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It’s good to be back -/- The best Christmas gift ever



This diary covers events from 22nd to 26th of December.


Thanks to crèmes and pills, proper nutrition and radical measurement that Eva did by taking away Antonio’s pills from me and Ivy’s strict watching over me all the time, I recovered pretty well before my mom and sister came in visit. The night when Eva took Antonio’s pills from me, we argued very heavily. But, she was right when she did it. If she didn’t take them from me I wouldn’t recover so fast because I will use every moment to work on the music with Ivy. I started to force myself which was bad for my recovery.


Eva’s and Ivy’s support, love and care for me are priceless. My witches are simply amazing in every aspect of our life together. I do not know if I would fall into the depression after the tragedy that happened to me if I wouldn’t have them at my side. Thanks to them, I’m very positive about the life and I’m going forward without turning back to that black spot.


I also have confession to make. I was never disciplined enough, or I should rather say: I’m not disciplined at all when it comes to care for my health. I need someone to watch over me and “make me” to follow the doctor’s advises and prescriptions. I also don’t like going to the doctors. I wouldn’t go to the hospital even in extreme situations like when was heavily beaten or when been bleeding and vomiting during the Hotel Christmas party unless someone take me to the hospital. The only thing that I like about their profession is white female doctor’s or light blue nurse’s uniforms. It turns me on. It my little fetish.


I apologized to Eva next day for my behaving. She is extraordinary girl and she cares for me a lot; much more then I deserve. I was foolish, childish and irresponsible.
We all got very high Christmas bonuses in envelops. Ivy and I each got 600 Euro (the income from the bar and reward for performances included). Eva got 400 Euro. And when we add this money to our salaries, we had plenty to put at the side for car maintain and services, fuel and other things. I split my salary and 400 Euro and I gave it to Eva and Ivy to deposit on their bank account. The rest of the money I put in my wooden box.


I was mostly laying on the sofa listening the music, watching movies, giving guitar lessons to Ivy, playing guitar (2 hours a day), smooching, cuddling or having sex with her. She practiced a lot under my supervision, and she incredibly progressed. She is fast learner and disciplined student. When I was sleeping she played Skyrim on the computer or Sims 3 on her laptop. She also found Heather Brook’s “Deep throat” videos (http://www.pornhub.com/video/search?search=heather+brooke+deepthroat) and her and Eva practiced her technique on me in the mornings. I was amazed. We all liked it. They like it doing it, and I enjoy in receiving it. That’s quite an experience; very different and more pleasurable than “ordinary” blow job.


22nd - December

After receiving excellent deep throat blowjob by Eva, we spent some time in romantic cuddling and in conversation about our relationship. We learned a lot about each other and from each other; the things we never shared before or haven’t noticed. We also, changed a lot, mostly positively, but we still have to work on some shortcomings that can we change by the time and turn them into virtues.


When Eva left to work and Ivy returned home, I took a Antonio’s pill and we rehearsed for 4 hours with small breaks. Antonio’s pills were miraculous. I haven’t feel the pain at all.


After the rehearsal, Ivy suggested to go to “Our café”. I wanted to go but I said that I can’t seat. She said that we will stand at the bar. When we came to the bar, “our “waitress worked and seeing us, she wanted to asked the couple that were sitting in “our” place to take another table, but Ivy said that we will stand at the bar. We had coffee and good conversation with her. While we were talking, one of the two who attacked me few days ago on the beach when I was with Eva came into the café. Seeing us he wanted to go out but we invited him for a drink. He didn’t want to accept our call but when Ivy said that we insist, he joined us. We approached him very friendly saying that we want to forget the incident, but the guy didn’t want to be our “friend”. He asked us to stay away from him. When he finished his drink, he left the café. Ivy and I stayed a little bit longer and after we paid for our coffees and giving very large tip to the waitress we went home.


Coming home from “Our café” we watched “Red 2” movie with Bruce Willis and John Malkovich. We loved it a lot and Marie-Louise Parker who acted B. Willis’s girlfriend was amazing and very cute. They all acted very good and we laughed hard watching their relationship and many funny situations they fell in to. Then we took a nap.


