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Dovahkiin's Ascension [Chapter 9] - Burden Of Evil




Riverside Lodge, Whiterun Region


Sofia: I'm worried about Leana. A war has broken out on the border of the Reach, but there is no news of it. It's almost certain that the Emperor is dead, otherwise the Imperials and the Thalmor wouldn't have started fighting each other. Serana also stays away too long...


Sofia: Morgaine, haven't you seen Serana lately either?
Morgaine: You mean she's been away for a suspiciously long time? Yeah...



Morgaine: Something's not right with her lately. One night she returned to the house in a disturbed state, when I asked what had happened, her answer was as if it wasn't her.
Serana eyes were blank and she was talking to herself, which is more typical of me.
What I wouldn't give for some skooma right now...
Sofia: I'm afraid that Molag Bal's influence prevail over her.



Sofia: Leana! How are you? Are you okay? I thought you were in trouble... I was very worried..!
Aeliana: Thank you, luckily I got away with it pretty well considering what happened. However, it would be foolish to think that Skyrim has become a safe place from now on.


Morgaine: Whiterun has been spared by the storm so far, we hope most of the fighting will take place outside the borders.
Aeliana: Tullius combined army destroyed the Thalmor outposts and essentially drove them out of the Reach and Haafingar too. I did what I undertook and I thought I was right, although the Emperor did not seem like a bad man at all, but if it helped the fate of the world, I accept that his death was necessary. More than that - unless necessary - I don't want to take part in this, I've already killed enough people to last a lifetime, I'm young, but I feel like decades old because the war that I attended to. I had enough. Besides, I have a more important problem for me now, which I might finally be able to find a solution.
Sofia: It's not about her?



Aeliana tells about what happened in Hammerfell, how she met Laina and what they agreed on.


Sofia: Do you trust her?
Aeliana: I'd be lying if I said yes, but for the sake of the goal I have to try every option. For the time being, we don't know how to proceed, but until then she will stay here, I have accommodated her in the north wing.
Sofia: I have no say, but you better keep an eye on it. Trouble always happens when you bring another woman home. It was the same with Serana...


Aeliana: Well, who's talking? But since you mentioned her, where is she?
Morgaine: We haven't seen her in days. While you were away, she started behaving more and more strangely, as if she wasn't herself.


Sofia: I think she went completely crazy with Molag Bal's influence, only she knows where she could have gone.
Aeliana: Maybe she... No, I don't even want to think about that...
Sofia: What is it about?
Aeliana: Before we came here, I helped an Imperial courier scout out a Fort that hadn't heard from any sign for life in days. When we got there, I realized that this was the Fort where I had transferred Elisha
from the Dawnguard Keep. Everyone was dead. I immediately thought that Elisha somehow managed to escape...

Sofia: Do you think it's not her, but Serana...?


Aeliana: Elisha was kept under control with magic taps, the Commander knew what he was doing and how dangerous it was, I don't think he made a mistake. Serana really cared about Elisha even If she betrayed her. I guess she loved her.
No, I don't want to believe that either...

Morgaine: It was strange to me why she didn't kill her immediately, why she brought her from his father's castle. She planned something with her...


Aeliana: I shouldn't have let her play around with her and have free access to her.
Sofia: You've always been soft-hearted with her, I've never understood why. Now she got herself into an even bigger mess than she was before.
Aeliana: Somehow I need to know where she went...
Morgaine: You have a long way to go, I know it's not easy, but try to rest, and then we'll think about how to proceed with a clear head.
Aeliana: You're right, I'll try to get some sleep. We will return to this tomorrow.



Meanwhile in the North Wing


Laina: I know you're here Faelyn...


Faelyn: I could never surprise you, could I?
Laina: You're not good enough for that...


Faelyn: You were always the better of the two of us. What the hell happened over there Laina?
Laina: My conscience intervened. Haha... I didn't count on someone else being targeted, who happened to be none other than the Dragonborn herself. If the Night Mother can see the future, why did she forget to mention such a small detail?


Faelyn: Maybe because she wanted it to happen all along. The old filth...


