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Woohoo … what a week!!!



First, you probably noticed that I changed my avatar again. Yes, I confess: I like to change my avatar often. I also changed Prince’s avatar and this time Ivy didn’t “fight” with me about it. She liked it. lol.


I was working hard and good this week. My Boss was very satisfied with my results and he gave me the rest of the day off today saying I deserved it. I worked only till 10.00. Thank you, boss. Unlike me, my two angles had a hell of the busy week. Much more than me. Beside everyday training of his him and organizing them, they had two parties, singing classes, guitar classes, session with his therapist and lot of rehearsal for the parties and improving their singing and playing skills. My Prince hardly found the time for LL. He and Ivy still working while I’m writing this diary and I have no idea when they will finish and come home. My Ivy sent me this SMS: “Love you and miss you, Princess. We don’t know when we will be home but we would surely love to see your face when we come. Many kisses from us.“ My thoughts and my heart is with them. I’m very happy we have free weekend and we gonna spend every second together.
Many things happened, but there a several events that I felt I should share with you. They are very special to me. I didn’t write them chronologically but with most impressive events for me.


Event 1: The price of the friendship and love

One day, after the guitar class my Prince asked Fran to take a long break and to go out with him and have a drink like friends. He was never on the drink with him alone before and he wanted to make it up to him and to express to Fran how much he appreciates his help, friendship and support. Since he didn’t want to have security guard following him around and watching him in the Hotel bar, he took Fran to the nearest pub. They were sitting near the bar and talked. My Prince’s reaction on the provocations and bulling was tested again. Fran has very soft and feminized voice. Hearing him talking, one guy that was sitting at the bar and talking to the waitress started to insult Fran. Not directly but saying quite aloud how much he hates “fucking faggets”, that they all deserve to die and similar shit. Prince wanted to react but Fran asked him to move to the other table, farer from him. They sat at the other table, but the guy continued with insults and was even more louder. My Prince “boiled”, but he managed to control his temper. He was doing fine until he saw that Fran became very uncomfortable and wanted to leave. He stood up and approached to the guy. Although he was very upset he peacefully told him:
- Listen friend, your opinion about homosexuals is your private thing. I kindly ask you keep your tone done. My friend and I do not share your opinion and we don’t have to listen your insults and comments. Beside, you are too loud and you distracting our conversation.
The guy: Who the fuck are you to tell me what to do?! Piss off!!! I’m not talking to the faggets.
Prince: I’m not gay, but my friend is. You have no right to insult him. He didn’t do anything wrong to you.
The guys: Who cares!!! He fucking don’t belong here!!! You too if you are his friend. You better leave before I….
Prince: Before you, what?! I’ll say it only once again: Calm down and leave him alone.
The guy looked at my Prince. When he was about to return to their table, the guy shouted looking at Fran: “Die you fucking stinking shit!”
Prince punched him in the face so hard that he knocked him down on the floor. Then he told him:
- You will apologize to him, right now!
The guy: NO!!! I won’t!!!
Prince: You and me, outside, NOW!!!
Fran ask him to not to fight saying to drop it and to better leave the bar, but my Prince said:
- Not until he apologies to you.
They went outside the pub and some visitors came to watch their fight. He managed to punch my Prince only once and that was it. Very soon his was on the ground rolling and moaning in pain. My Prince demanded an apology to Fran. When he didn’t want to, he was slapping his ears or face. Finally, he agreed to apologize. Fran accepted the apology. When they returned into the pub he said to my Prince:
- That was very nice of you, Prince. Thank you, although I wish we would just leave the bar. I’m against the violence and that’s what I do when being insulted or attacked.
