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WLTBK - 40 or Saturday morning started well



Written and posted by Eva with Prince's approval.



WTF???!!! Where is Prince???? When I opened my eyes early in the morning, he wasn't in the bed and Ivy was laying by my side. I was mad at myself for not hearing him when he was getting up. I quickly get up and I found him in the bathroom taking shower. He moaned in pains, his body trembled and he tried to soap himself but he couldn't. I dressed off and enter under the shower with him. Taking the shower gel into my hand I started to soap his back.....
Me: Hoooneeeyyy, what he hell are you doing?!
Prince: I must took the shower...
Me (angrily): Why didn't you woke me up or Ivy for Christ sake?!
Prince: She wanted to help me but I refused.... I must tried if I can do it by myself.......It's OK.. don't worry.
Me: I wish you will stop making me worried..... Don't do this again.... Pleeeaseeeee....
He turned around and kissed me saying:
- OK, my Love.. I promise......
Then he tried to soap his chest, but he couldn't.. his hands were shaking terribly. He was very nervous because of that.
Me (peacefully and gently): ssshhhhhhhhhh....... hoooooney.... I will soap you.......
Prince was looking at me and then he said:
- my god........ you're so beautiful.
I liked his compliment and I kissed him very gently. Then I took towels and I dried his body and then mine. I help him to dress up and after I brushed his teeth and mine, we went to the living room. He could walk little bit better and he had less black and dark purple spot on his body, but he was still weak. The big problems were his hands. He didn't have the strength in them although he could move them. When he sat on sofa I anointed his body with crème and he took the pills. Then I made a coffee for him and I set next to him. Fuck!!! I so fucking miss sitting in his lap. I set next to him and hold the mug so he can take the sips. He looked at me so thankfully.
Prince: Eva........ I have no words to tell you how much I appreciate your care for me....
I interrupted him saying: honey, I know you are thankful...... you don't have to say it every time I do something for you. I will always care for you whatever and whenever you need......
"Let him say it...... You have no idea how much I wanted to hear such words from you-know-whom"- said Ivy coming to the living room and going to the bathroom. - "You get used to hear them all the time and you are probably "tired" of hearing them, but, honey, believe me, It's better you hear them even a million times, then never or very rare...."
Ivy was right. I get used on Prince's compliments and thanks and praises that they kind of lost their value and power in my heart. My eyes filled with tears. I gave him long deep kiss. Yes, my Prince simply doesn't know how to stop being him: good, warm, gentle and kind. And I just failed in the very thing I was saying to Ivy not to do last night. I needed that lesson for being smart ass.......
(short silence)
Prince: When I fully recover, I will take you out one evening and you will pick the place, meals, present, and we'll do whatever you want to do.... just to show you how much I love you and how grateful I am for all you have done for me. ..... OK?
I was melted..... I cuddled his cheek and said: OK.. honey....thank you.


Ivy returned from bathroom and after kissing us both, she said:
-good morning my loves.
She took the sip of the coffee from my mug and she went to the kitchen to make a coffee for herself. While she was waiting for the water to boil, she sang softly some song. Hearing her singing Prince said:
- Ivy, you have a good voice. Would you mind sing little bit louder?
Ivy started to sing louder and Prince like how she sounded.
Prince: Do you know to sing harmony?
Ivy: I know, but I need a more practice. Why?
Prince explained to her about his job as entertainer and guest animator in our hotel saying that he would need a back up voice and asked her if she is interested. She said she'll think about it and that her priority is to find a job, although she receive s good sponsorship when she was a professional basketball player.
We were sitting in silence, drinking our coffee.
Me (talking to Prince): Honey, may I ask you a question?
Prince: of course.
Me: Would you tell me how you and Nick became best friends. I know some of the story, but I wish to know more.
Prince became very sad when hearing about Nick.
Me: Oh, I'm sorry, you don't have to speak about him if not feel to.
(short silence)
Prince (took a deep breath and started): When we moved from other city to Rijeka, I just finished elementary school. Not knowing what should I study next I talked to mom and dad. They told me what talents they see me have and that I should look to study those. My father suggested to study IMT computing and web but I decided to go for photographer. I registered and was accepted. I met Nick. I mean, you can't not notice him. He was tall, skinny bigmouth and loud. He was very funny. We all laughed on his jokes in the classroom, even teachers. Since we lived very close, he lived in the building across the street we started to go to school together and home after the school. He had a girlfriend and once after a big quarrel with her he was very pissed off. He shared with me his love problems and I gave him couple of advices I learned from my father. Those advices helped him and since then, he always shared with me his problems and I shared mine with him. We learned to trust each other and he covered me up when I screwed something in the school and I did the same for him. We started to hang around always visiting each other and going out on dance and drink. One night, when we were out wit our girlfriends, two guys from our neighborhood attacked him and I stood at his side. We brawled with them and although got pretty beaten, they got worst. Nick was thrilled that I supported him although I didn't know those guys and the reason they fought. Since that night we became best friends.... We continued our friendship even after high school and few times we work together in some season jobs. And, that's basically that.
I kissed him and thanked him for sharing his story with me.


