man who loves me as nobody every loved me before and who respect me like none of you ever did!!! Something is heavily wrong with your brain…. Let me tell you one more thing! Did you know that my husband never ever hit any women in his life before me?! Do you want to know why he slapped me? Do you fucking know why his fist is truly injured?!
(Zdenka and Marko was shocked)
Ivy continued very outrageous: Yes, he slapped me very hard because he was afraid for my life since I didn’t obey him to back off when he told me and fucking freak cut me with his knife. My husband fucking injured his hand because he couldn’t forgive himself for slapping me!!! I was the one who made him do it! I was the one who endangered our lives! Not him!!! ……He apologized for two fucking days trying anything to make it up to me and it wasn’t his fucking fault at all, but mine!!! You know shit about my Prince. You aren’t worthy to tie his shoes! …… How dare you to insult and disgrace him …. …….Arrrrrgh, fuck this shit!!!! You know what?! You are farting from the wrong hole, mooooom ….. I don’t want you to come to our house until you apologize to him and pay him respect he deserves.
She walked fast to us and she grabbed us for our hands saying:
- Let’s go home, luvs. This place stinks on shit!!!!
Zdenka blasted in cry and Marko tried to fix the situation and he asked us to stay.
Ivy: Thanks dad, but, I don’t want to be here one fucking second longer. Not in the place and with person who doesn’t respect my husband.
My Ivy was furious as hell! My Prince was sad and I was powerless to do and to say anything.


Entering into the car Ivy told me to drive. She sat with my Prince on the back seat and she hold him in her embrace and kissing him she repeatedly saying:
- I love you, my Prince! I’m so fucking love you! Nobody is worthy of you.
After few minutes of driving, Ivy told me to stop and let her and my Prince get out. She kissed me and she said they will come home by taxi. They left the car and I returned home. Very soon my phone rang. It was Marko. He apologized for the incident and he said to pass his love to my Prince and Ivy since they do not answer on the calls. I said I will. After the call I tried to figure out what the fuck has happened and why Zdenka reacted the way she did. I realized that her reaction came out of fear for Ivy’s and my life but, as my Ivy, said she attacked the wrong person. My Prince wasn’t to blame. I was sure that even if he didn’t react in Graz, there will be the incident because those two idiots wouldn’t leave us alone. They were some bullies who thought they will get easy and quick fuck and they wouldn’t stop until they get what they want.


My luvs returned home some 2 hours later. I cancelled our group sex for tomorrow in the meantime. They were both calmed and they smiled. I kissed them and while they were going toward the shower they asked me to make the coffee for them. I did and when they came back to the living room, I sat in Prince’s lap and Ivy sat next to him. I placed my legs over her lap. Then she apologized to me for asking me to go home without them explaining that she needed the time alone with my Prince. When they were alone they walked in nearby forest and she asked him to forgive her mom. She also told him that she realized how wrong she was for not listened to him in Graz and how much he was afraid for her life. My Prince told her that he has no hard feeling for Zdenka and that he understands her concern for Ivy. They walked and talked and my Ivy tried to make it up to him for the insult Zdenka addressed to him. They also made love in the forest. I witnessed already several times how deep and strong my Ivy loves my Prince. She loves him with the same passion she loves me. I don’t support the way she talked to her mom and the words she told her, but through all these years I learned that my Ivy is and always will be the dangerous lioness who will hurt or kill anyone who even think to threaten her cubs. I was melted when she said:
- You know, Princess, when you and I will have children with Prince I will make sure that they will love and care, protect and support each other the way we are doing. I want them to be beautiful and smart like you and handsome, brave and gentle like our Prince.
I deep kissed her and we went to our bedroom and made love very passionately. I told them that Marko called and sent his love apologizing for the incident.


