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Fanaold The Burned Man



I was returning home from 10 years of hard work on the lands of Morrowind…my kids where tall and happy,i left them in their moms belly and now…they see their father for the first time…my wife hasnt been more happy to see,more beautiful than ever before,i hug and kiss her as hard as i can,we are finally reunited…as a family.


But…one night,i woke up alone in my bed,i could smell smoke coming from the kitchen…i ran and i saw the house on fire and my wife and kids..dead and barely recognizible by the fire…i let out a Echoing Roar and get out with my sword,suddenly…the ground shaked,like two mountains collided,i was on my knees and i saw a light coming my way,i raised my arm to protect me,like i was begging for mercy,i felt my skin dissapearing,my eyes burning…my soul crying…


I woke up the next morning,the fire was over,my house was charred like a burned wood…i ran to see if there was anything to save,then…i found the mirror,i looked at it…looks like my hand saved my life,but i had lost an eye,it hurt so much to cry but i couldnt stop crying seeing my family like that…i gave them a proper burial and left my house…


I knew that thing wasnt a mage,not even an atronach,i had to find out,the only thing i knew was that it was something…else…One night while was sleeping i saw a dream with a man telling me:<<Fight Fire with Fire>>


From that day, i sweared to find the beast and kill it with the most painful death that can be imagined…but while i was searching for it near the Skyrim borders,i got caught by the imperial guard…thats how my story begins


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You might change the font style and color to a little more comfortable form, it is a little problematic to read at least for me.

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