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WLTBK - 24 or Ivy in visit



Written by me and Eva. Posted with her approval.



When I came home I called my boss. I told him that I found a new job and that I want to resign. He said that I should fill resignation form provided on my firm's internal internet page and conclude all started businesses and orders. After I provide all of that and my final report, my contract with the firm is concluded. It won't be a problem since I already provided requested report for the end of the season few days ago. Practically, I'm stopping to work for them starting tomorrow.
I did what I was requested. Then I made a lunch for Eva and me. I wanted to put some flowers on the table but didn't had any. I quickly checked the Internet for closest flower shop and ordered small basket of various flowers which I put on the kitchen table. Everything was ready for my Love when come home. Then I looked for my father's scripts and everything he had about music. notes, songs, teachings and similar. When found them I placed them on the book shelf in the living room. I decided to take two hours daily for practicing singing and playing. I took my guitar and practiced scales. Then Eva arrived.


When she tried to unlock the main door, I quickly opened the door, bound down saying: "Welcome home, Princess", grabbed her in my arms and carried her in the bedroom closing the main door by my leg. Laying her gently on the bed, I laid on the top of her and cuddling her hair, I looked at her eyes and said:
- you are the Queen of my life. I worship you and love you more then anyone and anything in the world...... What did you ever seen in my?! I'm not worthy of you..... You are perfect!
Eva's eyes filled with tears and wrapping her hands around my neck, she whispered:
- honey, you're wrong ..... You are perfect ......... I'm not worthy of you....... Your love for me keeps me going every day...... Do you know what is comforting me when I feel burdened?
Me: Tell me......
Eva: the thought of your arms around me, your gentleness and kindness, the fact that I will lay in your lap at the end of the day knowing you will be here when I open my eyes in the morning..... When you hug me and kiss me... everything becomes meaningless..... there is only you... and nobody and nothing else.........
My eyes filled with tears. We started to kiss each other and cried in the same time. The love was to powerful. We ended up in making love slowly and gently, enjoying in every kiss and every touch. We completely forgot that Ivy suppose to come. When we didn't opened the door after the first ring, of course, Ivy "laid" on the bell. While I was opening the door, Eva ran to the bathroom to take quick shower. When Ivy saw me, she pretended to be angry:
- Well.... Mr. Tongue....... what did you do so important that you couldn't open the door after the first ring?.... Hmmmm....?
I smiled and said nothing. When she approached to me to hug me and kiss me, she smelled Eva's perfume on my face and neck. Then she smiled and said:
- Ahhhhaaaaaaa!!! Well,...... in that case, you are excused.
She deep kissed me and entered into our living room saying:
- Where is Princes? I hope she's still naked....
She opened our bedroom and saw it empty. Then she entered the bathroom and seeing Eva taking the shower she went to her and after shutting the water down, she grabbed her for the ass and gave her long deep kiss.
Ivy - My goooooood....... you are so irresistible Princess........ Those lips of your .... I could suck them and kiss them all day and night.
Eva cuddled her ass and smilingly came to the living room. Seeing the dining table ready for meal, fresh flowers in the vase and me warming up the food, she was very thrilled.
Eva: This is so beautiful, honey..... Although I'm not hungry, I will eat your meal.
She kissed me thanking for preparing the lunch. We invited Ivy to join us. She accepted and sat with us. When we finished with meals, I washed the dishes and made a coffee for all of us.
When we set on the sofa in living room, Ivy said:
- Princess, I'm thrilled with your boyfriend. He is fucking surprising me every day.... I'm tempted to still him from you. (laughing)
Eva (smiling): Ivy, my dear ...... you can fuck him whenever you want and whenever he wants...... but ....... he is mine and only mine.... Nobody can ever still him from me....... You know why?!...... Because he doesn't want to be stolen and because he is not captured by me.... He is not in dungeon of my heart, but on its throne..... Right, honey?......
Me (smiling at Eva): Very true, honey.


