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You are two crazy shameless witches!!! I hate you!!!



The first working day, Monday was very hard for me. Although my boss didn’t criticize me for my business failure in Graz, I had to go through the new contract’s topics one by one and told him what did they say (interpreted) and what did I say and why. We spent the whole day analyzing their traps and my errors in the new contract.



My mistake costed our Hotel 10.000 Euro. I was devastated. He went with our lawyer to Graz in Wednesday trying to change the contract, but he couldn’t do anything. My boss wasn’t mad and he told me that the contract was formulated so well that there was no chance for me to spot the traps. They just used my inexperience. When I told him that I’m awfully sorry, he said to me:
- Eva, being inexperienced and making mistakes isn’t wrong, but not learning from your mistakes and not trying to do your job better, is. I’m sure you learned your lesson.
He said that thanks to his meeting with “high players” the damage I made was “compensated” and our budget is back to balance. We also having a good season start and we are being fully booked for whole summer, so the damage wouldn’t change our financial situation so drastically. Anyhow, he forgave me my failure and he promised to me that he will teach me more “tricks” so I wouldn’t be easily fooled next time.
All my other projects I had during the week was spotless although they weren’t so hard and difficult like the one from Graz.


As for the “Budapest case”, we suited the tourist agency for corruption and stilling and we are waiting for the trial. Our lawyer will lead the case and we are sure we gonna get our money back and compensation for the business damage we suffered.


Zdenka, Ivy’s mom told my mom what happened to my Prince and Ivy. I was afraid it might happen because since they became friends and the family, they always shared things among themselves. And it happened exactly what I predicted; she came and waited for us in our home Tuesday morning. When we came home we were very surprised to see her. When she saw us she rushed to my Prince and after kissing him on his forehead, she slapped him. Not hard, but good. We were all shocked. Then she hugged him sobbing and she took his injured hand and she checked how hard he was injured. After that she hugged and kissed Ivy giving her sharp look. Then she kissed me. After the kiss, my mom completely “ignored” Ivy and me. She led my Prince into the kitchen and she started to treat his fist. Ivy and I went under the shower. When it comes to my Prince, everyone else is secondary for my mom. When she finished, she hugged him firmly and sobbing deeply, she apologized for slapping him saying that it was out of motherly love and concern. My Prince hugged her saying that he has no hard feelings and that he understands why she did it. Then she looked Ivy’s arm and she treated her too while I was soaping my Prince under the shower.


We returned and she served the lunch. While we enjoyed in the very good lunch, sea fish with a lot of vegetables, my mom started to “lecturing” us. We didn’t oppose, but listened to her because she always speaks wisely. When she finished, she placed her palm on Prince’s cheek and said:
- Prince, darling, promise me you will not fight ever again. Please! For me!
Prince sighed deeply and he looked at her:
- Mom, don’t ask me such things. I can’t promise you that.
Her eyes filled with tears again.
Seeing her tears, my Prince was sad. He told her:
- I’m sorry mom, I love you very much, but when my wives are in danger, or insulted I MUST protect them. It’s stronger than me.
(short silence)
Mom: Why can’t you simply walk away, dear?


Then he walked away from the table and went to the balcony. He was very upset. This is the first time I saw my Prince being upset when talking to my mom. She asked me if my dad ever encouraged him to fight and I said that my Prince was always like that and that my dad didn’t influence on him. She went after him to the balcony. They talked briefly and they both returned at the table. My mom sobbed very quietly. I felt sorry for my mom, but I understand my Prince too. She can’t imagine that something happens to him. She tried to talk him out of fighting but she didn’t succeed. Both of them have different point of view about protecting loved ones and they will never agree. When we finished with meals my Prince stood up and my mom grabbed him for his hand:
- Son, whatever you’ll do, I will still love you the same.
He kissed her on her forehead and said:
- I love you too, mom.
After the lunch, we started to prepare to go to the beach. We invited her to join us, but she said she’ll stay and do house jobs. My mom simply loves to serve us and do all kind of house work for us.


