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Troubles with Barbara



This diary entry is the shortest version of the very hard and dramatic experience we had yesterday. We can’t even remember all what was said and done and I wrote things Ivy and I remembered so that you will have the insight in the main events and dialogues.



I truly enjoyed in my free Monday morning. Ivy replaced me in the guitar class and I had no other obligations but to practice, play Skyrim and browse LL. I used my free time to talk to my Uncle and my cousin in Pula. Eva also called me to see how I’m doing and beside saying many “I love you” and other “Sweet things” to each other, we didn’t talk anything specific. She said she needs a “dose” but will wait for Ivy to finish with the classes and they will go to my office.


When Ivy came home, we lunched together and we had a quick one under the shower. We took a short nap and we spent 2 hours in rehearsing. When the time came I went to pick up Eva at the Hotel. I stayed some time with her and Fran and having the juices we talked about our supper with the boss and his wife. Fran was very happy for us. Hearing our “versions” Fran concluded that I must captured boss’s heart because of hard life I had and the bad experiences with bullies and “Tina’s case”. We also talked about the party for employees and Fran complimented all the program. I thanked him for being wonderful friend and a helper. Then I drove my gorgeous witch Eva home.


Driving in the car we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and I had to drive slowly because we kissed all the time and touched each other on very intimate places. Too bad that the driving was short because she wanted to give me a blow job. Eva promised that she’ll do it as soon we come home.


When we came home we saw Ivy holding Barbara in her arms and seeing us she made very sad face. Barbara was drunk. We asked Ivy what is happening and she said:
- Barbara snapped!
Eva: What???!!! Why???
When Ivy wanted to reply to us, Barbara turned her head toward us and she shouted:
- I’m not fucking snapped. I’m in love. I’m fucking crazy for Ivy and she doesn’t loves me back…..
I quietly said to Eva to go and take a shower and I will see what can I do if anything I can do at all.
Barbara (to Ivy heavily sobbing): WHYYYYYYYY DON’T YOU LOVE MEEEEEE???!!! WWWHYYYYYYYY?????
Ivy and I tried to calm her down but we couldn’t. When Eva came out of the bathroom I suggested to Ivy to let me help her and take Barbara under the cold shower to make her sober. When we started to do it, Barbara resisted. We overpowered her and dress her off and took her under the cold shower. It helped. Not completely but it helped. Then we took her into our bedroom and we placed her on the bed. When she slept, we joined to Eva in the living room. Eva kissed her and sat in her lap and Ivy started to talk.


Ivy (very upset): I can’t fucking believe it!!! The bitch is totally crazy!!!! Fuck!!!.... If I only knew that I will ever experience this with her I would never start any relationship with her.
Me: Honey, why is she drunk? Do you know….
Ivy (nervously): When you left to pick up Eva, fucking stupid bitch called me few minutes later and asked me if she might come over. I said that I’m not in the mood to do anything with her and that I’m waiting for you two, then she asked me: “Do you love me?” ……… I said that I don’t love her and that she knows that….. Then she said that she is in love with me. I said I’m glad for her but she can’t expect my love in return because I love you two only……. Hearing me saying that, she accused me for playing with her emotions and hurting her feelings. I tried to remind her on our “deal” but she hung up. While I was practicing my guitar skill, she came by taxi and she smelled on alcohol. She tried to kiss me but I rejected her kiss. Then she started to yell how much she loves me but instead of love her back, I broke her heart. I had to take her in because she was very loud….


When we entered she was constantly trying to kiss me and hug me but I refused her hugs and kisses. I reminded her that she broke our agreement starting to interfere in my private life. When she started to say bad things about you two I slapped her and I said we are through. She started to call me names, a traitor and many other things…….
Eva: Fuck, Ivy……. Poor girl really fell in love with you very strong and uncontrolled…..
Ivy: She fucking is….. God damn!!!!...... Well, you never know what can you expect when having relationships like she and I had.
Me: It’s true……. One can never know that might fall in love….. It just happens……….
(short silence)
Eva (to Ivy): Do you have any plan what to do with her when she wakes up?
Ivy: I will drive her home and I don’t want to see her again…… I don’t like possessive people, stalkers and those who are trying to control other people’s life……. I know she didn’t plan to fall in love with me but her love for me and her behaving is not acceptable! We had the deal and the deal is broken. By her. So, it’s over.


We supported Ivy in her decision. While we were waiting for Barbara to wake up we had a coffee and we smooched with Ivy. When Barbara woke up, she came to the living room and she said she has a headache. Ivy gave her the glass of water with lemon and a pill. Eva went to the bedroom and worked on her laptop and Ivy and I stayed with Barbara. After some time being in silence Barbara apologized for her behaving. She asked Ivy for forgiveness and she asked for a another chance. Ivy was determined in her decision that they are through. Barbara started to cry and saying that she loves her and she can’t live without her.
I understood what she was saying because I feel the same for Eva and Ivy. When Ivy said:
- Barby, for the last time…… we are through… it’s over……… please don’t make scenes and let me take you home.
Barbara sobbed and she suddenly stood up on her feet and ran toward the kitchen. She took the knife from the knifes holder and placed on her veins shouting:
We were stunned and shocked and surprised. I couldn’t believe that someone can be so crazy in love for someone after such a short period of time. Then I remembered how Eva was crazy in love with me after only few days. Although I didn’t believe it, later on I saw it was true. Eva is still crazy in love with me and she is even more. So as I’m with her. Ivy and I didn't know if Barbara was bluffing or not, will she cut her veins or not. We only knew we must stop her.


