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Skyrim sex story - Part 2



Ivy heavily hooked on Skyrim. She became so addicted to the game that I hardly motivated her to practice. Not only that. When Eva wanted to take us out for the supper to celebrate her promotion, she begged her to move the celebration to Friday because she wanted us to finish the next Skyrim episode. I agreed to help her under one condition: no playing Skyrim more then 2 hours a day. We made the deal and sealed it with sex. LOL.
So, here is the next episode. We called it part 2 because we already published the first part under different title. (You can see it here: http://www.loverslab.com/blog/584/entry-4246-new-evas-skyrim-character-sex-skyrim-story/)
We took a bunch of pictures for this story and creating a story "costed" us several hours. lol.



I brought the mead to Eva. We sat and started to drink. Shit! The mead tasted awful, like mammoth's pee. The rumor that "our waitress", Hulda is watering the mead by adding some weird shit in it was true. Our mood dropped too when Mikael, the bard started to sing. Observing the happenings and new guests in the tavern I noticed that Hulda is waving her hand trying to get our attention. When I saw her, she gave me the sign to come down. I came to the bar while Eva stayed in "Our spot".
When I stood at the bar, Hulda told me: I have a good news. I found the person who took your chairs.
Prince: Who was it?
Hulda: Uthgerd the Unbroken.
Prince: Where is she?
Hulda: There (pointing her finger toward her).
Prince: Thanks, Hulda. I'm gonna talk to her.
Hulda: Be careful!
Prince: Why?
Hulda: She is very mean nasty bitch! She hates man and she looks for every opportunity to fight them.
Prince: Fuck!!! I can't fight women!
Ivy: Honey, do you want me to go and teach her the lesson?
Prince: Nah! Thanks, love. I'll handle it.




I relied on my elf charm and I approached to her and introduced myself. I tried to be a gentleman. The more polite I was the more she was mean.
Prince: Good evening, lovely lady.
Uthgerd: Piss off!
Prince: Excuse me?!
Uthgerd: Are you deaf or something?! I said piss off, skeever shit!
Prince: Woaaaa! That's very unusual way of talk for a lady.
Utheger: You have five seconds to get your stinky elf ass out of here or I'll cut you in pieces!
Prince: You must fucking kidding me!
Uthgerd: One, two, three...
Prince: Woa, woa!!! Hold on! I'm not gonna fight with with women. That's not my style!




She continued to insult me until she said something that really pissed me off. No man will stand such an insult in Skyrim.




I said to her: Stand up on your fucking bitchy feet if you dare. I'll teach you some manners.
Uthgerd: All right, elvish trash! You're on. I'm gonna kick your ass so hard that your screams will be heard all the way to Sovngarde!


We started to brawl. Damn bitch was very good. We, elves aren't strong as Nords but we know how to fight.


Seeing us fighting Ivy jumped on her feet, grabbed her sword and said very loudly:
Ivy: Nobody moves!!! The fight is between him in her. I will chop fucking head off to anybody who tries to interfere!!!




We continued to fight! I hit her ugly face so hard that the blood sprinkled all over the place.


I overpowered her and she admitted her defeat. When she sat down she said:
Uthgerd: All, right. What do you want?
Prince: I want to know why did you take our chairs from our spot.
Uthgerd: Who gave you the right to have private spot in Bannered Mare?! It's not fair!
Prince: I see you have your spot!
Uthgerd: That's different. I'm here since "forever" and you crawled out from your fucking forest recently and....
Prince: Watch it, bitch!!
Uthgerd: OK.... OK......sorry!.....
Prince: I want you to return our chairs back where they belong to.
Uthgerd: I can't!
Prince: Why?
Uthgerd: I threw them in the fire.
Prince: You'll pay to Hulda for the new ones!
Uthgerd: All, right! I will! Leave now, you're annoying me!




I returned to Hulda and said that Uthegerd will pay for the new chairs. She was glad to her it. Then Ivy and I left to our spot. Just as we came up Eva said:
Eva: Wooooa, honeeeeeey!!! Seeing you fighting made me very horny....... You were sooo hot!!! I need a fuck! I want to fuck now.


Well, Eva treated herself with female traveling trader....


... and Hulda wanted to fuck with Ivy and me.
























After the sex, Ivy said: That was fucking good!!! What's our next move honey?
Prince: We are going to Dragonsreach to deliver the sword to Adrianne Avenicci's father and then we will visit her..
Ivy: All right, my love. Let's go!


We went to the Dragonsreach, delivered the sword, earned 20 golds and the we went to the blacksmith shop. I big Nord dark bird man welcomed us saying: Welcome to Warmaiden's. Now don't let the name frighten you, we've got plenty o' steel for fightin' men.
Prince: Good day to you, sir. Ammm..... I'm looking for Mrs. Adrianne Avennici.
Ulfberth: May I know who is lokking for her and why?
Prince: My, apologies. My name is Prince, Elf Prince.
Ulfberth: Nice to meet you. I'm Ulfberth War-Bear.
Prince: Likewise.... Well, I need Mrs. Adrianne in private...