Laina: Are the others hunting me yet?
Faelyn: I didn't tell anyone. Without the Listener, they are nothing more than a simple organization of assassins with no specific goals or meaning.


Laina: I don't think the Night Mother will let such information remain a secret.
Faelyn: I know. On the other hand, I refuse to betray you.
Laina: Come here...


































The East Wing


Morgaine: You asked me to take it back from the skooma, so I had to find another source of pleasure. How about if I help you relax tonight?


Aeliana: How could I refuse such an offer?





































As usual, Sofia went after her own head


Laina: ...I think that the two of us can be more effective. I have been searching for a way to get rid of this curse for many years.



Sofia: I don't remember anyone inviting you...




Faelyn: Finally. I was also surprised how much Dragonborn doesn't deal with security, especially in times of war...
Sofia: Who are you and what have you been organizing behind Leana's back? Answer me or I'll kill you both!


Laina: Oh, the kitten is biting, let's be careful...



Sofia: You're not going to make fun of me when I cut your throat!



Aeliana: What's going on?


Faelyn: ...and the Mistress of the house came too. I am truly honored that you have gathered for me, but I do not deserve such attention.


Aeliana: What a big mouth you have I have no doubt about it. You can certainly be Faelyn.
Faelyn: Then maybe you know why I came...?
Aeliana: If you wanted to kill Laina, I guess we wouldn't be talking here anymore...
Faelyn: Yep, You're right. She told me everything that happened to you over there. I think maybe I can help you.



Some time later

Aeliana: Why should I trust another Daedra God? Do I look completely stupid?
Laina: Now I agree with Aeliana. If this is really a solution, why didn't you tell me about it for so many years? At one time I was also a member of the Guild...


Faelyn: It's not as easy as it sounds. In order for anyone to get close to Nocturnal, they must participate in a secret ritual, but this requires the knowledge of at least one Inner Agent.
Aeliana: It's one thing that it's difficult to implement, but why would it be worth it to us?
Faelyn: Nocturnal, Mistress of Shadows. The one she takes under her protection can hide from anyone, she will protect this champions at all costs.


Aeliana: The question is, at what price...
Faelyn: The Mistress determines what she asks for in return, but as I said, when someone enters the inner circle, she also establishes her trust. Part of the challenge right now is more about finding someone who belongs among the Nightingales.
Aeliana: It was rumored in the Guild that the previous leaders were them, but almost everyone thinks it's just a legend. Mercer Frey, Gallus, and Karliah also disappeared years ago while exploring an ancient tomb.
No one knows what happened to them, but Brynjolf has since taken over the Guild, and as far as I know he is not a Nightingale.


Faelyn: Not really. However, there is someone among them who may know something about the whereabouts of Barenziah's granddaughter.


Meanwhile, Whiterun Luxury Brothel




Gaius: What the...? You?



Serana: Aeliana never knew who to trust and who not, but you were definitely flawed.







Your service ends here now...



To be continued...


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10 hours ago, Evaloves4 said:

> Most excellent. Thank you.:classic_smile:

:classic_blush: Or is it my imagination?


It's always nice to see that you like what I do. :)

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2 hours ago, D3vilizeR said:


It's always nice to see that you like what I do. :)

> For some reason LL didn't post my question before the "Or is it my imagination?" Something is wrong. I asked if you changed girls' body type since they look a little bit different to me.

> And I like your work. :classic_smile:

Edited by Evaloves4
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Serana has completely turned evil.
Good luck for Aeliana and Soso.
But with Momo it should be okay.

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1 hour ago, Evaloves4 said:

> For some reason LL didn't post my question before the "Or is it my imagination?" Something is wrong. I asked if you changed girls' body type since they look a little bit different to me.

> And I like your work. :classic_smile:


Good observation!
I didn't change the body type, but the gravity config finally works for the breasts. I think it's much more realistic that way.

Thank you again. ?

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1 hour ago, hana120 said:

Serana has completely turned evil.
Good luck for Aeliana and Soso.
But with Momo it should be okay.


It won't be easy to get she back on track, and he'll do some pretty rough stuff in the meantime.

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