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Starting next movie



Happy to say this weekend I'll be starting my next movie and spinning a whole new existing fictional property into something full of sex and debauchery. Going to do the fun part this weekend and really iron out the design for main character... As well as decide on a good follower for side character.


Followers are always great as the best female follower mods are generally absolutely gorgeous. I'm trying to decide between sexy and sultry (Hidielle, Victoria Veline) cute (Sofia, Elwyn, Recorder), or a "rough around the edges" type (Rosa Roundbottom) all depends on what kind of character I'll need. Glad there's a thread on the adult mods forum that'd helping point me to various sexy candidates.


Id actually love to make a movie someday with all followers... With a dude as the main character who bangs them all. Problem is my Skyrim seems to break when I try to give that many npcs Hdt vaginas (or in the case when I can give them Hdt hair... That freaks the game out as well). Wish everyone would start updating their followers to fully hdt compatible love dolls... Grr


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The followers that the community have made and released over the years in Skyrim have been really... endearing. They're all (well, of course not ALL) so wonderful looking, and dare I say make for very fun playthroughs with the manner of mods released here on the Lab. Shame most of them are very basic followers without voice acting nor any quests/story content - but that is definitely asking for too much. I'm still hell of happy with how many gorg ladies I've been able to scatter over Skyrim.

But that's just me expressing myself. Hell of looking forward to the next content release, Doctor. I'm sure (that's be being boldly assumptious) you don't mind that I've shared links to your work on the naughty Skyrim subreddit - not too much traffic going through there though, so don't expect that big a viewer count boost.

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Thanks but yeah it seems Skyrim adult modding and sites involving it (including this one) are mostly dead. Not a reason to not push forward at some point but as usual the amount I do must be relative to my mood and nothing else in such a setting. Next movie still going to happen someday just probably a long day away due to response being so low and mostly negative when there is one.

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