While we packed the things for the beach my Prince visited LL very shortly. Something made him extremely nervous but he didn’t want to tell us what was it. Ivy and I told him that we will not leave until he tells us what is happening. He still didn’t say a word but he walked toward the balcony. I saw he was logged on LL and I heard him typing with one hand while we packed for the beach. Then I found his Croatian blog. When Ivy and I read it, I told him that what he wrote there is true but he wrote it in anger and he didn’t present his arguments well enough. Also, 99% of LL members wouldn’t understand what he was talking about regardless using Translator. He said he did it purposely, in spite to some people. I suggested him to erase it. He didn’t want to. He nervously tapped with fingers and shook his legs. It’s true that my Prince is little bit more nervous when it’s hot and that some insignificant things that he usually does not pay attention to makes him mad. Plus, his hand hurt him and he reacted too emotionally. We sat near him and after I told him that I understand his frustration, I explained to him why posting that blog wasn’t good idea, he said:
- Do whatever you want.
I changed my mind. Instead of erasing the blog I moved it in the drafts saying that maybe one day he might want to say same thing and when he does, he should do it with less emotions and without anger. We walked to the beach hugged and he stopped in one moment and said to me:
- Thank you, my love. You are my guardian angel and you prevented me to screw up things.
Ivy and I kissed him saying that we understand his condition and that we all make mistakes. That’s why we have each other; to support, to correct and to carry each other’s burdens.


We went to the wild beach where we were earlier and we had great time. Sex in the sea was fantastic. When we returned home, my mom waited for us with cold beverages and ice cream. She was cuddling my Prince’s face constantly looking at him with the tears in her eyes. She “spoiled” our fun eating the ice cream from each other’s mouth because my Prince will have erection. Even Ivy and I didn’t eat it from each other’s mouth knowing that seeing us, Prince will have erection too. We didn’t want him to be embarrassed.
Before we went to sleep she said that she will stay with us until my Prince’s fist recovers. Although there wasn’t need for her to stay, I knew my mom will stay anyway, we told her she can stay as much she wants. But I warned her that we are sleeping naked on the balcony covered only with a tiny sheet, so she must be careful when she comes to see us in the morning because of my Prince. Ivy and I don’t mind to be seen naked. My mom already learned that we are too liberal when it comes to the nudity. Before she left to sleep she kissed us all and she retreated to her room. She had her windows wide opened and we know she heard us when having sex, but we couldn’t resist not to have it. We were in the need for our “dose”. We only tried to be more silent when having orgasm because of my Prince. Well, he paid the price for that: Ivy and I bit his neck and shoulders.


Before we went to the work next morning, my mom insisted us to go to the doctor first to check Prince’s fist again and Ivy’s arm. So we did it. We were late for the work but we informed my boss and Fran about it. Boss was on his way to Graz to try to fix my screw up and Fran replaced my Prince on the team briefing and Croatian class. My mom stayed with us until Friday.


My luvs had easy working week. Prince’s team did their job well and our income was very good this week. My Prince’s fist almost recovered by today (Friday). He feels the pain only when he presses the hand or use it with heavy efforts. My boss noticed Prince’s wrapped fist and when he got the answer that it was the accidental injury, he didn’t ask any more questions. He treated us with the lunch in the Hotel when his wife came in visit yesterday.


Every day after the work we went to the beach and enjoyed in swimming and having sex in the sea except in Wednesday when Fran took us out for supper to a nice restaurant. We were very proud on our tattoos when being on the beach. Almost everybody looked at us and we heard some very nice comments. My Ivy died laughing when we were in the beach restaurant on the terrace one day and some girl said to her friends that we are probably porn actors. Ivy teased my Prince saying:
- Honeeey, let’s make a live porn, right now. Fuck us, right here.
My Prince rejected saying that there is no chance he’s gonna have sex on overcrowded restaurant terrace. We told him that he has no reason to be ashamed of anything; he’s handsome, tall, he’s a good lover and has big fat cock. He still didn’t want to. We started to touch him all over his body and kiss him and when he released himself from our hands he ran toward the sea laughing and calling us crazy witches. We ran after him laughing “evil laughter” and followed him into the sea. We had a great time smooching and cuddling in the water. We loved to lay on his back holding him around his neck while he swam. My god, we sooo love to be together and everything we do, it’s special to us.