When we woke up, I felt very inspired to practice and I took another Antonio’s pill. We rehearsed for hour and half when Eva came home by taxi. We kissed her and when she asked us how we spent our day we told her. When she heard how much we practiced and that I took 2 Antonio’s pills, she got very mad at me and Ivy calling us irresponsible and saying that we do not care enough for my well being. Ivy admitted that she made mistake and that she wasn’t careful enough about my injuries and treatment. I didn’t see anything wrong in taking two pills and practice so much which made Eva very furious at me. She took Antonio’s pills and said that she will not let me have any more because I can’t control myself. I requested her to turn the pills back to me, but she didn’t want to. We started to argue very heavily saying each other some bad things. I was very mad at her and I went to the bedroom. Eva laid next to me and she tried to explain to me that she did it for my own good, but I didn’t want to listen to her and talk to her. She returned to the living room and had serious talk with Ivy. I took extra dose of sleeping pills and pain killers and fell asleep very shortly after.



23rd - December

When I woke up in the morning, Eva got up too. During the coffee time Eva and I apologized to each other for saying bed words. She explained to me again why she took Antonio’s pills from me. I admitted that I didn’t see that as her act of love and concern for me. She told me that from now on Ivy will be stricter toward me in all things because I don’t care for myself at all. I apologized for being stupid and blind to see that I’m not doing good to myself and I asked her for forgiveness. She said that she forgave me the very moment we finished arguing last night. We reconciled and smooched and cuddled until Ivy woke up. We had a good time talking together and then Ivy took her to the Hotel.


When she returned, we were cooking and baking cakes for Christmas Eve. Ivy did major part saying to me that I have to rest. We had time for rehearsals and sex, but most of the time she was in the kitchen and I was laying on the sofa. We hardly could reach Eva on the phone because she was very busy. Ivy was taking good care for me and she watched over me to not practice more then I need (2 hours a day). We baked enough cookies for Eva’s team and the boss. I felt very well and I was in the mood. We sung a lot during the cooking and baking, had fun and laughed too.


When I wanted to play the Skyrim and/or log in on LL, Ivy didn’t let me saying that I can’t control myself and she’ll not let me sit “unnecessarily” (whatever that supposed to mean) until I get the doctor’s approval about my health improvement. She also said that she doesn’t want to argue with Eva about me. Damn! Girls were really hard on me but for my own good.
I tried to use my smartphone but the letters are to small and browsing was slow. While I was laying on the bed with Ivy’s laptop in my lap I tried to type but couldn’t. I must be in sitting position. Fuck! I’m definitely not “bed person”. Can’t do any other activities except having sex, reading or watching the movie which I rarely do except the first one. Searching the on line movie to watch, she said:
- Honey, I was thinking……..
Me: What?
Ivy: How about if we make Tina to be our sex slave.
Me: - ???
Ivy: Don’t you want her to be able to fuck her in the ass anytime you want and deep throat her?
Me: Noooooo! She’s disgusting!
Ivy: She isn’t ugly if you implying to that. As a matter of fact, she has a good body.
Me: She does. But her character is disgusting. I despise her.
Ivy: To bad, my love. I thought you might like the idea of have her as our sex slave. It will be good to do to her at least some nastily things she did to the others and to you.
Me: Thanks love, but you know I’m not into those kind of things. I don’t like brutality and BDSM…… But……. you know what I love?
Ivy: What?
Me. I love you, you long legged gorgeous witch!
Ivy smiled and she deep kissed me saying she loves me too.


The time before she went to pick up Eva, we spent in watching anime porn and had a good time laughing making funny comments about censored Japanese Hentai porn. Then she left to pick up Eva.
Before they came home, I felt bit of tired and I took *sleeping pills and went to bed. (* I needed them because sometimes I had nightmares that I’m captured in Tina’s basement and the whole thing was “happening” again).
I missed to see and to kiss and hug Eva, but I knew I would see her lying next to me when I wake up early in the morning. I was happy just thinking about it.



24th - December

When I woke up in the morning, I wanted to take a shower and to have a coffee. But my witches didn’t let me be alone at all. Knowing how undisciplined I’m, they woke up too. Eva hugged me and kissed me wanting to get up, but Ivy told her to stay to sleep and that she will watch over me. After the shower and during the enjoying in the coffee, Ivy wanted to sit in my lap. We tried to see if I would feel the pain. I could have her sitting in my lap but I had a kind of “unusual” feeling in my cervix. It didn’t hurt me but it was unpleasant. She didn’t want to take a risk of injuring me she sat beside me and we smooched and cuddled until Eva woke up. She took a quick shower and join us in threesome that ended in deep throating. After we took Eva to her work Ivy and went to the down town.


