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So i guess making a blog is the "hip" and "cool" thing all you darn kids fellow youngin's are doing these days. Figured i might as well "get with the times, man" and make one too.


In seriousness, i thought i'd talk about stuff like screenshotting techniques, some good guidelines for composing the shots that i tend to see underutilized, etc.. I have a modicum of IRL photography experience, plus things i've learned from other places and my experience with screenshotting in Skyrim, and it's the exact same concepts in screenshotting as it is in IRL photography. Indeed, it is photography, just with a different medium is all (virtual as opposed to physical), the basic fundamentals are still the same.


I'm probably also gonna talk about my personal mindset regarding how i do certain things with setting up scenes, how i treat certain things, personal feelings about certain fantasies and fantastical concepts i often see. Basically a mix of "stuff everyone can use" and "stuff that's more personal".


I wanna make it clear from the beginning here: Each to his own. Everyone has their own preferences, likes and dislikes, idiosyncrasies and so on and so forth. What i might consider slutty, someone else might consider sexy, and vice-versa, and that's totally fine. What i have to say on any particular matter is totally up to you to consider or ignore as you wish. It's not mine or anyone else's to shit on someone for liking or not liking something, though i'm still entitled to my opinion on the matter and freedom to express it in that sense, since it's my blog and i'll post huge floppy penises all day if i want :P.


I don't have any set schedule or anything that i'll be doing these entries, it's just gonna be "when i do them". This is my very first blog and i'm not particularly expecting anything major to come of it at this time, it's just a little corner of the internet for me to rant about bad FOV settings and unrealistic anime waifus to whoever cares to read about it :v.


Finally, i don't consider myself an expert on... anything, really. I consider myself learned at least, i'm kind of jack of all trades and i'm always happy to learn more. If i say something that's incorrect or you know of a better way to do something, feel free to let me know in the comments so i can fix things.


So yeah. Onward with the huge floppy penises.


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