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Nathien Nara's story

The Dark what lies beneath Solitude








































































Girls were kidnapped in the city of Solitude, they were from both the nobility and the poor. What a shame, here in the seat of the imperial power. The legion could't allow this, they send one of their agent to track this group. The agent was Nathien Nara. She tracked the group and their trace lead her to the local inn.






























































Nathien: Smoke of the candle flames, smell of the throw ups mixed with alcohol and the lightning wich give me cozy feeling. A really nice inn it is. Anyway lets take a sit and start rethinking my plan.


















































Nathien: Lets sum this. They kidnapped young girls who were naive enough to believe them whatever they promised. Unclear what they do them, the girls are still missing. Most of their traces lead me here,probably one of them will appear and search the "targets". I will act that type wich they usually target, then got kidnapped and found out whatever they do. Alright lets start talking with the innkeeper and that suspicious argonian.


























































Nathien: Hi there!

Argonian: Go away I don't like strangers.

Nahien:......(Fine, then I go to the innkeeper)














































Nathien: Greetings!

Corpulus Vinius: Ohh hi there young girl!

Nathien: I heard rumors about some guys who offer an well paid job for young girl like me.

Corpulus Vinius: Well there are some group who rent in the basement, but I dunno what they do, you can try with them.

Nathien: Thank you friend, I will go there immediately.




























Nathien went down to the basement.


























Nathien: I think they try out the girls. Either with drugs or alcohol,maybe they do willingly. So I will be prepared, not that I don't use my body when I'm investigating.










































On way down the stairs, she found herself in the basement. She walked a little bit and found her suspect.




































Nathien: (An bandit who dressed like a noble. Isn't suspicious it is?)

Suspicious guy: Ohh hi there girl, I assume you looking an really good fun well paid job right?

Nathien: Hi there! Yes you guessed it.(Seriously the girls didn't even suspect that something is not right?)

Suspicious guy: Alright girl, but first you need do a little initation, we get undressed and you know.

Nathien: Alright sound fun I will get undress.( I wonder those girls what thought.)






















They got undressed and got started the "initiation". Of course Nathien while undressing put on a little suprise for him.






















Suspicious guy: Wow your body are beautiful!

Nathien: Thanks, you got an really big spear on you. I can't wait to feel it inside.(Not really.)

Suspicious guy: Haha!

Nathien: I bend over!(Ehhhh)


































Suspicious guy: Wonderful pussy and asshole.

Nathien: Don't be shy, penetrate my holes and fill it with your nordic cum!.(Thanks a gods I read some of Barenziah's biografy.)

Suspicous guy: Don't worry, I will darling, but first I want lick that delicious pussy.


























He started lick her, after some cunnigulus he started penetrate her.








































































During the act, he cummed first then he passed out.


































Nathien: Well my little paralyze poison got its effect on you asshole, my blood gives me resistance for poisons,I put it in my pussy when I undressed. You even cummed on me you asshole. Originally I planned being kidnapped, but since you were alonne, I changed my mind. Now then clean this cum.
























She cleaned the cum in her body and went where she drop her clothes.




































Nathien: Well then lets get dressed and start looking for clues.






















She saw here clothes where different placing and got confused.


























Nathien: Something is not right here, I don't remember leaving my clothes like this.






















She didn't notice that someone was watched her from behind. He knocked her out.














































Orc: Suprise muthafucka!






















































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Awesome stuff I love it. "Hi want a job first I have to fuck you" Aria would approve lol

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Awesome stuff I love it. "Hi want a job first I have to fuck you" Aria would approve lol


Haha :D. No one say she can't try out that :D

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Excellent..... One question: there are lot of empty space between picture and text. Does pictures missing, or it was on purpose... or it's LL's issue?

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Excellent..... One question: there are lot of empty space between picture and text. Does pictures missing, or it was on purpose... or it's LL's issue?


LL issue :P after publishing for some reason it changed my spacing :P.

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Bandit or not, he is a man of good taste. And he goes with his climax. Isn't that what we all dream of?


Haha! :D

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