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WLTBK - 26 or Ivy and I conforting Prince



Written by Eva. Posted by Eva with Prince's approval (I hope).



When we arrived home Prince took winter blankets out of the car and put them on the bed. He wasn't in the mood for talking. I hugged him and kissed him then said:
- honeeey, I'm so sorry for what happened at my parents..... Don't be angry at my father, please..... He's not mean..... Sometimes he just don't know when to stop.... just like Nick.
Prince whispered:
- It's OK.
I wanted to take the shower. I asked him if he wants to join me.
Me (seductively): wouldn't you like to shower with me..... mmmmmmmm...... I could do some very niiiiice things to you.......... cooooomeeeee....
He didn't want to, but he took his guitar and started to play. He was in very bad mood. I felt sorry for him. I showered and returned to the living room. I asked him if he would post today's story explaining that we should because it has very good news about his uncle, but he didn't want to. But he said that I can do it if I want. So I did it. When I finished, he was still playing his guitar. I wanted to sit in his lap but he said:
- Honey, I'm practicing. I must make up those two hours I missing...
I saw it's gonna be hard to cheer him up. Then I came to the idea to call Ivy and invite her over. Maybe two of us can cheer him up. So, I went to the bedroom and I called Ivy:
Ivy: Hey Princess
Me: Hey sugar.
Ivy: Are you guys home?
Me: Yes, we are..... Hey, do you have time to come over tonight?
Ivy: Hmmmmmm.. I'm not sure....... Why?
Me: My Prince is in very bad mood. My Dad and his uncle gave him very hard time when we arrived. I can't cheer him up.... Maybe together we might....
Ivy: What did they do to him?
Me: Will explain you later...... Are you coming?
Ivy: I don't know honey (short silence)....... sorry Princess..... maybe next time.
Then she hang up.
I was little bit disappointed that Ivy rejected me. She never did it before. I returned to the living room. He was silently mmmmmmming some song and played guitar. Although I wasn't sleepy at all, I wanted to lure him in the bed where I will try to seduce him, I said:
- Honey, I'm going to bed. Will you join me?
Prince: Sorry honey, but not yet. I'm in the mood for practice.
I knelled before him and I placed my hand on guitar strings making him to stop playing. He looked at me surprisingly and then I said cuddly:
- honeeeey, why don't you take a quick shower. It will relax you.... Aaaand.... I can't sleep without you beside meeeee..... Just lay with me for couple of minutes and you can return here to continue practicing..... pleaaaaaseeeeee.
He looked at me and kissing me he said:
- OK, my love.... will be back in a minute.


I went to the bed and waited for him. When he came he laid next to me and hugged me. I started to gently kiss his face while cuddling his body. When I took his lower lip in my mouth and started to suck it placing my hand on his erected cock, he gently grabbed me for my hand and stopping me he said:
- Please, don't.
I turned on the other side pretending I'm offended and angry. He wrapped his hands around me and he was kissing my back head deeply sighing. I felt very sorry for him. Both events; not be able to talk to his mom and hard time with my Dad and his uncle was to much for him. Enjoying in his embrace, I cuddled his hands. Some time after, somehow we both fell asleep.


Sex scene:

Very warm kisses on my ears, neck and cheek and warm gentle hand on my breasts woke me up. I opened my eyes and I saw Ivy. She smiled and giving me deep kiss she whispered:
- You really thought I would let you down?! Didn't you?! You disappointed my Princes.. I would never.....
I interrupted her buy sticking my tongue into her mouth. She had incredibly tasty lips and warm mouth. I let her suck my tongue and then I started to suck hers. We both became very wet and started to breath heavier. When finished with smooching Ivy entered into the bed from Price's side and started to kiss his neck cuddling his ass while I kissed his lips and cuddling his crotches. Prince started to breath heavier and he, still sleeping laid on his back. Ivy lifted up his T-shirt and started to kiss his chest while I gently removed his panties and starting kissing his belly, a slowly moved down to his erected cock. I wasn't touching it by my hands but kissing his cock head and sliding my tongue over it. When Ivy deep kissed him sticking her tongue into his mouth, he woke up:
- Um...... What?... Who?......
Ivy gently placed her hand on his chick and shushing him she said:
- sssssshhhhhhhhhh..... it's all right........ relax........
She took his tongue into her mouth and started to suck it. (my Prince loves that very much). I took his cock into my mouth and started to suck it taking it deep with very move down. Then Ivy set on his face and playing with my pussy and clit she joined me in sucking Prince's cock.
We drove him crazy with our lips and tongues. He almost came, but I didn't let him. Then ivy started to slide back and for on his mouth and I sat on his cock. It was very hard, hot and made me very aroused. I hugged Ivy and after we sucked each other tongue and lips awe we plying with each other breast, kissing, licking and sucking nipples. She had bigger breast then me, very firm and gentle, but my Prince loves mine better. We both speeded up our moves and we came; Ivy in his mouth and me on his cock. Ivy enjoyed in slurping Prince's cum from my pussy. When she collected all and swallowed most of it, we cum kissed. The taste of Prince's cum and her slobber in my mouth turned me on very much. We continued to fuck him. Ivy wanted to sit on his cock but I didn't let her saying that I want him to fuck my ass. Ivy moved behind me and while I was sitting above his cock, she took it in the hand and started to suck his cock and lick my ass. My god.. her wet hot tongue in my ass made me wet again very fast and very much. Then she place his cock into my ass. I love the feeling. He was very hard again and very hot. I had a feeling it burns my bowels. Riding on his cock I bent and started to suck Prince's tongue. He moaned very deeply. Holding me for my breast, he stroke my ass deep and hard as he could. I felt enormous pleasure. Ivy was "listening" his pulses on his cock. When he was about to cum, she took his cock out of my ass and she stuck her tongue in my asshole licking its juices. Then she returned his cock in my ass and licked it while he was penetrating me. I didn't want my Prince to "suffer" more. I speeded up my moves and let him suck my tongue. Very quickly afterwards, my Prince exploded in my ass with deep loud moans. Ivy wanted to eat his cum from my ass but I quickly move above Prince's head and let his cum drip into his mouth. While Ivy was cleaning his cock with her mouth, Prince was holding me for my ass and sticking his warm tongue he licked his cum. Ivy, finished cleaning his cock, laid on the top of him and started to lick my pussy and stuck her finger into my ass collecting the rest of Prince's cum and then she licked her finger. When they cleaned my ass I moved from Prince's head and laid beside them enjoying in watching them cum kissing. Yea, Ivy turns him on very much. I was glad she does. Then I joined in deep kissing. I know that my Prince loves when three of us are deep kissing each other.



