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I hope your weekend was good as ours



Have no words to explain how happy I am/ we are that all went good. I was afraid that my boss was mad at me for resigning as his assistant, but beside of being disappointed in my decision that I won’t go to the States unless my angels are going with me, not damage was done. My boss and I kept good relationship and he still values my work. I was very touched when he said to Mister “XXX” that he has full confidence in me that I will run the Hotel business very good in his absence.



Anyhow, we celebrated our victory with good and very kinky sex. Just a tip of one of the many kinky things that we did in Friday night. We drank the vine that my Prince got from boss and Mister “XXX” from each other pusses and asses. My Prince was very horny and you can only imagine what he did to Ivy and me. lol.


Although he thought that he has to work in Saturday, he didn’t need to since he placed the person who already was his substitute in charge again and all he did was calling him few times during the day to see if all is going smooth. He and my Ivy played the Skyrim most of the day and worked on the new episode. When I wanted to watch it, Ivy didn’t let me saying that it is surprise and I will see it when they post it. When I saw it, today (Sunday), I was very thrilled. She did a great job. My Prince helped her only with English. I was impressed.


So, what did I do during the Saturday?! All household jobs: laundry, ironing, cleaning and stuff. The day was very hot and we were all naked. We ate a lot of ice cream mostly from our asses and Prince’s cock. He had erection all the time seeing us waking naked in the house. I don’t know why he was so aroused. Probably the heat.


My angels wanted to help me but I didn’t let them seeing them how thrilled and frustrated they were working on the new episode on the “Kinky sisters”. They had a several crashes and most of the pictures they took wasn’t saved. I had to laugh hard listening their swears and curses of the Skyrim. It was more humorous than tragic. When they asked me why am I laughing, I told them that they sounded rather funny. Ivy said to me:
- Soooooo, Princesssssss, our drama is funny to you? ! Ha?
I laughed and she said to my Prince:
- Let’s get her.
I started to run but they caught me. Ivy forced me to kneel and she said to my Prince:
- Honey, let shut her mouth. I want you to fuck her mouth good and hard.
She was holding my hands tightly on my back although I didn’t resist. My Prince stuck his cock into my mouth and he started to fuck it very deep. I could really felt his cock very deep in my throat. I loved it. He sprayed his hot cum down my throat and he didn’t pull it out until I cleaned every single drop.
Me: Ivy, you really think you punished me?! I enjoyed being mouth fucked, you crazy witch!!!
I started to laugh and my Prince too. Ivy laid me on the floor and she sat on my face:
- Eat me, Princess, I want to cum in your mouth.
She rode my tongue while my Prince fucked her ass with his tongue. She also came in my mouth. I swallowed her squirt. After that I couldn’t laugh. My mouth and lips were sober. They have been rubbed too hard and too much. I had to eat ice cream again to make them cold. Anyhow, it was a good oral sex. My Ivy was laughing at me this time saying:
- You gonna experience this kind of punishment every time when you laughing at our tragedy.
I deep kissed her and said that I'm ready and willingt.
Anyhow, that’s how we spent our Saturday.


This morning my Ivy and Prince woke up very early; 3:00 a.m. and they worked on the new episode. When I joined them in the living room I was forbidden to watch it again. I enjoyed in listening in their discussion about dialogue lines. My Ivy is very “interesting”: she asked my Prince about his opinion and whenever he said that it’s not a good idea or that he doesn’t like it, she rejected his opinion and ask him to write what she said. My Prince wasn’t offended but he respected her will since she’s the author of the “kinky sisters”.


This morning was very hot again. So we were home again, naked. We have the air conditioner but we still felt the heat. Of course that we had quick sex few times. J Before we left to my boss’s house for the lunch we stopped at the flower shop and the mall and bought the gifts for all of them.


We arrived 10 minutes earlier and we were very warmed received. My boss and his wife hugged my Prince and addressed him as “Welcome home, my son”. Then my boss took me at the side and he told me in private:
- Eva, I want you to know that I’m not angry at you for what happened in Friday. I completely understand your reaction. I was fully aware of your love for Prince and Ivy and theirs love for you when you supported each other saying that you will reject the carrier and good salary just to be with them. I admire you for having that courage and boldness. You aren’t degraded and believe me, if I send you to any new business trip again, I will always seek to send your Prince and Ivy with you.
I thanked him and hugged him. Them we joined the others in the dining room.


After the aperitif, we ate very well prepared dish by boss’s wife. During the lunch she said that she heard about our decision for not going to the States and she said that although she thinks it wasn’t good idea, she respect our arguments. She also admired our love and support for each other not caring for the better carrier. Mister “XXX” tried to “re convince” our boss to let us all go, but my boss was very persistent not to. Anyhow, he told us that before he lives back to the States tomorrow he wanted to see all of us in boss’s office for he has something for us.


We didn’t stay long with them. Some 2 hours and it was well spent two hours. Then we returned home and after taking the shower we all dressed off and enjoyed being naked. My Prince and Ivy worked on the schedule for the next week and I wrote this diary.



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Aria: Ice Cream from cock and butts, hmm never thought of that xD

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Aria: Ice Cream from cock and butts, hmm never thought of that xD


:D  -You have to try it Tex. It's AWESOME and taste better. :)  ;)

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Well it was moderate, but generally can't complain.


I finishing my plan in WoW, right now leveling priest.

Waiting for Malthael release in HOTS.

Got D'Va in HOTS so... NERF THIS!

Coming birthday but no high hopes about that.

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Aria: Ice Cream from cock and butts, hmm never thought of that xD


The witches tortured me... :)  It was damn cold although it was melted ice cream..... Imagine the scene with hot erected cock and the cold ice cream... lol....

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