Mornings were reserved for Ivy’s “Kinky sisters” story. But, we surely didn’t miss our “tradition” too. My Ivy enjoyed in working on the new episode. When there was a scene about her and the dog, she asked my Prince to pick animation. He picked one and while Ivy was taking screenshots, we got horny and we fucked. Yea, the bestiality sex in Skyrim turns us on all. Fantasy is very powerful sex tool.


Having the dinner with Fran in Wednesday, we also had a great time. Fran was in very good mood and he giggled all the time while I was giving a blow job to my Prince under the table. He and Ivy teased us commenting very dirty. I punished her with not sharing my Prince’s cum with her. But my Ivy, always knows how to get what she wants. She didn’t want to go home before he fucks her. So she sat in his lap and she did hers known “lap dance” that drives my Prince always crazy. He was sweating so much that his hair, head and shirt was completely wet. She had very good orgasm. Not wanting to be heard moaning in pleasure she grabbed me for my head and she sucked my tongue. People around us watching us and for my surprise, none commented anything bad. One German man who was sitting near our table with his wife told her:
- Do you see them? Kids has no limits. Why can’t you be like them?
When my Prince was about to cum, she didn’t have a time to kneel and take his cock into her mouth but she quickly sat next to him and collected his cum it into her palm.:
When I wanted to have some cum from her palm she didn’t let me. She covered her palm with other hand and slurped his cum watching at me and imitating Golum from LOTR:
- My precious...
My Prince, Fran and I laughed very hard. We really had a great time together.
Fran said: You guys are totally nuts…. Hahaha…. I wish I can be like you.
We stayed some time more and then we returned home. Fran will move to our apartment in villa today (Friday) after the work.


The funniest thing that happened was when we returned home after the supper. My mom was sleeping. We took a quick shower and we went to the balcony. It was very hot and my Prince was very horny. Prince and I took 69 position and Ivy was sucking his cock with me laying at the side. She was fingering my ass and feed my Prince with my ass juices. It’s drives him crazy and he loves it a lot. Few moments later my mom showed on the door checking if we arrived. When she saw us she loudly sighed:
- OH, MY GOD!!!!
Prince: W-WHAAT???!! MOOOOM???!!!!
My mom quickly returned to her room. She wasn’t embarrassed for seeing us but she was just greatly surprised because she thought we haven't arrived yet since we have been quit. Ivy and I blasted in laughter. We haven’t been embarrassed at all. We couldn’t stop laughing because being “caught” in sex by my mom was very funny to us and because my Prince was so embarrassed that he had a feeling he’s gonna die in shame. He couldn’t continue to have sex with us because he was worried how he’s gonna look at my mom in the eyes in the morning. I had to go to my mom’s room and talk to her about my Prince. Before she came to talk to him on the balcony, I told her again to be more careful when she comes to check on us because my Prince is very sensitive. When she came to the balcony my Prince couldn’t look at her. He covered his head with the sheet. Ivy and I blasted in laughter. He was so cute. When she tried to speak with him telling him that she was just caught by surprise and that what we were doing is quite normal because we are married and love each other, he replied under the sheet:
- Mom, with all respect, I don’t want to talk about it.
Ivy and I died laughing. We tried to kiss him and to remove the sheet from his head but he was pushing us away with his healthy hand. More he defended, more we laughed.
Trying to calm his conscience my mom told him:
- My son, you don’t have to be ashamed of me. If it helps, Livio and I also doing what you were doing with your wives. It’s normal.
Prince: Aiaiaiaii…. Nooooo!!! I don’t want to listen to this. Please stop. Go to your room.
My mom blasted in laughter saying:
- All right, darling, but I don’t understand why are you so embarrassed because you and I talked about the sex several times earlier, remember?!
Prince: Mom, talking about sex with you and being caught in the sex by you are two different things.
Mom (smilingly): OK, son. I’m going now. You may continue where you stopped and I promise I won’t come again.
Ivy and I literally cried in laughter. We rolled all over the bed and can’t stop laughing. I have never seen him so ashamed. We love that “innocent shy little boy” in him. He wasn’t angry at my mom. It was the accident. It took us a while until we stopped laughing. We hugged him and kissed him giggling and whispering to him:
- Shame on you… How dare you to fuck your wives?!…
Prince slapped our butts and said: You are two crazy shameless witches!!! I hate you!!!
Of course, our Prince doesn’t hate us. It was just “rhetorical” replacement for “I love you”, just as he calls us “the witches”. We kissed and hugged giggling all the time until we slept. Well, since he didn’t have orgasm and I know that he is very tensed if have none, (just as Ivy and me), I sucked his cock during his sleep and enjoyed in the sweet taste of his cum. It was very hot. I had to drink cold juice afterward to cool my mouth.


