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Boss’s wife



Fran stayed with us Thursday and Friday (today). He’s gonna return home tomorrow. My Prince and Ivy will give him lift. They will check that his house isn’t broken or damaged and will help him clean his front yard from the rocks and branches that those two idiots were throwing on his door and windows in Tuesday.



We had a very good time with him while he was with us. He fell in love with my Prince even more and stronger then before but knowing my Prince’s attitude about his love for him, Fran was very considerable and didn’t hit on him, but “suffered” in his soul.


Yes, Roberto returned our jewelry from the pawnshop in Thursday before 12.00. He had to pay a lot of money to get it back. More than he sold it for. He spent 1000 KN that my Prince gave him to return his debt, plus he had to add 500 KN more. How did he get the money? Fran didn’t want to know when he received our jewelry from him. We were glad to see that none of the rings, necklaces and bracelets were missing. Prince was right when he said that every single piece is very precious to us because we bought them to each other with love and all of them represent certain occasion. We wear them occasionally; depends about the places we go or the current mood.


And, yeeeees, we finally got our tattoos; three flaming hearts bound in one with our initials in every heart. We went to the tattoo shop in Thursday after the work and we got it. It hurt a little and we felt the itching and chaffs afterwards, but it was durable. We love it and we couldn’t stop kissing each other. Can’t wait for warmer days that I can wear more open dresses and t-shirts so my tattoo will be visible. Prince’s tattoo can be seen only if his upper body is naked because it is placed on the top of his left chest.


After the work today (we worked only till 14.00), we didn’t go straight to home but to “Our café”. We haven’t been there for some time now. When we arrived, our place was busy but the waitress asked the visitors to leave it saying that it’s is reserved. Some of them didn’t want to move but she told them that she will call her boss and they will be in the trouble. After that, they left our place and the waitress cleaned the table. We sat and order drinks. Actually cappuccinos. Ivy and I were in the mood for fuck. We are always horny and we like to fuck in public places. I asked him:
- Honey, you want a fuck or a blow job?
He laughed and said:
- We’ll see. Can’t say anything now. All depends about one person.
Me and Ivy: - ???
He asked us if we agree to invite boss’s wife to join us having cappuccino. We agreed and he called her although we didn’t understand why he wanted her to join us. They talked shortly. He gave her the name of “our café” and location. Then he said to us:
- Sorry, luvs, no sex. She’s coming.
Ivy (teasing him): You called her on purpose. You wanted to avoid sex with us.
Prince laughing: No, my love. It just came to my mind.
Ivy (devilishly): Saaaay, you wanted to have 4some?!
Prince and I blasted in laughter.
Prince: NoooooooOO! I just want us to have good conversation with her outside their home and know her better.


Believing that we have enough time for one quick blow job before she comes, we started to cuddle his crouches and tried to unbutton his pants. Prince didn’t want to and he laughed hard and defended crossing his legs and moving our hand away from his pants. Since Ivy is stronger than me she was trying to hold his hands while I was taking his cock out. My Prince showed again as “easy prey” when Ivy merged her lips with his and started to suck his tongue. He capitulated. His cock erected in a second and he was holding her for her head and passionately making out with her while I was sucking his cock. He “mmmmmmmm’d” in pleasure. Now comes the best part. None of us expected that the boss’s wife will come so quickly. She came faster than we thought because she was in the neighborhood and not at home. Prince either forgot to tell us or he didn’t know. We didn’t see her coming because I was leaned on him with my face down on Prince’s cock under the table, Ivy was turned with her back on the door and my Prince, who “suppose” to see her because he had the best view, didn’t see her because he had his eyes closed.
We were all shocked when we heard known voice:
- Good afternoon.
Ivy and Prince stopped making out and I slowly took his cock out of my mouth and put it back in his pants. When I rose my head and sat normally, I saw boss’s wife (B.W. in further text) smiling. My Prince’s face was incredibly red.
B.W.: I hope I didn’t interrupt something.
Ivy and me: Ooo, no, no. All is fine. Please, take a seat.
Ivy and I looked at each other and we realized that she saw what was I doing and we hardly managed to not to blast in the laughter, but my poor Prince couldn’t look at her and he was extremely ashamed and embarrassed and blushing.
B.W. – How are you, Prince?
Prince: Very well, thank you.
B.W. – Listen, children…… May I call you children? All of you can be my children by your age.
We all confirmed that she can.
B.W. – Weell, children …… I see myself as modern and very tolerant women being very aware of the times we are living in. It’s very different even then 10 years ago…….. (seeing my prince still looking down in shame, she took his hand and said): Prince, darling……… look at me…… (When he looked at her, she said) : It’s all right, son. You don’t have to be ashamed of me……… I perfectly understand. What I saw here few moments ago is something that I would never do and I’m not approving, but I can understand. You are young and this is your life style. If you don’t find any shame in doing it, I find it even less. Whom am I to judge you. I appreciate you stopped the very moment you saw me. That says to me that you respect me. OK?!
Prince (relived): Thank you…. You are truly kind……. I apologize. We….
B.W. – No apology needed. …… Listen, when my husband and I dated and being married later on, we hardly even kissed in public place. It was considered inappropriate. Today….. everything is normal especially to young people like yourself….. It’s not the first time I saw something like this …… Don’t worry…... OK?
Prince: OK.
B.W: Sooo, girls, what’s up besides having fun?


