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You know what, Sir?! You are very lucky...



Woa! This week was fucking busy for my angels. They had some parties to do every night and beside that they were busy even when came home since they had to work on organizing current team members and newcomers: assigning them jobs, responsibilities and making schedule for each of them. I also helped them as much as I could. I felt sorry for them because they were very tired and they had no will and strength for anything else except for sex. That’s the one of the advantages of being sex addict. lol. No matter how busy and tired they were my Prince never stopped for being romantic and gentle to both of us. He never broke our morning “tradition”: coffee with cuddling, smooching and “Love you’s”.



My Prince was very mature and well organized in all jobs he had. I admired him. The thing that especially made me happy was seeing my Ivy very disciplined and obeying in all he requested her to do. She never used her “I’m your wife” card in the sense of avoiding responsibilities and duties he assigned to her. He showed to all of us that when it comes to work, there are no privileges for anyone; no one is above others no matter how close friends they are (Fran) and Ivy being his wife. My point is following: she didn’t oppose him and argue with him when he assigned her a job she didn’t like to do. She showed him respect as her boss. This is something new to me. I’m not saying that she did oppose him it in the past. She didn’t opposed to him, but to everyone else. Always reasoning, arguing and opposing. Before we became love trio, Ivy always respected my decision and she never opposed me no matter how hard she didn’t like what I told her. This is the prove that she loves Prince the same as she loved me all these years.


As for me I was present on the business meetings with my boss. It was very successful and we did a good job as a team. On the one meeting with our “old” business partners, there was a small incident during the coffee break in which one of the business partner went too far and he openly hit on me and he was persistent even after I politely told him to stop and back off. He was very unpleased with my rejection and he told me (undertone) that he heard about me being a slut. When I told him that I’m a slut but only to my husband and wife, he almost yelled:
- Why don’t you want to fuck with me then, whore?!
I slapped him and he called me ungrateful bitch.
While everyone was in shock, my boss approached to him, took him at the side and demanded apology. He refused to apologize to me. Then my boss said something that really touched my heart because he risked the business partnership. He said to him:
- You will apologize to my assistant right now. If you don’t, we will break up our business partnership at once.
That man looked at him and at all present in the conference room and he was silent for couple of moments. Then he approached to me and apologized.
My boss angrily addressed to all of them in the room:
- Gentlemen, Eva is my assistant and she is my best worker in the Hotel. Her private life is her own business. I will not tolerate any more of such and similar behaving to her on business meetings. She deserves respect as all of you. If any of you insult her or attack her once again, we are no longer business partner because she worth to me and to the Hotel, more than all of you together and your investment. Is that clear?!
They agreed with my boss. His attitude and taking my side melted me and I started to cry.
He tried to comfort me and then he whispered on my ear:
- It’s OK, Eva….mmmmmmm …….. listen……. I want you to call Prince right now and told him what happened.
I was in shock. Knowing my Prince, he will break his spine. I wanted to react saying that’s very bad idea, but he put both hands on my shoulder and said:
- Please, do it. Trust me.
I was still sobbing and I called him to come at once in the conference room. Hearing me sobbing he was very worried and he literally ran into the conference room and hugging me he asked me what happened. I told him and he was mad as hell. He approached to that man and he looked at him straight to his eyes. I was afraid he will beat him up and I said:
- Honeeey, please….
He shushed me with his hand. Then he said to that man:
- You know what, Sir?! You are very lucky that I respect my boss and I promised I won’t break any Hotel rules…… One of them is that I will not punch anyone who insult my wife or who is nastily to any women. I want you to listen to me very carefully now: If you ever, ever again say anything improper to my wife or, god forbid, insult her, I will find out where you live and trust me, I will pay you are visit. After that you pray that the doctors will assemble your remains. Is the clear you mother fu…. (he bit his lip and stopped) ….. (then he continued more calmly after few seconds) – Is that clear, Sir?!
The man was shocked and very scared.
Prince repeated his question and he said that he understood.
Prince: I want you to apologize to her once more. I must hear it and you better mean it.
The guy was very scared and confused but he came to me and apologized again.
Then my Prince came to me and after kissing me he said he loves me and he left the office.


When he left there was a “loud” silence in the conference room. I was thrilled with my Prince that he defended my honor again and the he managed to control his temper. I’m sure if this incident happened outside of the Hotel, he will kick is ass very badly. After the time of silence my boss walked to them and rubbing his hands he said smilingly:
- Well, gentlemen. You had a pleasure to meet our Hotel Star, Prince. He is not only great in his job, but he adores his wive and he loves her with all his being…. Now, I hope you all learned the lesson. Do now touch his wife, Eva or you gonna pay consequences. Now, let’s continue where we stopped.


