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Wild Budapest - part 2



I kissed my Prince and I called the Advertising agency. They suppose to work now. Phone was ringing and nobody answered. I tried to reach them few more times in the period of half an hour but still no answer. I decided that I will go there directly. Ivy and Tanja came down in the meantime. They both smiled and while Tanja walked out of the lobby shortly waving with her hand to us, Ivy kissed me and my Prince and she sat in his lap.



Ivy: Woohoooo, luvs…. I had such a great time with Tanja. She is fucking amazing and I couldn’t stop to eat her lips, tits and ass. She made me cum few times. She is skilled with her fingers.
My Prince and I smiled and we said that we are glad she had a great time with her. I told her that I need to go to the agency now and if she wants to come with us she better hurry if she wants the breakfast. She said that she’s gonna just grab some coffee for out and will be back soon.


My Prince drove us at the agency and he and Ivy stayed in the car waiting for me. They turned on the music and he moved to the back seat to Ivy. They didn’t fuck but smooched and cuddled. I entered in to the building and I asked one of the stuff for “XXX” person. She appointed me to his office. I knocked on the door and I saw two middle age men. Seeing me they both “Ohoho’d” to me. I smiled and said who I am. They were very polite and nice. He presented his business partner and offered me to sit. When I sat on the chair they asked me if I want the coffee or some other refreshment. I took mineral water. Then I told them why I came and I asked them if they would be kind to give me the copies of their invoices and contracts with TV and radio stations and the publishing house. They looked at each other as they weren’t willing to do it, but then the director of the agency smiled and said:
- Miss ….. Eva….. Ammmm…… I’m sure that you aware how we aren’t obligate to show you anything about our business with our clients since we never made any business deal with your Hotel…….. But, …… as the sign of the good will and because you are very pretty, we will gladly do it.
I smiled and thanked them for both; the compliment and the co-operation.
He invited his secretary and told her something in Hungarian language. When she left he said to me:
- Well, … Miss Eva,,,,,, is there Mister “Eva”?
Me: Yes, as the matter of fact he is waiting for me in the car.
The director: Aahhhh, too bad…..
Me: Why is that too bad?
The director: I was about to ask you how long are you staying in our city and if you will be available tonight, I would love to take you out for supper.
Me: That’s very sweet of you, mister “XXX” but we are living as soon I finish my work here.
He sighed and he looked at me with his eyes showing how much he likes my appearance and that he is in "love with me". Well, to be honest, I wouldn’t mind go out for supper with him tonight and probably I would fuck him too, but we are living to our city as soon we are done with our work and we didn’t want to make extra expenses to our Hotel.


When the lady returned, she gave him dozen of papers and he stood up, smiled and said:
- Here are the copies of all our invoices and contracts, Miss “Beautiful”. I hope it will be of help.
When we shook hands he bent and lifted my hand and kissed it. His partner did the same. As I was walking out of the office they commented about me in Hungarian. I was sure that it was something dirty. Lol.


I returned to the car I saw my angels clapping hands and waving in the rhythm of the music kissing in between the words. They listened boss’s MP3’s ‘70’s love collection. I melted seeing them. I told them that the meeting was successful and that our next stop is the TV and radio station. I will make the rest of events shorter now. All of them were very co-operative, but they commented they helped me because I’m beautiful and charming. Collecting all the papers, we returned to our hotel. I needed to study the documents and to find if there are some irregularities. My angles went to the hotel restaurant leaving me alone to have peace and quiet. After very detail and careful studying of the invoices and documentations I noticed few irregularities. First of all, every single invoice was forged. They obviously had the *“Black books” (*literal translation of the forged legal books in our country) and second, comparing their documents with ours and the Tourist agency, every one of them was stilling certain amount of money from each other presenting that they received less money than they actually had. The first one who forged invoices was the boss of the tourist agency. He stole the biggest sum of our money.


I tripled checked all of the documents before I called my boss. I told him briefly what is going on and he complimented my work saying that we’ll talk more tomorrow. He supported my idea to talk to the Agency’s boss again and tell him what we discovered and that we will press the charges against him if he doesn’t return stolen money. It was his fault why we don't have more guests in our hotel from Hungary. I was very happy that all went well and that I was lucky to get all invoices and documents. Someone once said: “Man doesn’t win wars but beautiful, seductive and charming women.” I second to that. Lol.