Then Eva made my favorite move; stretching her arms toward me and moving only her fingers, making cuddling face and with the same tone she said: "come come". I always melts when she does that. She stood up so I can sit. Then she sat in my lap.
Looking at Ivy, I couldn't believe my eyes; I saw the tears in her eyes........ She leaned and hugged us both saying and sobbing:
- Oh..... Evaaa........ I'm......... sooooo happy........for... you......... He....... he...... really...... loves....... you.........soooooo......... muccccchhhhhhh.......(sniffing)..........
Eva placed her hand on the top of her head and cuddling her, she said:
- He does... he surely does........
When calmed down, Ivy said whipping her tears:
- I knew that he loves you, but after I saw the lunch he made for you, flowers on the table, washing the dishes and all this small deeds he did now and before, I realized that he loves you and adores you.......... You guys..... I.......... I .........sooooo...... loooo (blasted in cry)...........
Eva took her on her chests and started to comfort her. I was in kind of shock. I never seen Ivy crying. I never seen her so emotional, except when being angry and pissed off. I was glad I saw that side of her too.
When she calmed again, she said:
- Uhhhhhhh.... you didn't believe you'd ever see me in this "edition", Prince....... Well, now you know..... I have emotions too.
(short silence)
Ivy: I love Eva so much and seeing her happy as she is since she started dating you, fills my heart with joy.
She leaned toward me and grabbing me for my back neck, she gave me very long deep kiss. After that she said to me: Thank you for making her happy.
(Long silence)


Ivy: Now, about the reason why I came to talk to you both....
Looking at Eva: I guess you told him about Nick and me and my fetishes.
Eva: Yes, honey, I did.
Ivy, looking at me: I guess you are in?!
Me: Yes I am.
Ivy: I knew that, Eva told me, but I must check it with you.
Then she clapped hands shouting: Supeerrrr!!!...... Here is how I see our encounters...... I'll come to your place when will have a free evening or a day from Nick, or when he will be very busy....... I think that Fridays and Saturdays would be the best days when you, Eva don't work next day. We would have all night for our little games.... Does this suite you two?
Eva and I agreed.
Ivy continued: There might be the days when I would be extremely horny and Nick might not be around for sex. May I come to your place?
Eva cuddling her face: Honey, you don't have to ask, as the matter of fact, we will make you the copies of our key so you might come whenever you want, day or night. Our home is your home.... (telling me) - Right, honey?
Me (being thrilled with Eva's suggestion): Of course!!!
Ivy talking to Eva: You wouldn't mind me fucking with Mr. Tongue when I have a need?!
Eva (smiling and kissing her): Of course not! I told you, you guys can fuck whenever you want. I love you both very much and if that makes you happy, I'm happy too.
Ivy (kissing her): Thank you Princess..... (short silence) - Oh.. forgot to tell ..... I always play submissive role..... What's yours role, Prince?
Me: It depends about the mood.. I can play both roles, but I mostly like submissive role.
Ivy looked at Eva and then me and pointing her finger toward me, she (smilingly)said: In that case, Mr. tongue..... your ass is mine!!!
Eva laughed and said: And mine too...... (Talking to Ivy) - shell we play with him "Place your hands on the wall"..?
Ivy (devilishly): It will be my pleasure Princess... let's grab him........
They were slowly standing up and forming their hands in the shape of claws. Then Eva said to me:
You have 5 seconds advantage to start run..... if we catch you, nobody will save you....
Me (laughing and trying to run): hahahahahahaha - Oh, NO... You won't!!! You witches.... live my ass alone......... hahahahaa..
I started to run around the kitchen table and sofa and all over the place. They produced the sounds like Indians, laughing and screaming. I couldn't run long because I was dying laughing and they caught me. They knock me down and while Ivy was sitting on my chest holding my arms pressed against the floor, Eva was sitting on my legs holding my upper legs tight.
Eva: Keep his hands tight Ivy while I'm stripping his pants. Then I will suck his cock and give him the rimjob.
Me: Nooooo.... no rimjob.
Girls laughed very hard.
Ivy: Princess, I have something else in mind.....
Eva: Yes????
Ivy: Do me a favor, please.
Eva: Whatever you want, honey.
Ivy: I became addicted to his tongue. I want him to lick me and fuck me with his tongue..... I want to cum in his mouth.
Eva: Sure, Ivy. Go ahead.
Ivy moved from my chest and striping her pants, she said:
- Don't move. Stay in this position.
Eva stripped my pants and took my cock into her mouth. Ivy se on my mouth in pose 69 and joined Eva in licking and sucking my cock. Ivy became very wet. I love to slurp her pussy juices. While I was sucking and licking her pussy, lips and clit, I stuck two fingers in her ass and started to fuck her. Ivy moaned with repeating the same: oohhhh yeeeeessssss, ooooooh yeeeeessss. very soon she started to bounce on my tongue and sliding her hips back and forth. Pretty soon she came squirting into my mouth. Feeling the great taste of her cum I came too. Girls merged their mouth on my head cock and ate all my cum. When they cleaned me, I wanted to fuck Eva, to provide her orgasm, but Ivy didn't let me saying that she'll take care for her. I started to watch their love game and got erection pretty fast. When wanted to join them again, they didn't let me. I went to the bathroom and took a shower. While I was showering, I heard Eva's scream in orgasm. Returning to the living room, I saw them laying next to each other and kissing and cuddling. I got erection again.
Eva: Come, lay next to me.
When I laid next to Eva, she hugged me as same as Ivy. We started to making out with each. Eva took my erected cock in her hand. Then Ivy did the same. Both of them jerked my cock until I came on Eva's hips. Ivy licked my cum from her and when she finished, we all cum kissed. After that we all went to take the shower.


