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A greater joy



Several days ago, was a soccer match between Milan and Dinamo Zagreb in which Milan was better and won (3:1). The family gathered at our house to watch the match. Our parents supported Milan (because of being Italians) while my Fran, Stipe, Ivan, Silvano, and Antonio supported Dinamo. Of course, none of us, females and my Prince watched the game. We were in the kitchen. My Prince asked Mikey again to watch the game with grandpa Livio for it would make him happy. And he did. My dad melted and he constantly padded his head and kissed him. Precious was with us. Anyway, the boys behaved: didn’t swear, and weren’t very loud. We appreciated they didn’t insult, call names, and speak badly about the opponents. They know we don’t like a bad influence on the children. My dad was a little bit naughty; he was giving sips of the beer to Mikey when my mom wasn’t looking. She knew he will do something like that, but she let him this time. She trusted him he will not give him too much. And he didn’t. A few small sips of beer didn’t harm Mikey. We had a great time talking with moms about everyday living and things. I melted seeing my Ivy sitting in mom Zdenka’s lap and kissing her from time to time. They are true friends and mom and daughter now (last 6 years), after many years of rivalry.



My Ivy thrilled my Prince and Silvano. She improved her martial arts skill. Namely, sparring with Silvano and having 2 against 1 fight simulation, she beat Silvano several times. In the end, she asked him if he let her win. He said he didn’t. She is now better than him. I am not surprised. It was a matter of time before she will be. She trained very hard so she can protect and watch my Prince’s back much better. But she couldn’t beat him. No matter what she tries and how fast she is, she can’t beat him.



Heavy rain is falling for the last three days. While most people are in bad mood and have negative thoughts and similar, my Prince is full of energy and a positive vibe. Yes, clouds, fog, rain, wind, and storm are the weather he likes and enjoys. He is a mystery to many people. Did he and my Ivy swim in the sea during the sea storm? Of course. They wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world.



There are two weeks before my birthday. My luvs told our children to ask me what would I like for a present. Since I know I am gonna get a lot of expensive gifts from my family members, I didn’t want them to buy me anything. I said:

- Why don’t you draw something nice for me?

Mikey made me smile by answering:

- We could but we know you like dresses and stuff …

I kissed them and said I do, but I have no special desire this time. They got the tip from my Ivy who told them:

- *Maama needs a new pair of shoes for the dress I will buy for her. (*Children call me maama, and my Ivy, mama. So that’s how we know whom they are addressing.)

So, my Ivy showed them the model of the shoes they will buy from the catalog. Of course, my luvs will buy it but the children will give it to me.

My Ivy made me smile saying to them:

- Maama si very nosey. She might ask you what pair of shoes you will buy for her birthday, don’t tell her.

Mikey: Why?

Ivy: Because the joy is greater when comes with the surprise.

I can trick them and make them show me which shoes they will buy for me, but I don’t want to do it. It wouldn't be nice and I don't want to spoil children’s happiness. It makes them happy to know something that I don’t know and they want my joy to be greater when I get it on my birthday like their mama said. 😁

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Awe.... Happy Birthday to us both. :):heart:;):thumbsup:


I forget... Are you a Libra as well like me? :D


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1 hour ago, Jay-Omms said:

Awe.... Happy Birthday to us both. :):heart:;):thumbsup:

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I forget... Are you a Libra as well like me? :D


> Awww ... thanks a lot 💋❤️

> Yes, I am :classic_biggrin:

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