I bought “You’re my angel” neckless for Ivy again after she insisted to give me the money for it. Walking hugged to our car, somebody threw a firecracker at us. The loud unexpected sound made my body twitched and when I twitched I felt sharp pain in my anus and cervix. I had to crouch to reduce the pain. Ivy turned to look who threw the fire crackers at us and she saw two guys laughing. She was very pissed off. She approached to them and said:
- What’s so funny you fucking assholes?!
Jerk 1: You …. and your clown!
Ivy: You better back off!!! I’m warning you!
(Can’t say for sure but I think they probably commented our difference in height. Ivy is taller the me: I’m 185 cm, like Eva and she is 192 cm. Wearing high heels boots she was even more taller than me and I was the one that had my arm around her hips and she had her arm around my shoulder. Well, it kind looks funny. I would smile seeing someone like that, but I will definitely not bully them)
Jerk 2: Is that so?!
Ivy: Yea…. It’s that so…..fucking cocksuckers!!!
When she turned to me to see if I need a help, one of them threw another firecracker at us. Ivy simply “exploded”. She ran to them she smacked them both in their balls with her knees and fist swearing them loudly. They didn’t expect it and while they were holding their genitals and moaning in pain she slapped them each. All nearby pedestrians stopped and watched what happened. Then she saw one policeman and she called him. When he approached she said:
- I want you to arrest these two fucking assholes. They threw the firecrackers on my husband and me.
Policeman: Calm down miss! Tell me what happened.
Ivy (Frustrated): I just told you. How stupid you must be not to comprehend……….
Policeman interrupted her saying:
- Miss, I will say this only once: calm down and watch your language.
Ivy took couple heavy breaths and explained to him what happened. He checked theirs ID’s took Ivy’s statements and asked them to show him the content of their pockets. Beside some few things, they had many firecrackers. He took it all and asked Ivy if she wants to press charge against them. She said she want. He wrote a short report and asked her to sign it. Then he said that they would be called to the court and she will receive the invitation to come to. When those two guys were about to walk away, she yelled at them:
- You were lucky this time you fucking shits! Next time when I catch you I will light them in your asses you fucking faggets!!!
She asked me how I feel and when I said that I feel the pain but it is fading, she hugged me and kissed me saying:
- I’m sooooo sorry honey…… Let’s go home and I will check if you are injured.


She drove us home and after checking my anus that I’m not bleeding we took the shower and I took my medicine. Then we went to the bedroom and after making love, we took the nap.


Eva had to work 12 hours shift and couldn’t be with us for the lunch, but Ivy, after lunching with me, brought the lunch to Eva in the Hotel and they lunched together during her break time. She also brought the cookies for Eva’s team and the boss. I wanted to go too but boss forbid me to come until I fully recover.
When she returned, from the Hotel she said that Eva miss us a lot and the guys from her team loved our cookies and sends their regards. We spent only one hour in rehearsing and the rest of the time, before Eva came home we talked about my mom. She was little bit anxious how my mom will behave toward her tomorrow. I encouraged her saying that I will stand on her side and will not let my mom to be mean to her.


The Christmas Eve was busiest day for Eva in all three days. Ivy and I had a good time together in everything we did, especially in sex.
But we missed Eva a lot. The time we had together with her wasn’t sufficient for us. All three days she was working all day and when she came home, I was either sleeping or she was very exhausted and she went to the bed almost immediately like she did it tonight. The only time we could enjoy being together was in the mornings before she goes to work. Those mornings were very precious for all of us. We were very romantic, gentle and we kissed, had sex and cuddled.



25th - December

The whipping marks on my body was still visible but not painful. I was hiding them from my mom in order to avoid unnecessary questioning and hysteria.


My mom and sister arrived very early in the morning by taxi. We all welcome them and before Eva went to the work we gave a tablet to my sister. She was very thrilled when she got it. Eva taught her how to use it (basic functions) and how to take pictures. She was capturing pictures of us all but mostly of Eva (she’s her Princess too).


My mom behaved the same way toward Ivy as she did when was in visit last time: ignoring her, not talking to her at all and being “lightly” hostile until I had a serious talk with her. We argued and after some heavy words we addressed each other, she finally “broke” and accepted Ivy. I said to her that she doesn’t need to love her if she feels not to but I will not allow her present behaving toward her. She confessed that she sees how much Ivy and I love each other and although she still didn’t like our love triangle she promised she’d behave from now on. My mom didn’t buy any present for her but for me and Eva, Uncle and Eva’s parents. After our conversation, she gave her swatch watch she both for herself before she came.
We called our friends or SMS them wishing marry Christmas. Of course, Antonio and the guys were first ones. We promised we’ll take them out on drinks again the first time we will be able to. Antonio was glad to hear that I felt much better. He really started to like me.


