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Happy New Year!



Wishing you a Happy New Year! ? 
Thank you to everyone who followed my blog and gave feedback in some form!
For those who are interested, I will summarize what can be expected on the blog:
I have quite a lot of ideas for the main storyline, I want to go more into the Dragonborn's past, up to how he got on that particular cart at the beginning of the game. In addition, I would like to introduce my other character as a main character in the near future, with a completely new storyline, in which the Dwemer will also play a significant role.
I hope someone will like it, I'm trying to improve in all areas.









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14 hours ago, hana120 said:

My place in France is only an hour away.
But otherwise Happy New year.


12 hours ago, Dovahkiin01 said:

Happy New year for you too! :)


Thank you. ?

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