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WLTBK - 44 or Weekend couldn't' end better



Written and posted by Eva with Prince's approval.



We napped some 2 hours. When I woke up, Ivy and my Prince were still sleeping. I went to the kitchen and I made a coffee and set in the living room. I called my mom to say hi and some other friends. The longest conversation I had was with Fran. He asked for Prince's condition and we were talking about things on work. He said they missing me at work. After we finished conversation I was thinking to return to work tomorrow. Prince is feeling better and Ivy is here to look after him too. Then I checked on them in the bedroom. Ivy had her head over his and they kissed and giggled. I join them on the bed and we talked about the fun we had in restaurant.
Prince: Honey, I was thanking Ivy for marvelous time we had. She really mad me laugh.
Me (smilingly): She did, indeed.
/short silence)
Then I asked him a question just to see his reaction and hear his opinion about the matter we never talked before but were mentioned in the restaurant in joke form:
- Honey, lets assume that Ivy and I are pregnant and we carrying your baby, what would you do?
Prince (without hesitating): I will accept both babies and love them and help you girls in everything with babies.
Me: You understand that if we would carry your baby, we would be rejected by my father, probably by your uncle and who knows how your mom would react.
Prince: I love them all but you two and our babies comes first. I don't care if they reject us. You two and the babies are most important for me and above everyone and everything else.
Both of us, Ivy and I were thrilled with his answer. He sounded very assured like he was thinking about that possibility. We kissed him.
Then Ivy said: What about marriage, whom will you marry, if being asked and/or forced?
Prince: I do not believe in marriages. I believe in love. Marriage is imposed by certain institutions and it doesn't help people, but it makes things more complicated. We'd have more problems then benefits. Why would we marry anyway? What are advantages of being married today? Almost none. ......According to some definitions of marriage, three of us are already married; we live together, have sex, we sharing our lives, good and bad, we share our goods and money and other shit....... You may disagree with me, but this is how I see it...... Also..... we can't marry even if we want.... No church and government institution support bigamy and if I have to marry, I would love to marry both of you. So, we have no theoretical and practical chance at all...... On the other hand, to answer your question.......let's assume that one of you want get marry with me... for instance, you Ivy....... In that case I will listen Eva's desire. If she agrees, I'll marry you because I love you, but I love her more... She is the love of my life....... But if she'll be against it, I will not marry you no matter what...... Sorry....... If Eva wants to marry me, I will accept it without question.
I was very touched by his words. He shared exactly our opinion. Ivy also liked what he said. She accepted the fact that I'm the first in Prince's life and she agreed that my opinion about this matter is crucial. ......... I want to spend the rest of my life with him and Ivy. I hope my wish will come true.
I leaned above his face and gave him deep kiss. I put my tongue into his mouth and when he started to suck it, he got instant erection. When I saw it, I cheered:
- I equaled the score... it's 1:1, Ivy.
She laughed and said: Not yet, you cheater..... my turn.
She waited until his cock return to normal state and she started to make out with him. This time he got erection few second later then me.
Ivy (pretending to be angry): Damn it, Prince!!! You did it on purpose! You wanted her to win this time!
Prince (laughing): Noooo, sorry Ivy.....I didn't..... Eva knows and you know I can't control my penis...... It has it's own will.....
We both laughed and then I continued to make out with him, while Ivy gave him blow job. When he came into her mouth we cum kissed and enjoyed in the taste of his hot cum..... Yeaaaa, Ivy and I like cum eating and cum swapping. My Prince too, but we were selfish this time.


Then we anointed him with the crème and he took his pills. We could see a good recovering progress: dark bruises on his body are going away and his face is almost clean. He could walk better and faster although his hands hurt him a lot since they received most and heaviest hits when he tried to protect himself. Then Ivy asked him to teach her to play guitar. He showed her the scripts and they sat in the living room while I was making light supper. He was checking her basic music theory knowledge and her ability to read music notes explaining that she wouldn't make good progress without it. When he was satisfied with the amount of her knowledge he started to teach her the guitar theory. Ivy wanted to start learn playing guitar practically, but Prince insisted on his way of teaching asking her to trust him. When Ivy saw that he wouldn't change his mind, she started to tease him:
- Honeeeeeey, this is boriiiing........I want you to teach me how to play...... pleaseeeee.....
Prince: No way..... you can't skip certain steps before start playing.....
Ivy: If you'll not teach me to play guitar........ I won't let you eat my ass.....
Prince laughed and said: I will survive!
Ivy: annnnnd I will not suck your cock....
Prince (laughing): Ivy stop..... hahahahha
Ivy: aaaaand I will not let you suck my tongue........
Ivy played her last card knowing how much my Prince love to suck her tongue......
Prince:......... Okeeeeey........ I see you're playing rough......... if you don't stop blackmailing me right now and accept my way of teaching......I will not lick your pussy and let you cum in my mouth.
I blasted in laughter knowing how much she loves that.
Ivy: NOOOOOOOO!!!!! You wouldn't do that???!!!!!!
Prince (laughing): Try me.
Ivy laughed and said: OK....... OK...... you win, you stinky despot.
She approached to him and after giving him a deep kiss, she said: I love you, you bastard!!
He smiled and said : I love you too.....you wicked witch.