The lunch at the Eva’s parents also went very well. We had a lot of fun and exchanged presents. Eva couldn’t resist to tease Livio, her dad. She and Ivy was constantly smooching and cuddling: Eva would say to him: “Dad, watch this.” When he looked, she would deep kissed Ivy wrapping her hands around her neck or placing them on her ass, or sitting in her lap. He didn’t react at the beginning until he got enough and said: “Whatever you’re trying to do is silly and needless. I wish you stop doing that because you will not provoke me.”
Eva (smilingly and teasing him): “Daaaaaad!!! You ruining the fun! You can at least pretend to be angry.”
Then he “made the scene” and we all laughed. Ivy’s and Eva’s smooching caused various reactions: uncle was smiling or commenting something funny, my mom completely ignored them turning her head on the other side, my sister didn’t understand what is happening at all but she smiled seeing them kissing because it’s “unusual” to her that girls are kissing, Nada was melted and pleased and I, of course, was horny. Had to cover and hide my erections.


After the lunch at Eva’s parents Ivy drove her to the work and we visited Ivy’s parents. We didn’t stayed long. They had guests too. We gave them their Christmas gifts, stayed shortly for the coffee and cakes and returned home. My mom wanted to know more about Ivy and her family and they talked long while I was talking to my sister or we watched cartoons. They didn’t become friends after the conversation, but my mom was nicer to her.
When Eva arrived, she had just enough strength to take a shower and went to the bed. Ivy and I joined her and we were kissing her while she was sleeping. She could only smile and “mmmmmmd” enjoying in our kisses. We will endure two more weeks of her extremely busy period. Ivy and I would also be very busy when I return to the Hotel.



26th - Best Christmas gift ever!!!

My mom and sister took the first bus to Germany very early in the morning. This time Eva and Ivy drove them to the bus station and I stayed home. My sister cried again missing us already. It looks like they gonna stay living in Germany. Mom got permanent job and she applied for the visa. Maybe I will see them again for Easter Holidays.


When girls returned home we had a quick sex and they practiced “Deep throating” on me. We took the shower and we took Eva to the work. When I noticed that we aren’t going home, I asked Ivy where she’s taking me. She said:
- To the proctologist!
Me: Proctologist???!!! What for???
Ivy: You are booked for 10.00 o’clock.
Me: Honey…..ammmm……I’m not ready to go now…… and…..why didn’t you tell me earlier?
Ivy: Because you will make same drama as you do now. Maybe even worst.
Fuck. I started to make various excuses not to go. Nothing helped. Ivy was unbreakable.
I didn’t want to go even after she reminded me that boss won’t let me work if I don’t bring the doctor’s approval about my health improvement and condition. I love my job and I was eager to return to my work but I just didn’t want to go to the doctor although I knew that I have to do it sooner or later. I told her that I “wasn’t feeling to go to the doctor”, she said nervously:
- Will you fucking stop make stupid excuses!!! …… My mom busted her ass trying to get you on the list before all others using all possible connections. Her connection said she can do it only today and she will come to her ordination only for you. Otherwise you’ll have to wait several weeks. Therefore: YOU MUST DO IT TODAY!!! THIS MORNING!!! NOOOOWW!!!!
(short silence)
Me: Honey…… ammm….. Can we at least try to call her and see if we can delay it,…….. for tomorrow?
Ivy almost exploded. She was very mad at me and I could see she was trying to control herself. She took a couple deep breaths and said:
- Honey, I can’t believe you’re such pain in the ass!...... You know what?!?!? …. If you don’t go to the doctor with me today I will quit my job at the Hotel! I fucking would!!!
Me (shocked): Are you serious?
Ivy: I think you already knows me very well to believe me that I’ll do what I said I’d do.
She was right. She’ll do it. I couldn’t allow it. We are doing excellent job together and we perfectly supplementing each other that my entertaining and musician skills aren’t enough to do my job so perfectly without her. It would also be unfair from my side to let her quit her job because I hate to go to the doctors. Sooooo, we went to the doctor. I was very nervous for two reasons: first, the doctor is a female and second I don’t like anybody to “move around my ass”. I didn’t like it even before “the thing” and I always felt embarrassed being naked in the presence of female doctors (I don’t know why). When she checked my cervix and anus she said that I’m almost completely healed and I can return to my work if I want to, but still have to be careful what I’m eating and not to sit too long next few days. Just as a measure of precaution. She also advised to me to “stay away” from stressful situations. I was very happy to hear that I’m allowed to return to my work. Ivy and I celebrated with the quick sex in the hospital’s toilet. I also apologized to her for being a jerk and gave her hard time.
Ivy: Eva was right about you. Sometimes you are one stubborn undisciplined childish jackass!
Me: I know…. I’m sorry my love.
Ivy smiled and wrapping her arms around my neck she kissed me and said:
- But we love you…... I love you. You pissing me off very hard sometimes but regardless of my harsh words I say to you, I’m crazy about you. You know that, right?
Me: I do, my love, I do. And I love you too.
We called her mom and I thanked her for arranging the visit to the doctor.