When finished, we returned to the living room.
Ivy: Oh, forgot to congratulate you on your new job, Mr. Tongue. Glad for you.
Me (surprised): Thank you, but, how do already know about it?
Ivy (smiling): You obviously forgot that Princess and I have no secret at all and as soon you left the hotel, she called me to say that wonderful news.
Me: Oh, I see.
Eva: Honey, listen, Ivy and I are more then friends and sisters....... Does it bothers you when we share stuff about us? If it does, I will not do it no matter how much I love her..... I love you more.
Ivy pretending to be offended: Princes?! How can you say that?! I thought I would be always your Number 1.
Eva smiled, kissed her and replied: But you are..... after my Prince.
I said that I have no problem with her sharing our life with Ivy, especially now when she is the part of our "family".
(short silence)
Eva: Honey, if you don't mind, I will give Ivy my keys to make the copy. I will be at work and won't need them anyway and you'd be at home. Is it Ok with you?
Me: Definitely.


Eva took her keys and gave to Ivy. She kissed her and me and living the apartment she said:
- I enjoyed with you two very much....Love you, both....... See you tomorrow.
She left and Eva and I sat on the sofa in the living room. After some time of silence, Eva said:
- My life is filled with all the best things I always wanted......... I have a man whom I love and adore and who loves and adores me, ...... we are living together....... and I have Ivy in my life too...... (then she smiled and said) - and you have her too, what is mine, is yours too, of course.
I agreed with her giving her long gentle kiss



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Enjoyed the entry and again, truly glad the three of you have such special and deep friendship. The scene in the kitchen was touching and nice to read,

for Ivona's reaction and also for Eva's words, they really love each other very much. You surely have two big treasures at your side, Prince :)

Also the rest was nice to read as usual... of course ;)

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Thank you Valen. :)

Ivy accepted my Prince very well. She completely changed toward him and I think she loves him too. Not the way she loves me or Nick but very close. ;)

As I said to Ivy: She was my number one before Prince showed up. Now, she is my number 1 after him. ;)

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Thanks Valen. Ivy is the girl that turns me almost instantly, especially her legs. Only few of them can make me horny at sight. :)

And no, I'm not in love with her, if you think ;)  I like her and she is magical. I'm glad she started to accept me as her friend and not only as Eva's boyfriend.

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