Prince hugged him and said: Fran, you are my friend and my bro. Nobody will insult you or harm you in my presence. I will not tolerate that. I want you to know that I’m always there for you. From now on I insist you tell me when you’ve been harassed. OK?
Fran: OK.
Someone called the police in the meantime and the policemen, when arrived called his station and said that he is at the “crime scene”. He listened both parties and some witnesses to confirm their stories and wrote the report. The guy lied that my Prince attacked him without the reason and cause. Then policeman said that they both, him and the insulter will be persecuted for disturbing public order and peace. When he left my Prince called Antonio who said he will deal with it. 15 minutes later he called him back and said that he solved it. Antonio called his police friends and they withdrew law persecution against him. My Prince thanked him. Fran was belated to his work but there weren’t any problems.
When Fran told me and Ivy what my Prince did for him, he had tears in his eyes saying that nobody ever stood up for him and defended him. He was either beaten or he managed to escape. (*in our country homophobia is very strong and there is open animosity toward homosexuals. They are attacked and molested on every place). He was so impressed with him that he called him a real friend, gentleman and the knight. My eyes filled with tears too. I was sooo proud on my Prince. I cuddled Fran’s face saying:
- Honey, I’m very sorry for what happened to you….. You saw by yourself now what my Prince does for his family and friends. He would stand up for you even if there were much more guys like that one. He would risk to be beaten for you because you are his friend. He will not let anyone to harm you or insult you. And as he said, he will be there for you always because friendship is sacred to him.
Listening to Fran about Prince, Ivy got very excited. Her eyes glowed. She said excitedly: That’s my luv!!! ……. I knew he wouldn’t fail you,….. That’s why I’m fucking crazy about him………. Fran, do you remember the time when Eva’s ex attacked him with his two friends on the parking place some months ago and how heavily they beaten him avenging to him because he beat him up heavily earlier?
Fran: Oh, dear, how could I ever forget that. Poor Prince. His whole body was covered in bruises and his face wasn’t recognizable.
Ivy: Exactly! He was in pain for days………. Do you know what he told me in the car while I was driving him to the Emergency?
Fran: Princess told me, but I tried to forget that unpleasant event.
Ivy: And I don’t want you to forget. I want you to always remember how he was bleeding heavily and he moaned in pain while I was pissed as hell at Eva’s ex and his friends. I promised to him that I will avenge him. In that time, he didn’t know Antonio and he and I were just friends. I was dating Nick. He said: “Ivy, I don’t mind being beaten, but I will not let that motherfucker unpunished for insulting Eva, swearing and cursing her and calling her names. I want you to hurt him very badly. Make him suffer. Promise me!” I promised I will. He impressed me for what he said to me; he didn’t ask me to avenge him, but Eva who wasn’t even present and didn’t know what happened. When I asked him about two other guys, he said I may let them go. In that moment I realized how much he loves Princess. I fall in love with him that very moment. I never seen anyone loves so passionately and devotedly as he does. I realized that Eva was right and what she meant when she said: “He’s the one. The only one for me.” … I called Antonio and the guys and Nick and I went with them to find motherfuckers. We found them and we punished them all very heavily…….. Why did I do that?! ….. As you know, Eva and I never had boyfriends who would even do ordinary things for us not to mention defend us or our honor. But he did. You witnessed already that he would do anything for us and he’d die for us if he has too. He means it. That’s what love and friendship means to him. That’s why I avenged him too.
Fran: Yes, that’s true.
Ivy: Never forget that, Fran! Never! Because you have a friend who will never let you down.
Listening to her I started to sob and I embraced her and deep kissed her saying that I love her and my Prince with all my life.