After that we bought a present for Fran because it’s his birthday tomorrow, we went straight to the Hotel so I can show my doctor’s approval to my boss. Eva and Fran were very happy to hear the good news. Eva and I kissed and hugged as like we haven’t seen each other for ages. I hugged Fran too and gave him Christmas present and thanked him for all the help. He was touched by our gesture and then he said something that he told me the first time since we met although I knew it because Eva told me earlier:
- “It was my pleasure, Prince. I did it because I love you.”
I looked at Eva and she just smiled and shrugged with her shoulders. Then he smiled and said: - “But, don’t worry, darling. I know you don’t love me and that you probably never will. It’s OK.”
Fran said that he didn’t know we would come so he didn’t bring the Christmas present for me and Ivy but will give it to us next time he sees us.


When we entered into the boss’s office, he smiled. We shook hands and he asked me about my health condition. I proudly show him doctor’s approval and he smiled again saying:
- Good……. Good……. I’m glad to see you doing fine…. Mmmmmm……. When do you think you can start to work?
Me: Tomorrow, sir.
Boss: Don’t you want to take few more days off....... just in case…..?
Me: No, Sir……. I miss my work……. I want to come tomorrow.
Then he laughed. This is the first time I saw him laughing.
Boss: Hahaha …….. You are one very busy bee, Prince…. All right ….. All right …… if you want to come, come…… Buuuut, I want you to be careful…. Do not force yourself or I will send you home immediately and will forbid you to come to work for a week… When you need a rest, take rest. If you feel weak or sick, I want you to stop with all your activities. That’s the order. Do you understand?
Me. Yes, sir.
Boss: Good.
Ivy and I thanked him for the Christmas bonuses and the reward. Then he said:
- I’m glad you are satisfied……Now, I want to show you the present I have for you…… Follow me, please.
He took us to the room next to his office. He said to me: “Read the sign on the door”.
When Ivy and I looked at it, it said: “Prince, Head manager for entertainment, music and parties”. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Ivy screamed being very happy and she kissed him in the cheek. I was completely speechless. When we entered into the room we were positively shocked. It has very large sofa, working table, computer, wardrobe, carpet, small round table, small TV, stereo line and some other things… It also had small toilet with sink and mirror.
Boss: This is my gift for you and Ivona….. In some way it was good that you couldn’t come to the work so we could finish equipping the office….. From now you are in charge for entertainments, parties and similar events, but Eva is still your boss….. and you are responsible to her……mmmmm…… This is your office where you can spend your time when working all day or having the break, change clothes, receive guests and customers and …. *cough* for your …. “things” …… But only You, Eva and Ivona…... No one else…… Understood? I returned that privilege to all of you…. Of course, certain discretion is still required…… If you break any Hotel rule, I will withdraw that privilege.
I was stunned. My eyes filled with tears.
Me: … Ammmmm…… I don’t know what to say, Sir…… I’m speechless……… You are to kind to us…… thank you very much….
Boss: You’re very welcome, Prince. You earned it. You worked hard and you proved yourself.
Me: Thank you very much again…. ammm…….. What happened with guitar room?
Boss: It will remain to be guitar room because it’s much closer to the classroom. We’ll also buy 3 new cheap guitars……. Our business tripled in all areas since you and Ivona started to work in the Hotel. The investment in your office is insignificant and this is the least I could do for you.
Boss: Now, here is your office key. Eva has a copies of the key for her and Ivona……. No one else has the copy of the key but janitor. Well……. That’s it…. I have to go back to my work……… See you tomorrow, Prince… and you too, Ivona…… Have a nice day.
We shook hands and he left. Ivy hugged me firmly and kissing me she said:
- I’m soooooooooo happy for you, my love…… You deserve it.
Me: Thank you, love but I will not be successful without you. We got it thanks to you too. We both earned it.
We deep kissed, locked the door and went to Eva. I was still in some kind of “shock”. When we came to Eva’s desk she was smiling. We kissed and hugged. She said that the boss told her about this “gift” the day he visited us and while he was driving her and Fran to the Hotel. He asked them to keep it in secret until I was able to return to my work. Then she said:
- Honey, you probably heard that from now on, you are in charge for entertaining and organizing the parties…. But I’m still your boss….. and Ivy’s too.
Ivy leaned toward her and quietly said:
- Boss, we would need you later in our office….. to.. amm.. discuss about certain things ….. aaand to make a schedule…
Eva: What things, Ivy? And what schedule?
Ivy: I want to know when shall we fuck and how often?!
Eva and blasted in laughter. Fran congratulated me for getting own office. Then we kissed Eva and went home.


