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The biker …



At the beginning of the week, there was a chocolate festival in our city. We went there twice, the first time the five of us and the second time with the family, and I mean all of them. When we went there with our children, I “armed” myself with wet tissues and extra clothes for the children. Thank heavens they didn't mess up themselves as I was afraid they would. Anyway, the chocolate festival was fantastic. We tried every kind of chocolate there was. Our children wanted it too but we couldn’t let them eat as much as we did since they would spoil their stomachs. Of course, they cried but it didn’t help them. When we returned home, we had excellent (chocolate) sex after we put our children to sleep. Interestingly enough, my Prince cum was an excellent combination with the liquid chocolate my Ivy and I ate from each other ass after he came in them.



Seeing our foreign workers working hard to earn their salaries, my Prince shared his idea with us on the e.b. meeting, about bringing their families to our country before Christmas so they can be together. (We learned they aren’t Christians and they do not care about Christian holidays, but they will accept our culture and habits since they live in our country now). If their loved ones decide to stay afterward, we'll help them to find accommodation so they can live together. We agreed the Hotel will cover all expenses for their arrival. When we told them that, they were incredibly happy, they knelt and bowed down expressing their respect that way. So, we activated our lawyer to see all legal ways to proceed with our plan, and my Fran was in charge of realizing it.



We also decorated our hotel with Christmas ornaments and several Christmas trees. Of course, the biggest one was placed in the main hall. Lidija and my Fran were in charge of that. We already started to receive reservations for the Christmas holidays and New Year's Eve. When the Hotel band asked my luvs if they would perform something on Christmas Eve, they said they wouldn’t because they wanted to be with their family on that day. I was very happy to hear it and I hope they won’t have some unplanned intervention(s).



And last, a few nights ago some motorcyclist made a horrible noise driving through our street up and down forcing his motorcycle to the maximum at lower speeds which made the engine produce incredibly high and loud sounds. Nobody could sleep. My Prince was very angry. He tried to catch him but his electric bike was slower and weaker. Then he was furious. He went to the police HQ and reported the biker. The police said they were helpless and if they wanted to catch him, they had to get a special permit to activate other policemen which were hard at 3.00 in the morning. So, just as he thought he wouldn’t catch him, one policeman said they captured him on a few intersection cameras. When they identified the type of bike and the registration plates, my Prince got his address and called my Ivy to come to the police station by car. When she did, they went to the biker’s living place. So, when the man was ready to enter his garage, my luvs ambushed him. He was on drugs and he laughed like a lunatic when my Prince told him that nobody could sleep because of him. Then my Prince heavily beat him. The biker was covered in blood and unconscious. After that, my luvs punctured his tires and destroyed everything they could on his bike. Then they called emergency and told them what happened. After that, they returned to the police station and reported what they did. Of course, the boss called him later and suspended them for three months. I am sure that the biker will sue them for destroying his bike, but my luvs had no regret for what they did because people like that biker deserve much worse things, and they would always do whatever is needed to stop them from terrorizing citizens.


Edit: Didn't mention in the diary: I agree with you who'd say: unnecessary violence and that my luvs weren't smart when destroying man's bike since they would have extra expenses now, but I also agree with my Prince who is always saying: "Nothing can compare with inner peace and satisfaction when justice is done. They worth all the money of the world ..."

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> For those who already have read this entry. I added some important things at the end that I thought weren't important earlier. So please, reread the end of the entry.

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