Ivy (teasing him): Were you always perverted or you became a pervert after you met him?
Prince laughed and said: I was perverted since I was embryo. While I was in my mother's womb, all I was thinking about were girls like Eva end you. Couldn't wait to get out and lick your pussies and to fuck you.
Ivy and I blasted in laughter.
(short silence)
Ivy: It's fucking Saturday.... did you have something in plan for today?
Me: No, we haven't, I mean what can we plan when Prince is in this condition?!
Ivy: Logically...... (talking to me) - Honey, I was thinking to go to see my folks and bring some things I forgot last time. May I take your car?
Me: Of course you can. The car keys are in my purse.
She kissed me and thanked me then she turned to Prince and putting gently her arms around his neck she kissed him and said:
- and you, my love, you will have a good day with us today. I have planned something special for you.
She deep kissed him and went to the kitchen to make a breakfast.


My phone rang. It was my dad.
Me: Hi, dad.
Dad: Hi Eva.......... is Prince awaken?
Me: Yes, he is... do you want to talk to him?
Dad: No...... mmmmm... I'm asking because Uncle and I wanted to come over your place and see how is he doing and we have something for you two.
Prince gave me the sign with his head that it is OK for them to come.
Me. OK, dad. You may come, but don't tell mom yet... OK?
Dad: Don't worry. She doesn't know anything....mmmmmm... We'll be at your place in some 20 minutes.
Me: OK, see you, dad.
Dad: See you.
Then I talked to Ivy:
- Honey, listen, I don't want my dad and Uncle to know that three of us are in love relationship. I'm asking you to not to kiss me or Prince or say anything about it. You know that his uncle was shocked seeing you two making out in the old flat. Even today he can't understand this. And you know my father doesn't know about you and me.
Ivy: Don't worry Princess..... I will be careful...... Say...... (teasing me) - Do I have enough time for one quick blow job? Prince surely needs some relaxation before they come....
Me (laughing): Noooooooo, you don't!!! You slut!
Ivy (smiing): OK..... OK... just asking
Then she set next to him and started to make out with him. My Prince go erection. I laughed and said to her:
- It's enough now, I don't want them to see my Prince having erection.
Ivy: mmmmmmmm.. but I love his lips....... so.... fucking good!!!
My Prince was very aroused and he said:
- I enjoyed very much in your lips and tongue too, but please, don't do that again, not when we expecting quests.
Ivy (joking): OK... OK..... I feel some hostility here.. I'm gonna finish my breakfast since you two doesn't want to eat, and I will go to my folks.


Few minutes later, my Dad and Uncle arrived. I welcome them and after hugging them, I invited them in. They were caring big role of domestic Istrian cheese, smoked ham and big bottle (5 liters) of white domestic wine. (*** Istria is a big peninsula on North-West of Croatia). Seeing Ivy at our place, Uncle wasn't glad, but he was cultural and polite to her. When they said hi to Ivy, my Dad set next to him and Uncle "parked" his wheel chair close to him. Ivy left and I offered them a coffee. They accepted. While I was making the coffee they talked to my Prince.
Dad: how do you feel, son?
Prince: Much better, thanks for asking... Eva is taking a good care for me.
Dad: mmmmm.... Good...... This is for you and Eva. All is domestic. I hope you'd like it.
Prince. Thank you, dad.
Dad: You want to try some now?
Prince: Thank you but, can't.
Dad: let me cut just a bit of smoked ham and the cheese. I want you to try it and tell me if you like it. If you, do, I will bring you some more when you eat them. OK?
Prince: Ok, if you please.
While my dad was sharpening the knife, Uncle talked to my Prince. I served the coffee and Uncle said to me:
- Aaannd, how are you my angel?
Me: Very well, uncle. Thank you.
Uncle: Happy to hear it.......... (joking) - Beside kiddo's giving you a hard time, you kids are doing fine?
Me: Oh, we are doing more then fine... we're doing excellent.
I kissed my Prince very loudly. Uncle was happy to see we still love each other.
Prince (talking to his uncle): Eva is marvelous girl, uncle. I don't know what will I do without her.
Uncle smiled and was pleased. Then my dad brought cheese and smoked ham and we all taste it. My Prince and I liked it. Dad was glad. Then we talked about ordinary things and after they wished my Prince a quick recovery, they left. I was glad my dad kept his promise and he wasn't teasing Prince or giving him hard time. I think he finally started to respect him.


Sex scene:

I set next to him and we were making out. My Prince get aroused but not so quick as he does with Ivy. I don't know what she does to him and how, but she simply drives him crazy when they making out. He wanted to eat my pussy and I took the same position as Ivy last night. My god...... he is a tongue wizard. He made me cum in his mouth very good and very fast. Then I gave him blow job. Having his cock in my mouth and feeling it pulsing filling me all the way to my throat, drove me crazy. But I miss it in my pussy. Fuck!!! Damn imbeciles, I hate you for hurting my Prince. Although we both enjoyed in sucking his cock, my Prince already sat to much and his body was sore. I made him cum in my mouth and enjoy swallowing his hot taste sperm. When I cleaned his cock with my mouth and tongue, we deep kissed and I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. When I returned to the living room he was sleeping. I was still sex hungry. I went to he bedroom and took my toys. I started to fuck my pussy and ass very hard and wild until I cum again. Then I wiped them out and went under the shower.



Coming to the living room I laid next to my Prince and slept.



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