The next morning my mom prepared the fruit breakfast for us because she knows my Prince eats it mostly during the summer. My Prince still didn’t look my mom in her face until she said:
- Prince, darling, you are grown up. I really wish you will stop feeling uncomfortable. You know I saw you naked when I was washing your body. I know that you and your wives loves sex and practice it a lot. I’m your mom and I love you. Therefore, my son, seeing you having sex with them or not seeing you, doesn’t change anything. But, I promise, I will be more careful in the future. I respect your intimacy.
My Prince was relieved when he heard that. He kissed her on the cheek and said:
- Thank you, mom.


By the way; we all lost some weight due to consuming lots of liquids, fruits and vegetables. I’m skinny now. I had between 54-56 kg, and now I have 50. If I wouldn’t be so tall (185 cm), this weight would be ideal. Ivy had 60 kg and now she has 55 kg On her height (192 cm) it makes her looking skinny too. But our Prince is even crazier for our bodies, especially for our long legs and tiny asses. He had 85 kg, and he has 81 kg now. Anyway, he still couldn’t look at my mom’s face. Ivy took the whole banana, pilled it and she said to my Prince:
- Honey……
When he looked at her, she crossed with her tongue and lips over it and she suddenly pushed it all into her mouth. My mom and I blasted in laughter and few moments later, my Prince did too. She grabbed him for his neck and they ate the banana from each other’s mouth. Of course, I joined them because I love it too. My mom smiled watching us. She knows how much we love each other. After this, he wasn’t embarrassed any more although he had erection. I don’t know if my mom noticed it or not, (she probably did because she usually sees everything), but my Prince was liberated from the shame of being seen by my mom in sex.


My dad came to our place right after my Prince and I arrived home (we worked until 12.00), spent very short time with us and drove my mom home. My Prince didn’t feel well and he came home with me. Ivy stayed as his substitute. I was rewarded for doing my job very good the past week. Before my mom left she said that she is expecting us for lunch in Sunday and we better have no excuses this time. Wanting to show his appreciation for what my mom did for us, my Prince bought very nice tea mug with “I love my mom” sign on it. He gave it to her saying that it was from all of us. She was melted. She kissed and hugged me, but she showered his face and the mug with numerous kisses. As I said, she is crazy about my Prince and she loves him on some very special way.


That was all in general.
Tonight we are going on the night swimming and this weekend we gonna have lunch with Ivy’s parents in Saturday, and mine in Sunday. Right after Ivy comes home from the work we are going to down town in shopping. We need new summer hot and sexy collection. Something that will more expose our bodies and will make our Prince hornier. We want to fuck him in public places when we go out after the work and we know what we will buy because we know what turns him on. We’ll not force him on sex, but will seduce him.
Talking about sex; my luvs are in the mod for group sex. We haven’t had one for a long time now. I will call “The fantastic 4” (our regular orgies partners) Matija, Peter, Ana and Mary if they are available for Sunday.


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