During our driving home Nick called asking if he and Adriana may come over. I asked Ivy if she has something in plan and when she said she doesn’t, I told them to come. Ivy and I agree that we will not tell them anything about “The thing” with Tina.
When they arrived, we exchanged Christmas gifts and had a good time laughing. Ivy couldn’t resist not to tease Adriana.
Ivy: Hey, sugar, you wanna know what Eva and I learned and what is that our Prince likes a lot?
Adriana: Hahaha – Somehow I have a feeling you referring to the sex…. No, Ivy I don’t wanna know!
Ivy: Are you sure? I’m convinced that Nick would love it if you do it to him.
Nick (smilingly): If Prince likes it, then it is surely something very perverted.
Ivy: Perversions depends about the point of view…… Well, knowing Adriana so far, I think she might see it as perversion too.
Adriana: Hahahahaha… You can’t know that.
Ivy: You want me to show you?
Adriana: Noooo! Not at all! But, since you are so eager, you can tell me.
Ivy: I’ll rather show it to you.
Adriana: No, please don’t!
Ivy took her laptop and opened the page with “Deep throating”. She showed it to them and while Nick was thrilled, Adriana said that she likes to do a blow job to Nick but she thinks she never be able to deep throat him. Ivy said that she can teach her but Adriana rejected her proposal. Of course, the rest of the time being together, we all teased her. They stayed little bit less than hour and they went home.


After they gone Ivy took a shower and played her guitar before she went to the Hotel and pick up Eva. I started to write this diary. When she was ready to go to the Hotel, I just finished writing the diary. It took me a while since I had to take the breaks from sittings and I had to cover 5 days. Also, most of the time Eva and I were writing our diaries together and she type much faster then me. I had to take small breaks before I finished it.



Since I’m starting to work the whole day tomorrow and next several days, I don’t know when will I be able to write next diary. Eva is very busy too. I wrote this one since I had time and so that you can have the insight what has happened in my absence from LL. But, I will use any opportunity to come to LL now that we have computer in my office. I missed all of you and thank you all who thought of me and missed me.


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Glad to hear everything worked out well! It must have been really awkward watching Eva and Ivy do that while around your family, haha. Happy Holidays <3

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Glad to hear everything worked out well! It must have been really awkward watching Eva and Ivy do that while around your family, haha. Happy Holidays <3


Thank you. Well, Eva was always like that. The first time she took me to her house to meet her parents, she "forced" me to have a sex in the bathroom. Her father had a hard time to forgive us for what we did. Eva is simply like that - veeeery free in expressing her sexuality no matter who's watching.  :)

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Glad to hear everything worked out well! It must have been really awkward watching Eva and Ivy do that while around your family, haha. Happy Holidays <3


Thank you. Well, Eva was always like that. The first time she took me to her house to meet her parents, she "forced" me to have a sex in the bathroom. Her father had a hard time to forgive us for what we did. Eva is simply like that - veeeery free in expressing her sexuality no matter who's watching.  :)



Collygon > Hahaha - I can understand your "shock" ;)  Yes, my Prince was right when said that I was always like that. I don't know why I have a "need" to provoke my dad and why do I enjoy in doing it, but I simply must do it. It may sound very bizarre to you but "provoking" him like this and expecting his reaction turn me on and makes my adrenaline high on some way thou his reactions in the past hurt me a lot.


I know, I know .... I'm weirdo...... but my Prince and Ivy loves me the way I am. :)


Thank you.

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