Then Adrianne's apprentice showed and standing beside him she whispered:
Apprentice: That's him, Master..... That's the guy I told you about.
Ulfberth: What guy? Be more specific girl.
Apprentice: The wood elf who was hitting on your wife.
Ulfberth: I see. Thanks.


While they were talking Adrianne Avenicci took a large drink and she sat on the chair being very nervous. Ivy and Eva stood at the side and observed ready to protect me if he attacks me.
Ulfberth: Well, well, well..... Who'd say that a small creature like you would dare to hit on my wife.
Prince: Amm... Listen.. I don't want any troubles.
Ulfberth: I bet you don't because I'm about to twist your tiny neck!


Adrianne: Hold on, you big bear. This young man means no harm.
Ulfberth: Why are you protecting him?
Adrianne: I'm not protecting him. Unlike you, he has manners. He knows how to treat ladies.
Ulfberth: Pfffff.. Hahahahaha...... Common Adry..... You know better then this! You know very well that Nords aren't sweet talkers and flower givers.
They started to have a verbal fight. I didn't know they have marital problems and that Ulfberth spends more time in Bannered Mare spending their hard earned money on mead and wenches. Adrianne wanted to divorce him but she couldn't. She and Ulfberth are business partners and she will lose all she invested in the blacksmith shop if she divorce him. Adrianne saw the opportunity to revenge to him and she said: This fine young man did a favor to me. I was telling you for weeks I have a sword for Jarl but you were too lazy to take it to him. He did it gladly and I want to pay him favor back.




Adrainne dressed off and she kneeled taking my cock into her hand and said: I'm gonna suck you dry.












Taking my load down her throat, Adrianne stood up and dressing up she said: Consider your favor returned. Hope to see you again.
Prince. Thank you, kind lady. Yes, favor is returned. Looking forward to our next encounter.


I turned to Ulfberth and said: It was a pleasure to meet you sir.... and your wife. I'm very satisfied with your service. Consider me as your permanent customer. Good night.
Ulfberth didn't say a word.


I looked for Eva to tell her that we are living. I found her in their kitchen. Didn't know that Ulfberth was following me.


Eva: I see you had a good time, honey, Glad for you.
Prince: Yes, I did. Thank you, my love.
Eva. Did she sucked you well?
Prince: She is a pro. Must see her again. I want to fuck her ass.
Eva: And you will, my love. I want to taste her too.


We talked when Eva suddenly shouted: Watch out, honey!!! He's right behind you!
I was about to turn around and to draw my sword when he said: Calm down! I didn't come to fight you.
Prince: What do you want than?
Ulfberth: I came to tell you that I have nothing against you personally. It's not your fault for my problems with Adrianne.
Prince: All right. I'm sorry you have a marital problems.
Ulfberth: You seems to be a good guy. Let me treat all of you with a drink.
I asked my girls if they wants to go. Ivy said that she'll stay to talk to Adrianne and try to seduce her. Eva joined us.




Before we entered into the Bannered Mare Ulfberth turned to me and said: I have a favor to ask you.
Prince: Go on. I'm listening.
Ulfberth: Whatever happens in the Bannered Mare stays there. OK? I know that Adrianne knows about me drinking a lot and spending golds on wenches but I don't want her to know what we did tonight. Agree?
Prince: All right. You have my word. I won't tell her anything.
Ulfberth: Thank you.


I felt sorry for him. I do not approve his life style; spending their money on drinks and whores, but I, sympathized with him for some reason. Eva and I took him to our special place and we treated him with good quality mead that Hulda was hiding beneath her bar for special guests.




Eva shared the same opinion with me. She felt sorry for the guy too. She said: You know, I was thinking.....
Prince: What about, my love?
Eva: Weeeeelllllll.. Adrianne had a good time with you. Let's help him.
Prince. How?
Eva: He'd surely spend his all gold on wenches...... Lets' fuck with him and help him to not to spend the whole money. I mean, look at them. They working hard and this guy comes to Bannered Mare every night and he doesn't go home until he spend the last coin.
Prince: I like your thinking, honey. Let's do that.
Eva spoke with Ulfberth and she said he can fuck her if he promise to not to spend any more gold tonight and that he will give today's wage to Adrianne. He agreed. So we started to fuck.












(it will continue)



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thank you i love your story and super pictures this is how i would like to spend my time in whiterun well done please some more !

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That elf knows how to stick his arrow everywhere, for sure ! :D

- haha. He was just lucky. He has his eye on A.A.


thank you i love your story and super pictures this is how i would like to spend my time in whiterun well done please some more !

- Thank you very much.  Ivy will be glad hearing this.  We certainly would continue with the story. :)

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