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New Ivy's Skyrim character and Skyrim (sex) story



My beautiful witch Ivy loves to play Skyrim with me; and Sims 3. Sooo, last night we played together again. She was sitting in my lap and she wanted us to make a new story again about her in Skyrim. For those who don't know, she picked Mjoll the Lioness as her avatar. We played some time and you know about Aerin, the guy who always follows her wherever she goes. Well, he started to annoy Ivy. I laughed hard listening her comments about him.



Ivy: Who's that mother fucker?
Me: That's the guy who saved her life.
Ivy: Why does he follow her all the time?
Me: I don't know, honey....., I think it's because Mjoll is thankful to him for saving her life and.......
Ivy (interrupting me): He pisses me off!!!
Me: Why???
Ivy: He's always around speaking fucking nonsense and they never fuck!
Me: Hahahaha ....well... honey..... you can cast the spell and they....
Ivy (interrupting me): Kill the bastard!
Me: But, why??? He's a good guy!!!
Ivy: I don't want to cast no fucking spell. If they do not fuck, I don't want him near her.
Me: Honey, listen, I might kill him, but I'm not sure if I will break the game.
Ivy: What do you mean?
Me: There are certain quests with her and the makers of her story line put him there with reason. You saw that he wasn't killed when we were attacked by bandits. He is essential..... Soo..... I don't know honey.
(short silence)
Ivy: I like Mjoll but this fucking freak annoys me..... Is there any other girl we can use instead of her?
Me: You saw all NPCs.
Ivy (nervously): Oh, fuck....... I really hate that guy!
(short silence)
Me: Hey, I have an idea.
Ivy: I'm listening.
Me: There is a page on net called Nexus. I will open it for you and you can browse and search for the new female character you like...
Ivy kissed me and said: OK.. Please open it for me.


I opened Nexus and follower categories. When she started to search I said:
- Honey, I'm going to bed. When you.....
Ivy interrupted me saying:
- Noooo, pleaseeee, don't go. Stay. (kissing me)
Me: Honey, listen.... OK, I will stay, but I don't have will to search for the new girl. I will stay here and play my guitar.
Ivy: Thanks, love. You do that. When I find a new one I will show her to you.


I sat on the sofa and started to play guitar. Didn't want to go to the bedroom because Eva was sleeping. After some (long) time, I heared loud:
Me (laughing): Hahaha...... did you find a new one?
Ivy (thrilled and happy): I did, my love..... Come and see.
I sat on the chair and she sat in my lap. Then she showed me Jessi Barbarous created by VRDaphni. I had to agree with her that she looks like Ivy. Not so much in the face as in the body. But Ivy liked her because of her rough and wild character.
Ivy (kissing me several times): I LOVE this bitch!!! She's nasty and nastily...... Put her in the game.
Me: OK, my love.


I installed her and we found her in the Bannered Mare in Whiterun. We took her as follower. Ivy was very happy. She said:
- Let's make the story. Shall we?
Me: OK... Let's do it.
We started to create a story but the "Better free camera" mod fucking froze again. I couldn't unlock my Player. I also was tired and wanted to leave the continuation of the story for tomorrow, but Ivy begged me:
- Honeeeeey, please.. let's make a story.
Me: We will, but I'm tired now. We shall continue tomorrow, you have my word.
Ivy: Noooooo........ I want Princess to see my new me when she wakes up.
Me: But, honey, we need more pictures.
Ivy: Noooooooooo, these are enough.....
Me: Are you sure?
Ivy cuddly): Yes... Pleaseeeeee...... Dooooooo it!
Me: All right.
Ivy: I love you.
Me: I know.



We made the short story. After that Ivy reeeeealy rewarded me. Hehe... damn gorgeous witch! I love her!
So, here is the short story about new Ivy in Skyrim



Ivy: Here we are. The Whiterun. It's fucking early in the morning. No shop is working. Shall we go in The drunken huntsman or you had something else in plan?
Prince: I need to buy some stuff from the local blacksmith. She will be at her store very soon. Let's wait for her at her shop.


We went and Adrianne Avenicci showed some times later. Together with her apprentice. I bought some ingots and some equipment from her. Adrianne noticed that I was staring at her. Looking at her sporty legs I was very aroused and wanted to have a sex with her. I turned my back on her and other NPCs so that they will not see my erection. Ivy noticed that something happened and she said:
Ivy: What is it, honey?
Prince: Am..... nothing!
Ivy: Oh, common..... there is something going on...... tell me!
Prince: The blacksmith, A. Avenicci is hot! Look at her legs. Damn hot legs! I have erection and I don't want anybody to see it.
Ivy: Would you like to fuck her?
Prince: Oh, yea..... She is milf but veeery hot milf


Ivy dressed off and said:
Ivy: OK.. she is hot.... indeed.. but tell me would you rather fuck her or this body?!


I looked at Ivy's body and I went crazy! She's hot as hell. I changed my mind and decided to fuck her. Then she said:
Ivy: So, whose gonna be? Me or her?
Prince: You, my love, of course.
Ivy: Let's do it then!
Me: Not here! Too many people and guards around.
Ivy took me inside of "The drunken huntsman" and she said:
Ivy: Is this place suitable?
Prince: Yes, honey it is.


We started to fuck right on the floor. Only few visitors stood and "enjoyed" in the sight.


After the first orgasm, Ivy wanted to deep throat me. I sat on the chair and she bend and took my cock deep into her mouth showing her pussy to Elrindir who started to jerk behind his desk.


I came deep down her throat and of course, we cum kissed at the end. After the good sex, we looked for Eva who was fucking with Jenassa.


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I don't know what happened when I posted the story the first time. The preview showed all pictures correctly, but when I published the story I saw some of the pics doubled and some were missing. I corrected the story. My apologies to the readers who saw the "wrong" entry.

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Hahahaha - Excellent work my loves. Enjoyed in reading the story. New Ivy's girl-avatar looks hot. I red description about her on Nexus. She is very similar in character with Ivy. Can't wait to see when we would have 3 some ;)

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Still waiting for the waitress. =p


Anyway, you mentioned using a mod "better free camera". Dunno what it changes, but if it freezes your game, you should rather uninstall it and just type «tfc» in the console instead (or «tfc 1» if you want free camera + pause) whenever needed. :)

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Still waiting for the waitress. =p


Anyway, you mentioned using a mod "better free camera". Dunno what it changes, but if it freezes your game, you should rather uninstall it and just type «tfc» in the console instead (or «tfc 1» if you want free camera + pause) whenever needed. :)


LOL - I think you will have luck to see the waitress in next story. The only problem was that the one I planned as the waitress is reserved by Eva. When she saw her, she was very thrilled saying that except the eyes color, she looks much closer to her in reality than Laraya. She also wants me to change her in Skyrim. Sooo, here she is: Saadia, by Gol.  :)



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