Ivy (to Barbara): Barby!!!! Calm down, please…….. don’t do anything stupid……
Barbara: NO, back off!!!! I will not stop until you tell me we are continuing our relationship!
Ivy: You know it’s not possible….
Barbara: Then it’s your fault if I cut my veins!!!
Somehow, not planning at all, I quickly grabbed the mug with tea and threw close to Barbara to distract her. The trick worked and Ivy was very quick (she was closer to her then me) and she managed to separate her hands and I took the knife out of her hand by force. Eva heard the noise and she quickly came to the living room wondering what is happening. I told her to stay away for security reasons….


Being overpowered, Barbara stopped to be aggressive and she started to heavily sob again. I think she had a nerve breakdown. We decided that we will take her to the emergency to receive a injection for appeasement. I took my jacket first and Then I was holding Barbara while Ivy was dressing up the jacket. Eva wanted to go with us but we told her to stay at home.


I was driving to the nearest emergency while Ivy was sitting on the back seat with her holding her. Barbara’s emotions varied from calmed to hysterical yelling “I love you, Ivy!”. When we came to the emergency we shortly explained what has happened and the nurse gave a appeasement shot to Barbara. When it started to effect in few minutes, we took her in the car and drove her home. Barbara’s brother opened the door. Their parents weren't home. They have been skiing in Slovenia. He wasn’t shocked and surprised at all when he saw her in this condition. He just commented:
- Gee.. Barb….. what the fuck you did now?!
He let us in and when we placed her on her bed, we sat with him and talked. Ivy explained to him what happened. He said:
- So, you are the girl that Barb fall in love with……. I can see now why…….
Ivy: I don’t know what she told you, but our relationship was solely sexual. This is my husband - (pointing at me), and I accepted the relationship with her under conditions that she will not interfere in my marriage and my private life. She already did it once and I warned her if she do it again that we will break up….. And she did…… She came to my house very drunk and “insisted” on continuing our relationship. I told her that we are through and she tried to hurt herself…… We overpowered her and we took her to the emergency.
Barbara’s brother listened to Ivy He was very calmed. It looks like that he gets used on such behaving from her sister. Then Ivy told him:
- I’m sorry for what happened. I really wish she will get me over. I ask you to tell your sister to not harassing me or my husband and more. I don’t want her to call me or any of us. I’m not threatening to her now, but if she will continue to call me or come to our home, she will regret she was born…… You have my word.
He listened to her and he saw that Ivy was very serious. He promised he’ll do his best.


We went to our car and Ivy was still very upset because of that incident. I drove us to “our café” and we sat in “our” place. She sat in my lap and I cuddled her giving her my moral support and my love. When she calmed down we called Eva and said that we are fine. Eva said that she’ll come to the café. She came some 15 minutes later. It’s not far from our house. We had serious talk about this incident. We also agreed that none of us will start any type of relationship with others except plain sex without attaching to the person. But we felt sorry for Barbara. It’s not her fault she fell in love with Ivy. We were only shocked that she reacted so dramatically and hysterically.


After the drinks we all took a nice short walk at the beach and after much hugging, kissing and “love you’s”, we returned home. We were happy that our love is not possessive, controlling and “sick”. We respect each other and we are trying to adopt to each other constantly changing our bad habits and manners. Sometimes we learn the lessons on very hard way, painfully and dramatically, but we all looking the best for each other, not for ourselves. And that's the very essence of the love.......



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Barbara seemed a bit ill, so it worsened it, but I think it's a preview of what can happen in people's mind. It's strange how two people can have sex together without understanding each other mind, don't you think ? Sharing intimacy without having the same objectives...  One wants to keep the partner in love with them, the other one just wants simple sex with no defined tomorrow. One wants to have a child in the future, the other one not... How frequently this happens seems strange to me as well. =) 


Nice distracting cup of tea, btw. ;)

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Yea, it's strange how people differently react on "Sex yes, but no obligation." Eva had a similar experience. I haven't. I believe it all depends about the "Mental condition of the person". My ex and I have been in lot of group sex before and we haven't had such a problems. I think that Ivy made mistake in start: she shouldn't be involved in relationship with Barbara at all except for sex. You see, Barbara participated in many group sex before she met us and as far I know she didn't caused the problems because she knew that they only have sex. In Ivy's case, Ivy changed the "rule" by establishing the relationship becoming her girlfriend and doing so, she made it "official". 


I'm sorry if my words makes no meaning. I know what I want to say but I just don't know how.....

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But you're perfectly clear. You meant that with people knowing it's clearly just sex there's no problem, while with other ones there can be.


Personally I regret that sex and love are no longer linked in our society, but that's just an opinion, and I understand there can be others way of living/thinking. =)

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Thank you. I'm glad you understood my point.

I respect your opinion about the sex. I truly do. Eva, Ivy and I are opposite. We love sex and we do not care whom we'll fuck with as long as that person doesn't cause the problem; like Barbara did. Well, when three of us have sex it is very different from having sex with others. I wrote about that difference in one of my earlier blogs. :)

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I must agree with my prince. We talked and Ivy admitted she made mistake. She should never been involved in relationship with Barby.

My god, it was very dramatic experience. Hope it will never happen again.

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