Sometime around 20.00 our doorbell rang. I opened the door and I was in great shock. Marko and Zdenka, my mom and dad and uncle came in visit. They all looked very upset. I let them in and after I offered them with beverages we all sat in the living room. Marko demanded from Zdenka to apologize to my Prince and us, but she didn’t want to. My dad was furious at Zdenka and he said to her:
- Damn you, women! Don’t you have any humility?! No wonder why your daughter was wild, undisciplined and troublemaker!
Marko didn’t like his comment about Ivy and they started to argue. My mom took Zdenka’s side and said that she doesn’t need to apologize for protecting her daughter when my Prince is the one who supposed to work on his character. I couldn’t believe what I heard. My mom, who worship my Prince as an angel, talked against him?! Fucking unbelievable! They all forgot why they came (to apologize to my Prince) and they attacked each other. My dad and uncle defended my Prince, my mom and Zdenka attacked him, and Marko was attacking my dad for insulting his wife and he attacked my dad’s and my mom’s upbringing of me. It was total chaos. Heavy words were said from each side.


We were in great shock. Then in one moment my Prince clapped his hands to get their attention. When they all went silent he said very sadly but quietly.
- Dear moms and dads, nobody owe me any apology as I do not owe apology to any of you. I will say only one thing: I’m not sorry and I do not regret for what have I done to protect your daughters. For, if my sin is loving them so much that I will die for them and I will kill anyone who will hurt them if I have to, so be it. I love you all, but Eva and Ivy means to me more than all of you together, more then I value my own life. I will not stop loving them, I will not stop protecting them, I will not stop care for them the way I know and feel I should no matter how hard you want to change it because they want me to love them, protect them and care for them the way I do. Only they have right to tell me what to do and what not to do. I only regret they I didn’t beat those idiots much earlier. Now, excuse me…..
He walked out the house. My Ivy and I were outrageous.
Me: Do you see what have you done?! Because of the things like this we didn’t tell you many things from our lives. You are immature and you couldn’t handle. And you, mom, you disappointed me very much….
Ivy interrupted me saying to them:
- I’m fucking getting enough of this shit! You all crossed the line! We want you to leave our house! Now! (to me) – Princess, go after him.
They were all in shock. I heard her saying very loudly:
- Common, get out!!! You will not come to our house and insult, disrespect and disgrace my husband. None of you are worthy of him. Don’t come back until you are truly willing to apologize to him and give him respect he deserves.
They were still in shock and they didn’t move until she shouted:
They went. I heard later that my mom and Zdenka cried heavily.


Ivy joined us very soon. I was walking with my Prince in silent. But I was proud at him. He showed again how much his love for me and Ivy is more important to him than anyone. He was disgraced because of Ivy and me, and yet, he didn’t say a word against us and he didn’t try to defend his action blaming us. He reacted as the true gentleman and a true husband taking all the blame on himself. I was also very impressed with my Ivy. She stood up for my Prince against them defending his honor. I worship my Prince and my Ivy!
When she joined us, she hugged my Prince very firmly and she started to sob.
- It’s all my fault, my love. Please forgive me. Nothing of this would happen if I only listened to you. I’m so fucking sorry. I’m the worst wife in the whole damn world.
My Prince kissed her face and her tears whispering:
- Nooooo, my love, you aren’t the worst wife… you and Eva are the best wives in the whole word and I’m proud and honored to be your husband.


We hugged in the middle of the street and we all sobbed and kissed numerous times. Our love and loyalty to each other was on the test again and we passed. We walked toward the beach and we sat on the rock. It was night and there was no one. We didn’t want to go home at all. We felt like we want to the whole word just disappear and that there is nobody but us.
The love that Ivy and I learned from our Prince was the love I was looking for all my life and the kind my Ivy needed. It definitely shook and changed our understanding of love and we were glad it did. Our addiction to each other became even stronger.


I don’t know how long we stayed on the beach but we stayed a quite long. Then we returned home. None of us could sleep. My angels went to the balcony and they cuddled while I wrote this diary. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but whatever it is, good or bad, we know we will stay together bound in love stronger than ever. We love our parents very much, but if we will be rejected by our parents, so be it.



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