Event 2: The lunch with the boss

Another thing that I liked a lot was that my boss took my Prince out for lunch. They ate in the Hotel restaurant without the presence of the security guard. Boss thought it wasn’t necessary because he was with him. They talked a lot and my Prince told me that he treated him very nicely and advised him about work and life. He was very compassionate and supportive. He complimented his hard work saying that he heard good reports from his team members and some other people. He said that he and his wife will be present at his Easter party for Hotel’s workers and their families.
You know, my boss never had a lunch with anyone from the Hotel but his business partners and friends. My Prince was the first one and so far, the only one. There were some small rumors at the beginning that my Prince is a boot licker, but those rumors vanished being denied by those who knows my Prince. Many people mixing up politeness with boot licking. They don’t know the difference. There were some rumors about my promotion too. “Thanks” to Tina word spread that I was promoted because I fucked with the boss although everyone in the Hotel knew our boss as the family man who never had affair and that I never tried to seduce him. Some people will always be the “people”. They will talk about the things they don’t know and don’t understand and will feed their evilness and primitivism because they are “gossip addicts”; they must satisfy their hunger for gossiping although they are deluded.



Event 3: The girl from France

My two angels got lucky one night. Holding the first party, they went to the Hotel’s bar after the first break. My Prince needed a coffee. He went to the bar with Ivy accompanied by security guard. His team members talked to the party participants. They sat at one table when the girl from France approached to them and asked them in English if she might sit at their table. She introduced herself saying that she is the guest in the Hotel and she said she saw them on the stage. She very much liked his Elvis’s dance and she complimented their performance. Then she said to my Prince that he’s cute and that she’d love to have some fun with him in her room. My Prince thanked her and said that he’s married and he pointed to Ivy. She apologized saying she didn’t know and she wanted to leave when Ivy asked her to stay. She said to her that if she wants to have a fun with her husband, she can freely do. French girl was intrigued with her attitude and they talked some more. When they had to go back to the party, she invited him into her room again. He said he will come after the party. My Prince asked Ivy if she finds her hot and when she said she does, he invited her to come with him. Ivy called me and said that they will come home very late explaining what happened. I wished them good time and I went to sleep. I know my prince’s taste for girls. If she wasn’t tall and skinny or slim, he wouldn’t bother with her. Next morning, they told me what happened. They came to her room after the party and security guard followed them but he stayed outside her room. When they came in, she was surprised that Ivy was with him. When they told her that they are both interested in having sex with her she said that she is not into girls and group sex. My Ivy asked her to give her a chance. She said: “let me kiss you. If you still don’t want me after the kiss, I will leave.” She let her. Ivy deep kissed her. She was charmed and she wooooow’ed being very impressed. She let her join them. They said that they had a great sex with her. Ivy said that she really tasted good. The girl was thrilled and she said that they may come to her room whenever they want to. She stayed few more days and they visited her once again after their working hours and had a “rerun”. I didn’t doubt in Ivy’s “tongue and lips” skill. She really knows how to drives us both crazy when we smooch with her or when she licks me or when she sucks Prince’s cock. Listening to them what they did to her I got very horny and I wanted them to do the same to me. We had excellent sex. Ivy and I played our little perverted incest game with him; teasing him saying cuddly: “Daddy, we want you to fuck our tight little holes.” Or “Daddy, we want to suck your big cock and drink your hot tasty sperm” ….. and similar. My Prince was very horny. Extremely horny. He fucked me and Ivy in all holes very deep and hard cumming in our mouths or asses. He made us cum several times. When he filled our asses with his hot tasty cum, we ate it with him. We were crazy about Ivy’s ass. She tastes wonderful. We fucked and ate her ass in various ways. Ivy and I would like to rim Prince’s ass but he is not into it yet and we don’t force it. My god, Prince exhausted us and we exhausted him.



