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After the party - impresium and reactions



Prince’s promotion party was great success. Everyone talked about it when I came to work in Monday. My parents, Ivy’s parents, our friends, they were all thrilled. I’m still under the strong impression of the party. What Ivy and he did for me and Fran is priceless. Whenever I think of my mom’s words about him, the tears fill my eyes. Nobody knows what would I become if Prince didn’t come to my life and turned it upside down several times. Those who reads our diaries from the beginning knows what kind of person I was before I met him. He changed my life on better. And Ivy’s life too. I would surely screw up my carrier and my life if he wasn’t by my side. And I almost did. Few times. His love for me and Ivy helped me to realize how childish we both were. I really hope I will not let my stupid behaving to screw our happiness and love.


My boss?! Coming to work in Monday, he spent first half an hour of talking about the party. He used every possible epithets and compliment that exist in dictionary to describe Prince's qualities. Listening to him my eyes were wet and shiny and I was incredibly proud at him. The only thing my boss didn’t liked was the amount of money Prince and Ivy spent on it. He thinks it was unnecessary waste of money but he respects their expression of love for me and Fran. He said that we must find the way to cover at least half of the money they spent for the party in the Hotel. And we did. We booked it as overtime work and the bonus for hard work. So my luvs will have their salary, at least some of it.
When Ivy and Prince heard about it they weren’t pleased because they saw their act as the love sacrifice. But, they didn’t want to make troubles about it and come in the conflict with the boss.


Most of my working time I spent in learning my new role – boss’s assistant. He is going on his business trip tomorrow and will be back in Friday. I’m bit nervous. He comforted me that I don’t have to make and crucial and very important decisions and if I have a problem with something, I can freely call him.
I also trained Fran and he trained Lydia. They both need to be independent on their new position next Monday.
I had several interviews today with new employees who should replace Tina and Lidija. Fran helped me in estimating and valuing their CVs. When we were done, I gave my recommendation to my boss and he said to call new candidates for another interview in Friday when he’ll be back in the office. He wants to talk to them too.


Back to my Prince. He became the Hotel’s star. Again. After the guitar class in Monday, many Hotel’s workers congratulated him, paid him a drinks, invited him to their houses. My Ivy and I had to laugh when one of our girls fell in love with him. Poor girl was after him everywhere, touching him all the times and tried to kiss him. He resisted politely and behaved as gentlemen. Nothing helped. Ivy had to intervene and played the role of “jealous” and possessive wife. She left him alone afterwards. My Prince likes when someone is interested for him but he doesn’t like when the girls are “aggressive” and persistent without limit.


He came to idea to hire instructor for singing for him and Ivy. They want to improve their singing but they can’t do it alone. They need to advance and they can do it only with someone above their rank. They contacted the music teacher from the music academy who will teach them singing twice a week for one hour. It will cost them 50 Euro. They are both thrilled about it.


I saw their new Skyrim “project”. I have to say, I like it. They are doing great job and I discovered something new about Ivy; she is very creative. She is full of ideas and she has the “picture” of the whole story about us in Skyrim in her head. I haven’t seen this quality in her before because she never had an opportunity to show what she’s I capable to do besides having fun, fucking, goofing and demonstrating her fighting skills. I’m very proud at her. Beside practicing singing and playing, they play a Skyrim a lot. Especially Ivy. Whenever I was present to their “discussions” about the dialogues, I had a good laugh. Listening both of them reasoning why some things should be said like “this” or “that” or shouldn’t be said at all was very enjoyable. So far, they didn’t argue about their disagreements. My Prince, when he didn’t like some of her ideas, and when Ivy insisted on them he just said: “OK, honey, you’re the boss!” I’m very proud on my two angels. We all are improving our communication and our respect for each other grows daily. Just as our love.


I’m finishing my diary now. My Prince and Ivy are preparing to play Skyrim. Ivy wants them to work on the new episode. She’s inviting me to watch saying to me:
- Common my love... Sit in my lap and observe how we gonna fuck your Skyrim character until she passes out.
Prince: Hahahaha – she can’t pass out in Skyrim no matter how long she fucks.
Ivy: Nevertheless…. We gonna fuck her tonight until she passes out.
I kissed her and said: Whatever makes you happy my love. And I mean it.


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