I finished the dinner and asked them to join me at the table. I still needed to feed Prince because his hands were shaking when trying to hold the fork. During the supper I said to my Prince that I would like to go to work tomorrow explaining that Ivy is here now and she'd take care for him. He agreed. I asked Ivy if she'd drive me to my work because I want to leave my car to them in the case they need it. She agreed too.


After the supper Ivy washed the dishes and we all went to the bedroom. I suggested to turn off the lights and light on come candles and listen to some smooth music. They agreed. We enjoyed in the atmosphere and by the time we started to have a sex. We watched to not hurt Prince. We all were satisfied because we get what we wanted: Ivy came in Prince's mouth, I came in her mouth while riding his cock, he came in Ivy's ass and Ivy and I got and shared his tasty cum. After that we all took shower and went to sleep.


Prince woke up first. He asked me to help him to dress and to make a coffee for him. I helped him and I made him a coffee and carefully sat in his lap. He enjoyed drinking the coffee from my mouth. It really turned him on. His penis was hard and big. I didn't had sex with him, although wanted, but I let Ivy to take care for him later. When she woke up, I made her the coffee too and when she came out the bathroom she joined us on sofa.
Then she kissed me and Prince and said:
- Princess, let me sit in his lap too.
I smiled and let her. When she sat on his lap she asked him:
- how do you like it?
Prince: it feels good. I like it, but, no offence, I like more when Eva is sitting on my lap.
I smiled and Ivy stood up from his lap pretending to be offended, said:
- Fineeee! I will not sit in your lap any more.......
Prince (Not realizing she's teasing him): Oh, Ivy....... gee........ what's the problem now???
Ivy: Nothing........ you just don't love me strong enough to enjoy in my sitting on your lap.
Prince just sighed didn't want to be drawn into discussion.
Then she gave him a deep kiss saying:
- relaaaaax...... I'm just fucking with you.....
Me: Ivy...... Take a sit in his lap again....
She looked at me strangely wondering what I'm planning o do, but she did it.
When she sat on his lap, I said:
- let him drink the coffee from your mouth.
She took the sip of the coffee and she let Prince to drink it from her mouth. He got instant erection.
I smiled and said:
- If you want him to enjoy in your sitting oh his lap, you have to do this. I don't because we assimilated, but you're new.
Ivy laughed and she took his cock out of his pants and started to suck it. When he had orgasm, she let him cum in her coffee mug and smilingly said:
- I got my cream after all.
I didn't let her drink it by herself. She had to shared her coffee with me.
(short silence)


Me: what do you have in plan to do today?
Ivy: well, I will clean the house, call some friends, make lunch and maybe we'll take the walk by the sea, depends of the weather...... but I will surely fuck with Prince.
He laughed and teasing her, he said:
- I think you have to ask me first. You can't just use me.
Ivy (teasing him): You obviously forgot what Princess said earlier - you belong to both of us.
Prince: What if I don't want to fuck with you?!
Ivy and I blasted in laughter.
Me: Honey, we all know that you can reject many thing, but sex.
He laughed and said: I can be strong, I can resist you and her if I want to.
We laughed hard again.
Ivy: No you can't.
Prince: you wanna bet?
Me: Honey, you always lost when betting with me. Don't do it, you'll lose.
Prince (confidently): Not this time.
Ivy (laughing): OK..... smart ass....... I accept....What's the bet?
Prince: ummmmmmm.... if I resist to have sex with you, you will....ummmmm.. you will....... you will drive the car with your tits exposed when we pick Eva after the work. No upper clothes and no bra.......
Ivy: Okeeeeeeey.... but If I win, you will let me to give you blow job in public place when we go out next time.
Prince was silent but he agreed. He still isn't fully relaxed to have sex in public places unlike Ivy and me.
Listening to them, I knew my Prince will lose. He is weak on her and she is tricky. She'd surely know how to seduce him.
Me: Oh, honey, you just signed your "death sentence".
Prince: Well, we'll see.
Ivy gently grabbed him for his jaw and looking into his eyes she made serious face and said: Babe, I'm gonna suck you dry.
Prince and I blasted in laughter.


Then I had to dress up for my work. Before I left, I gave him deep kiss saying that I will call him. Then Ivy drove me to my hotel.



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