Ivy and I was thrilled with boss’s wife. We thought we gonna get some moral lecturing but she turned to be a very good person. She wasn’t judgmental at all and she completely understood our life style. I can’t say for sure but I believe that she heard about my life before I met my Prince from her husband. He shares with her everything and she, like our boss, don’t care how we live our private lives as long we are not doing it in their presence, if we are doing our jobs well in the Hotel and that we do not jeopardize her husband’s carrier. Ivy and I don’t mind being seen having sex in public places, but I felt sorry for my Prince. He is still withdrawn and tensed sometimes when it comes to that. For us, being “caught” by her was extremely funny and we really tried hard not to laugh, but he was embarrassed like teenage boy whose mother caught her son masturbating. Anyhow, we had a good time talking about everyday’s things and our work. She also asked my Prince about his progress with the therapist and she was glad to hear that he’s doing better.


Then she said: Children, I have to go now. My husband is probably home and waiting for me. It was a pleasure talking to you. Before I go, I have a good news for you, but you didn’t hear it from me. OK?
We smiled and said: OK.
B.W. – My husband is having a business lunch in the Hotel in Monday. He’s meeting with some investors and he is planning to invite all of you and present you to them. Eva, I think he’ll call you tonight and tell you all about it….. Prince and Ivy: you might be asked to perform a song or some dancing. Be ready and prepared. If everything goes fine you will be rewarded ……. And …… (smilingly) – try to sustain from doing what you have been doing here…..
We smiled and thanked her saying that we will behave. Then she stood up, thanked us for cappuccino and she left the café. Ivy and I blasted in laughter and we laughed for a long time. My Prince didn’t laugh at all. He was just sitting there and looking at us seeing it not funny. We kissed him and we said we are sorry for him being embarrassed. He didn’t say a word but he stood up, went to bar tender and paid for our cappuccinos living a high tip to the waitress.


Exiting the café my Ivy asked me:
- Do you think she’s gonna tell to our boss about what she saw?
Me: Probably. I don’t know. But I don’t think it will change anything even if she does. We didn’t do it in the Hotel and he already knows about us and if he would mind, he’d never give us Prince’s office saying that we can, quote: “Do whatever we do when we have a need for our “dose”.”
Ivy kissed me and said: I think you’ve right, Princess.
Then she shook Prince saying:
- Heeeeey, luuuuuv…. Cheer up! Everything is fine. Stop worrying.
He stopped and he looked her. Than he said:
- You know what?! … You two are two crazy witches! ……...
Me: Yes, we are, my love. Please, don’t be angry at us.
Prince: I’m not angry at you. I’m just still in shock and I try to figure out what is so funny about being caught by B.W. I thought I would die in shame.
Ivy tried to explain to him but he said:
- Don’t bother, my love. I think I would never understand it. All I know that you are crazy dirty kinky *sluts whom I love and worship. (*calling us sluts was out of his affection for us because our Prince would never offend us and insult us).
We apologized to him saying that if we would know she’d come so fast, we wouldn’t force him on sex. We told him we love him too. Prince hugged us both and kissed saying that everything is fine. Then we walked home hugged and Ivy and I laughed all the time. We pinched his ass from time to time and whenever he twitched we kissed him and laughed harder.


Arriving home, we saw table ready for the lunch. Fran prepared nice meal for us. We didn’t eat much; just enough to not to offend him. During the supper we told him what happened in “our café”. When he heard that boss’s wife caught us giving my Prince a blow job he was:
- NoooooooOOOOO, haha…. You guys are totally nuts. (to Prince) – How did you feel about?
Prince stood up from the table and said:
- I don’t want to talk about it.
Then he went under the shower. We quickly told to Fran the rest of the story and we went after Prince to the bathroom. Entering into the bath tub we said:
- We have some unfinished job to do.
Ivy grabbed him for his head and she stuck her tongue into his mouth while I kneeled and took his hard, erected big hot cock into my mouth. After the great sex, he and Ivy started to work on the new Skyrim episode, Fran washed the dishes and cleaned the table and I wrote this diary. I had to. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow because I’m thrilled with B.W.


Can’t wait for Sunday. My parents invited us for Sunday’s lunch. We gonna meet Uncle’s new girlfriend, the widow that Marko introduced to him some time ago. I’m happy to see my folks again, uncle and his new date. Have a nice weekend.



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