I called the boss of the agency and I told him that I found something “interesting” and that we must talk urgently. We arranged the meeting in the bar of the hotel we are staying in in one hour. He probably tried to hide his misdoings from his workers. I went down to the restaurant and I saw my Prince sitting alone at the table in the corner. He had very content face and I could see that he was enjoying in something. I asked him where is Ivy and he told me:
- Under the table.
I didn’t need to look under the table because I knew what was she’d doing. I quietly said to her:
- I hope you’ll save some for me.
Then I heard: “MMMmmmMMMmm”…
I “helped” my Prince to cum quicker because my Ivy didn’t have in plan to release his cock from her mouth soon. I started to suck his tongue and he came into her mouth very soon. My Ivy got up and after she shared his cum with me she smilingly said:
- Damn Princess! Why did you do that? I couldn’t get enough of him and you spoiled my fun.
Me: Soooorry, love. But we have “situation”. Listen, why don’t you two go to our room and pack our things. Then check us out from the hotel. When you’re done find me in the bar. I have a meeting in some 45 minutes.
Ivy and Prince kissed me and they left. I went to the bar and ordered cappuccino.


They were very quick and after checking us out, putting our things in the car, they joined me in the bar. When the boss from the agency showed up I introduced him with my Prince and Ivy. After introduction they moved to the nearby table and I started to talk to him. When I proved him that he stole the big sum of money and forged the documents and invoices and when I told him that if he doesn’t return the money he stole, we are going to sue him, he rose his voice at me. He insulted me in Hungarian language. I didn't want to listen his insults and I stood up wanting to leave. He grabbed me for my hand and said: “Kurva hrvatska” (Croatian whore). He made terrible mistake.


Before we all realize what is happening, my Prince rushed straight to him and punched him heavily in the face. Then he grabbed him for the ty and dragged him out of the hotel where he beat the crap out of him. When he returned we wanted to say that he shouldn’t do it but when we saw his sharp look, we were silent. He sat at our table and leaning over, he kissed me saying:
- I love you, Princess.
I loved him back. Ivy wanted us to leave but he said:
- We aren’t leaving yet. He or somebody else surely called the Police. We’ll wait for them because they might think that we are running away.
He was right, someone called the Police who came some 20 minutes later. They wrote data about us and made the report. All who was there said that the man was aggressive, yelled at me and called me names and that my husband was defending me. They let us go.


Although I didn’t like my Prince’s reaction, I was glad that he stood up for me. Maybe he will have to work on his “Hulk syndrome” again, but I was proud that I have a husband who will not let anyone to hurt me in any way.


Before we left the Budapest, we stopped at the sex shop where Ivy saw some sex accessories and props the first time. We didn’t let my Prince to come in with us because we wanted to surprise him with what we bought. We bought 2 new XXL sex toys, 2 pairs of cuffs, two pairs of blindfolds, 4 anal plugs various sizes, 2 pairs of fishnet lingerie (for her and me), very aromatic cherry enema and some few small things. Then we hit the road.


My Prince was driving and my Ivy and were sitting on the back seat kissing and cuddling. Passing by the first spot with the prostitutes on the parking place on the highway, Ivy teased him saying:
- Honeeey ……. Looook!!!!
Prince looked at the mirror and laughingly said:
- Don’t you dare! Shut your dirty mouth!
Ivy and I blasted in laughter. We decided to give him more of "hard time".
We opened the box with anal plugs and we were fucking each other’s ass and slurping our ass juices from them. He looked at the mirror and he said that he is incredibly horny. We stopped at the first parking place and we had rough and wild sex. He was so horny licking the anal plugs we pulled from our asses and fucking our assholes with his tongue first and with his big and hard erected cock. It was sooo fucking good that we had two incredible orgasms.


We arrived home some time around 21.00, or later. Fuck me if I know. I was still under the influence and impression of the sex in the car. All the way to home I had a feeling I was floating. My Ivy too. The first thing we did was THE SHOWER. We stayed long under the shower enjoying in soaping each other. Then we went to the bed and after taking our sleeping position, we slept.


I woke up first this morning. After making the coffee, I wrote the first part of the two days dairy. I wanted to write it in detail to show to you how every misunderstanding, arguing, hurt can be overcome when there is willingness to admit own failures and ask for forgiveness. Love covers all mistakes and forgetting the past it moves to better future.


When I came to the office this morning I presented all documents and invoices to my boss showing him where and how we were “robbed” by all of them. He was very pleased with my work and he complimented it giving me the day off. I returned his car keys and all he gave me for the trip. He asked me about my Prince and Ivy and I said that we had a great time. He was glad to hear it. I didn’t mention the incident at the hotel. After thanking him again for letting them to come with me, I went home and did laundry and other things around house. I have a free weekend, but my angels don’t. They have to work. They have few projects and they will be busy the whole day during the weekend. I already miss them. I will call Fran and we will have long talks as we always do. He impatiently awaits for my report. :)



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