Event 4: The old lady neighbor

The problem with the old lady neighbor and feeding seagulls was finally over. One morning Ivy and I were awoken by loud seagulls’ shrieking. My Prince looked through the window and he saw the old lady feeding them again. He was mad but he kept his angriness under control. He dressed up and he started to make the package. He took the domestic chess, the bottle of domestic white wine and the smoked ham and he packed it very nicely. We asked him what is he doing and he said:
- I’m going to try one more time to talk to the old lady nicely. I will give these to her as a sign of the good will and ask her again to stop feeding the seagulls.
Knowing how our negotiation didn’t go well last time, I offered to take his package and talk to her. I hoped that she will listen to me. I dressed up and I took our gift and walked toward her. When she saw me, she ran into her house. She was probably scared that I will hurt her. I rang the doorbell, but she didn’t open it. She talked to me through the closed door.
Old lady: What do you want?
Me: Good morning, neighbor. I brought you the gift.
Old lady: Why?
Me: We want to express our good will and be your friends.
Old lady: I don’t need your stinking gift and I don’t want your friendship. Go away or I will call the police.
Me: Lady, please, listen to me. We don’t want to harm you…
Old lady: Are you deaf bitch?! Get lost!
Me: All right. I will just leave this at your doorstep. And, please, would you be kind to stop feeding….
Old lady: Get the fuck out of my property scum…. You have 10 seconds.
Seeing that I wouldn’t accomplish anything, I walked away. She was watching me through the window. When she saw me entering our house, she opened the door and kicked the package I gave to her. Prince said that he will call Antonio.
Me (worried): Tell me you are not calling him and the guys to solve this problem. She’s is the old bitch but beating her …..
He smiled kissed me and said: Oh, nooo, don’t worry my love. I wouldn’t harm the old lady. I’m calling him to see if he has a connection in sanitary inspection. I want to see if we can make her stop feeding fucking seagulls if our sanitary inspector will talk to her.
Ivy: I like your idea, honey. Let me talk to him.
Ivy called Antonio and she described our problem to him. They made the plan that one of his guys will come dressed in the sanitary inspection uniform during the day and deal with it. No violence, of course. She is old frustrated bitch but none of us are into harming old lady.
Well, Antonio sent the Guy 3 during the morning. When he finished, he called my Ivy and said:
- When I came to her house, she didn’t let me in but she talked to me at the doorstep. She is very frustrated old lady. Anyhow, I told her that we received the complain about her feeding the seagulls. When she confirmed saying that she doesn’t see a problem in doing it I told her that she is breaking sanitary rules 15, 16 and 25. I quoted those rules to her (*the rules are taken from the sanitary manual about rats, cockroaches and other vermin) and that she also disobeyed the public appeal from the city council to not to feed them. She was scared. I told her that this time I will just give her written warning and if we receive one more complain about her, we will press charges against her and that the court expenses will be 5 times higher than her monthly pension. She promised that she will not feed them anymore.
My Ivy thanked him. She stopped feeding them. We were all glad that this was over. Too bad that she doesn’t want to have good relationship with us. But, that’s her problem, not ours.



Event 5: Natural born musician(s)

Working on the program for the Easter party for the Hotel’s workers and their families, beside buying the Easter gifts for every child, organizing feast, my Prince composed very cute chorus for children. He and Ivy also created choreography that will perform the two members of his team while they play and sing the chorus. I was thrilled with Prince’s knowledge about Bible. He isn’t believer but he was reading the Bible occasionally with his mom and dad when lived together. His mother is a believer.
The chorus is very easy to sing, it’s very melodic. Watching them singing and dancing, I had a big smile on my face. They were so cute and I was sure that the kids would love it.



Although they were very busy, we tried to spend much time as we can together when we were at home. Besides having a lot of sex, we watched movies, our wedding, listened the music or laying in the dark talking, smooching and cuddling. We are aware when the season time starts, I would rarely see them because we would all be very busy. My Prince and Ivy have advantage because they work together and their job keeps them together all the time. I so envy them for having so much time together. I wish I can have it too.


One more thing. One night while we were laying on the bed, we talked about getting same tattoos. At the beginning we all had different idea what we would like to have until we all agreed that we would put three flaming hearts bound together with our initials in them. Ivy and I will have it on the top of our left scapula and my Prince will have it on the left side of his chest. Can’t wait next week. We are excited about it.


Anyhow, this is in short about our 5 last days. There were other things that happened but these are the things that I felt I should mention. Have a great weekend all. We know we’ll do.

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