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Beyond Reach Chapter 1




Beyond Reach Chapter 1


Deerfu got lost and wandered into the dangerous part of the land...





"Hmm, it has been two days since I lost track of that bear, and I still cannot find the way back...I have an uneasy feeling about this"




"Welp, you know what, Fate? I'm not grateful that you let me be right this time. All this blood can only mean troubles lie ahead..."
"The man doesn't look like a bandit, and these are farmers' clothes...
"Ahhhhhh...By the Nines...His face has been half-chewed. What savage beast did this ???"




"Wait, I see something up that tower. Could that be the cause of this tragic scene I am seeing ?"




"My body is shaking from the fear of ending up like that mutilated body. But, I can't not walk away from this. The beast must be stopped. Talos guides me !"




"Hmm, a man ? Heyyyy ! Do you see a bear or anything around here ? A man got attacked not far from...."
"Wait, why are you naked ???"
"Heyyyy, don't attack, I'm friendly !!!"
"Ouch...By Talos...Why??"
"I issue you one last warning. Drop your weapons or I will fight back !"
"Oh well...I guess that's a no"




"Hmm, he doesn't seem to be so fond of fire eh ?"
"Okay, buddy. Calm yourself dow..."




"Wait, he's dead ??? How ? I did hold back my magic...What just happened ???"
"I killed a man although I didn't mean to... By Talos, can this day be any worse ?"
"Holy cow, now that I have time to see, this place looks like a necromancer's den !"
"All these bloody bones and half-eaten limbs. What was he doing here ???"
"Oh well, this place gives me shivers. Time to leave..."




"Ahhh people, houses, settlement, civilization. Such a sight for sore eyes"




"Well, I'm not really that comfortable in human settlements. But, this might be my only chance to rest today."
"These architectures. They don't look like any Nord towns I have seen. Am I still in Skyrim ?"




"Hah, Those worries can wait. I have walked all day...I deserve a little nap, don't I?"




"Ok, so sleeping in the street is not a good idea. That rude merchant who woke me up told me to come seeking help here.
I wonder why he's so acceptant of a talking deer. No, I wonder why people here are so acceptant of a talking deer. It's kinda
eerie in a way"
"Enough with the idle talks, what was name of the lady he told me to seek for again ? Geez, I'm so bad with names"




"Oh wow, these people are deceptively acceptant of me ! I got a free night and meal for accepting to deliver a message to one of their post ? Sign me up anyday ! That speech about those Witchmen or something was boring though..."




"Alright, I see the food. But, where is the room. They said it should be around this corner..."




"Oh wow, I didn't expect this level of coziness. Are they trying to murder me in my sleep or something ?"




"Hah, six hours later and I am still breathing. Yeah, I must be out of Skyrim. There is no way you can find people this nice in Skyrim"
"Well, enough sightseeing, time to get to work. There is nothing to do around here, and I cannot go back to sleep. Might as well just get the task
done and come back in the morning. Maybe they will even offer me free lunch, and I won't have to worry about food until tomorrow. I'm such a genius !"




"Ok ok, I'm not a genius... The night is too silent, it's creeping me out"




"Just my rotten luck, the path is blocked. What are those things ?"
"Hmm, they look a lot like animated corpses. Necromancy ?"




"Whatever they are. I need to pass, and they don't seem to be willing to let me...Here goes..."




"Yep, animated corpses reek of the rotten smell of necromancy...Now I have more reasons to put them to rest"




"Sorry, friends. Sorry for all the perverted things that necromancer had done to drag your shell back from the land of the dead"




"Time to be free !!!"










"Don't run from me ! This is all for your sake !"




"Ok, three down but the smell still doesn't fade away..."




"Hmm...it's getting stronger this way. Maybe I can find the source there"




Boom !




"A mine ? Well, doesn't look like it will lead to where I am going, but I can't just let this necromancer claim more victims.
God, the smell is horrible ! Time to put an end to this mutilation of the natural order !"




"It's so dark in here...I can't see a thing"




"Devines, please grant me light, and give me strength to end this perversion of nature in your names."





What awaits deerfu ahead ? Find out in the next chapter of Beyond Reach !



This is a picture-driven story, so please forgive me for the lack of pictures for certain events.
Also, if you have any criticism on the story, pictures, or character personality. Feel free to tell me, so
I can improve those for the next chapter.
Thanks for reading my silly story :D


Source: Show your Skyrim counterpart...


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