We worked some time more and when the meeting was over, they left and my boss said to me:
- Eva, I’m sure you wondered why I told you to tell your Prince what happened….. mmmmm… let me explain. I talked to his therapist who told me that Prince is working very hard on this, as you call “Hulk problem”. He told me that he showed some progress. Beside that I also heard about his conflict with some of his team members and that he showed very mature attitude. I wanted to put him on the test. Deep in my heart I believed that he wouldn’t hurt the insulter. That’s why I let him come. I wanted to see him in the very act.
I confessed to my boss that I was scared of Prince’s reaction and that I was sure he’s gonna punch him. I was glad that he believed in him and I was ashamed that I didn’t. Then I asked him what will he do in the case that my Prince punched him he said that he will fire him immediately. I truly doubt he'll fire him because his wife will oppose him. I think he said that more as the threat so my Prince won't do anything improper and to force him to control his temper. Thank heavens my Prince showed a progress in this matter and he won the “first round.” Then my boss said to me that I can free him from being followed by security guard. When my angels came home I was so in love with him that I “rewarded” him with best deep throating I ever did. He was very happy to hear that he will not be followed by security guard any more. What my boss did for me mad me respect him even more. He stood up for me as his best worker, Prince’s wife and the member of his family because he loves my Prince as own son. He believed in him that he will do the right thing. I just became aware that I have the best boss in the whole world.


The second incident my Prince had was today (Friday). Three students that failed the final exam in Tuesday had 3 days to learn the things they failed. Well, the girl that cried heavily the first time after the test failure, passed this time as one other student. The guy who didn’t passed the exam came to our office with Prince and complained that he was mistreated, that my Prince hates him and that he turned the whole exam board against him. I was looking at my Prince and he was calmed and still. When the guy finished with accusations, my boss asked my Prince to defend himself previously saying that he doesn’t believe that my Prince hates him and that he turned the exam board against him because he is not such a person. Then my Prince called Ivy using his official smart phone and ask her to bring two guitars. When she brought the guitars my Prince asked her to stay. Then he said to my boss:
- Sir, let me show you why he failed the exam again. We as the exam board agreed that we can tolerate 5 mistakes, but we also have 5 “mistakes” that we cannot tolerate. The ones I will demonstrate to you know, belongs into the “Unforgivable” mistakes that no one can past the test. First he asked him to name the strings. The guy didn’t know the name of 6 fucking strings. Second, he asked him to name the main parts of the guitar. The guy didn’t know most of them. Third, he asked him to say how the scale goes. The guy didn’t know the names of the tones in the scale. Then he asked him to show all the chord on the guitar using the scale system. The guy didn’t know that either. And the last he asked him to play the basic rhythm following my Prince. The guy couldn’t because he didn’t know the chords. After the presentation my Prince said:
- Sir, these are the fundamentals. No one can past the final exam if not knowing the basic things. He doesn’t know the fundamental things after 6 months of training. No wonder why he can't play the basic rhythm since he doesn't know the chords. No need to mention that every student has to know to play rhythms they learned.I had a full right to expel him from the class because he was slowing down the group, but I didn't. Both of us, Ivy and I worked with him a lot, but he didn’t practice at home. While other students worked hard he didn’t practice at all.
(To the complainer) – Am I right?! I just said your words to me.
The guy looked at the floor being silent.
Boss: Well, is Prince right?
The guy: Yes, Sir, he is.
Boss: I think you own him an apology for false accusations.
The guy apologized not looking at my Prince at all. Then my boss dismissed him from the office.


I was very proud at my Prince. Knowing him I didn’t doubt at all that he helped the guy. He also showed very mature reaction again, worthy of the person who has the leader’s qualities. My boss also thanked him for the presentation and he congratulated him for being very calmed after being falsely accused. He also congratulated him for controlling his temper few days ago in the conference room saying that he is very proud at him. Then my Prince thanked him and after kissing me he left the office.


Ivy and he are still working and I came home. I was very thrilled with him and very excited. I had to write this diary because I must share with you what happened to us. All these events proved again that my Prince loves me endlessly and that he is able to keep his promises even when it comes to Ivy and me. It wasn’t easy for him to control his temper when I was insulted, but he succeeded. I’m very proud at him. I’m gonna reward him tonight. Both of them; my Ivy and my Prince. Ivy will be DP’ed by Petar and Matija and I will treat my Prince with sex with me and Mary. It’s all set up already. I was lucky to get them.
Wish you all a great weekend.



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Such an eventful life, continued. O_o


My good friend. What can I say?! I really hoped we would have the week without the incidents, but the life always surprises us. When working with the people all the time and every day, there always something happening. You have no idea how hard was for me to restrain to not to break jerk's jaw in the conference room. Various thoughts passed through my mind what will I do to him but something, I don't know what, hold me back. I will be honest with you; if the incident happened outside the Hotel I will fucking break his ribs. If he slapped her or hurt her physically in the conference room, I would fucking risk my job and I will destroy him right there. I don't care about the consequences. Eva and Ivy are more important to me than my job and and anybody. I can't understand the thinking of such a morons. If the girl say once of twice, "Please, leave me be", then fucking leave her be. How stupid one must be to not understand that?! Such idiots piss me off.

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