When we finished my Prince took a deep breath saying:
- wooooooooowwwww, this was..... incredible........ you girls are fantastic.
Ivy: you're very welcome Mr. Tongue.
(short silence)
Prince: When.... How did you came in?
Ivy: Eva gave me her keys to copy them..... have you forgot already?
Prince: Ah........ sorry, I did.


Sex scene:

Then we all went to the bathroom and took a shower. Prince was done firs and he went to the kitchen and made us a coffee. Ivy and I stayed under the shower little bit longer. I needed her pussy and ass in my mouth. I licked her and fucked her both hoes with my fingers until she came in my mouth. I so love when she cum in my mouth. She is very tasty.



When we both came into the living room, Prince was sitting at his computer and browsing LL. We set on the sofa in living room and talked:
Me (playing with Ivy's hair): Thank you for coming, honey....... I thought you were angry at us for not telling you we wouldn't be at home.... I apologize, we simply didn't have a time... You know I would call you eventually.
Ivy: Princess, you know me.. I'm very impulsive but I would never turn you down...... I was pissed off when I came to your place and found no one, but when you explained to me what is going on, I calmed down....... When you called me late night asking me to come, I was just teasing you saying that I will not come..... I will never turn YOU down, you know that.
I smiled and cuddling her face I kissed her saying:
- I know, honey, I know.
(short silence)


Ivy: Sooo, what the story with Mr. Tongue and your Dad and his uncle?
I explained to her everything that happened. When finished, Ivy stared to laugh:
- hahahahahaha I wish I was there to see Prince's face..... I'm sure he looked funny when confused and red in face.
My Prince heard her and he turned around giving her very sharp look. Seeing him Ivy said:
- Woooooooaaaaaaa, calm down Mr. Tongue....... You deserved that.
Me (shocked): Ivy??! What the hell are you talking about?!?!
Prince (very frustrated looking angrily at Ivy): I wish you'd fucking say nothing then fucking playing being stupid!! WHY did I deserve it?!
Ivy (slowly walking toward him): Calm the fucking down, will ya!!!..... And listen what I have to say......
She sat in his lap and placing her arm around his neck, she looked at his face and said:
- You are very very good guy... You have rare qualities that most of the people of our age doesn't have... but bro....... you're TO SOFT!!!.... I mean.... not in general..... but when it comes to Eva's father.......... I can't believe that you didn't learn what type of the man he wants you to be.......... He likes tough, strong and determined man....
Prince: I'm not a coward and pussy..... I think he knows that....
Ivy (interrupting him): BUT YOU BEHAVE LIKE ONE when he's around you.... If you want him to stop giving you hard time, you must be "more mannish"..... otherwise..... you will always have situations like yesterday......
Prince looked at me and I can't say anything but:
- Honey, she's right! My father likes you. I know that, you know that and he told you so... Now, what Ivy said: I can only confirm her words: he can't stand when you behave girlish.....


He walked back and forth very pissed of waving his hands and mumbling. I placed my mug
on the table and walked toward him. When tried to hug him, he stopped me stretching his hand toward me and sharply said:
- DON'T!!!
We were in silent for some time letting him to calm down. After few minutes Ivy approached him saying gently:
- Let's sit on the sofa..... Please....
We all set on the sofa and Prince set in the middle, between us tapping his legs nervously. I carefully laid my head o his shoulder expecting his harsh reaction, but he didn't reacted. Then I placed my hand on his chest and gently cuddled him. Ivy was wriggling his hair. My Prince calmed down eventually. Then Ivy gave me the eye sign asking me if she can take him to the bedroom. Of course I let her. I knew that Ivy would calm him down and explain him much better about the type of the man as my father is. Unlike me, she didn't have dominant boyfriends, rough and violent jerks because she's tough and she knew how to handle with them. Me? I'm more romantic and gentle as my Prince but can be seriously danger when being pissed off!
Prince let Ivy to lead him to the bedroom, and they are still there, while I'm writing this.


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That was good, when I've read "Then she hang up." I thought it was possible she was coming :) Definitely a nice temper Ivona.

Nice entry, I've read it late and I must catch up yet the next one.

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