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My reckless assistant



Since Ferragosto is over and the number of guests returned to normal, we dismissed our three helpers, temporary e.b. members. We were satisfied with them and we commended their hard work and we rewarded them with extra money on their salaries as we promised. Besides that, we organized a small “Thank you” party for them in our office. They were sad that their work with us is over. We promised them that they are our first choice in the future when we would need help. Everyone was talking to someone. I talked to my assistant who, during our conversation collected all his courage and asked me if he can have a selfie with me later somewhere where nobody will see us. I kindly told him that he knows it is impossible and that he better never asks me that again if he doesn’t want to be in trouble. He apologized. Unfortunately for him, my Ivy heard him (we didn’t see her because she was preparing drinks for her and my Prince behind us while my Prince was talking to Lidija) and she went mad. My Prince too. She wanted to hurt him when my Fran and I stepped in front of her and I said:

- Ivy …. honey, listen. He made a mistake, but please, understand …..

My Fran interfered wanting to help me: … he is Mrs. Eva’s admirer and annnd her beauty blurred his mind. He is weak on her and he knows he isn’t allowed to do that, but he couldn’t help himself …. Please, don’t hurt him.

My poor assistant trembled in fear and he was all sweaty. He wasn’t afraid so much of my Prince as he was afraid of my Ivy for he heard how cruel she is. My Ivy looked at my Prince who gave her eye sign to let him go.

Ivy (to my assistant): Listen to me carefully, you miserable worm. I will let you go this time, thanks to Mrs. Eva, Mr. Fran, and Mr. Prince, but if I find out, and I will, that you secretly took a picture of Mrs. Eva or any of us, I will not only break your fingers, but I will put you in the hospital for a long time where your eyes will be on treatment for curing because you won’t be able to see for months. Do you understand?

My assistant was on the edge of crying and he said he does, apologizing numerous times. She also addressed the same warning to the other two helpers. My Prince took him to the side and explained to him again why it is very important for us to stay anonymous as much as we can. Then they returned to us and I saw my Fran being verbally rough with my helper a few minutes later. I was sure he criticized him for being reckless. My Fran told me later that my assistant told him that he was so scared that he almost peed his pants. Anyway, everything ended well and nobody was hurt. The reason my Ivy and my Prince went very mad because my assistant dared to ask me to take a selfie with me although my Fran seriously warned him earlier not to even think about it. I know it wasn't easy for him to resist. If anyone should know how hard is to resist to the temptation, it is first us, the sex addicts and especially my Prince who has weakness toward slim caramel skin girls and he would fail without our help. But honestly? I was flattered that my assistant was one more among many who is weak on me. 😁



My birthday is in three weeks and my all family is involved in its organization. Unlike my Prince, I like to celebrate my birthdays and receive gifts. Can’t wait.

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Vorrei che non si arrabbiasse, signora Eva, ma penso che Prince e Ivy siano andati un po' troppo oltre nel voler picchiare un povero collega che voleva solo farsi un selfie con lei. So che sei cauto a causa del tuo passato, ma la loro reazione è troppo aggressiva. Mi scuso per l'apertura e la libertà di esprimere la mia opinione.

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> No offense taken. :D I do respect your honesty and openness although disagreeing with you. My luvs wouldn't react the way they did without the cause or reason. I have full trust in them. :)

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3 hours ago, Jay-Omms said:

:rage: The audacity... He should of asked for all three of you to be in the selfy. :mrgreen::heart:;):thumbsup: 

> If he did that, he'll be dead meat.  Besides, he wasn't interested in them, but me. :) You see, even he wanted a selfie with me for personal use, I think he wouldn't resist to show it to his friends and brag about fictional relationship or even sex with me. So, it is better he doesn't have a picture of me in any form.

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